80+ CFNM Fetish Vids

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Okay, this just has to be seen to be believed! I was tipped off by a generous poster over at a video forum (I can’t honestly remember which–forgive me!!) to the link below. Basically, this link in question takes you to a webpage with 80+ videos of asian females in dominant roles over partially to fully naked submissive guys. Yeah, over 80 videos! They’re each between 1.5 to 3 megabytes apiece too, so you all with slower modems that are into this type of CFNM will love this. So, here’s a few vidcap previews from a couple of the videos I downloaded myself as a peek:
cfnm picturecfnm picture See this page of videos BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK HERE. You all with MPEG-joiners can take these clips and put them together to make a full video too!
For you lovers of this genre of CFNM and the type of visuals in those videos, be sure to check out the following sites: FemDom World Tyrannized CFNM The English Mansion LakeFront CFNM
Or if your just looking for awesome Japanese CFNM ya gotta see Zenra CFNM for oodles of FULL CFNM cosplay & tekoki videos!
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