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Yet another HOT video via CFNMZONE that’s being showcased here and here only! Here’s the story behind the scene:
“No one enjoys CFNM more than Ariel. Introduced to the scene several months ago by her good friend Paige at a nude male contest held in Paige’s back yard, it didn’t take Ariel long to discover the strong erotic thrill of female voyeurism and sexual power of taking control of a group of nude males and making them do whatever women tell them to do. Ariel’s good CFNM fortune continued when she came home last month and discovered four neighborhood males had slipped into her backyard. She had caught them skinny dipping in her pool and secretly watched them swim naked.
Afterwards, Ariel promised herself that she would indulge her fascination for CFNM whenever she wanted. Now Ariel decides to host her own male nude contest herself, inviting her skinny dipping neighbors over again for an encore CFNM performance along with three of her female friends to witness the afternoon dick swinging event.” Here’s a vidcap preview of the video!:
This time I’m offering the video as a directly downloadable file. You can view it as a streaming video if you use Windows Media Player. Just click the link to stream it or right-click it and ‘save target as’ to download it. If this isn’t enough CFNMZONE for you, be sure to check out the CFNMZone’s Long Video-Clips and CFNMZone’s Hardcore Video Outtakes that you can download directly. Enjoy the view!
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  1. 1 minardi15

    I had a slightly different pool story today! Wanted to share it.

    I swim at a health club that is also part of a hotel and I usually wear a racer style swimsuit but I had just received by mail an unlined bikini style swimsuit. I never planned to wear it in public but I happened to be off from work and I reasoned that on a weekday the pool would not be crowded. I slipped into my bikini and wrapped a towel around me and left the locker room for the pool. No problem though; only the young lady who worked there and an attractive woman on a cell phone were watching me and I took the towel off and walked quickly for the pool. I never wore a bikini like this in public and I could tell they were staring at me as I made my way to the pool and I was getting an erection. Now safe in the pool, I enjoyed swimming but next thing I know the women on the cell phone had friends show up and some were in stewardess uniforms. Apparently they were staying at the hotel. To make matters worse the woman who works there apparently though my towel was abandoned and placed it in the bin. The stewardesses positioned themselves so I would have to walk right by them to get to the men’s locker room and I could wait them out no longer. I was getting cold in the pool and had to leave but instead of shrinkage it was as if the chlorine was giving me a huge hard-on and I swear I was feeling a tingling sensation in the head of my penis. There was nothing I could do but climb out of the pool and walk right past them. There were comments and stares. One even asked me to dance in her room for dollar bills. You know, I should have taken her up on that one! I am going back to the pool tomorrow and if they are still at the hotel maybe I’ll have another post!

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Damn! That was a great story… I would love to hear more about what happened if you’re willing to share! Thanks for sharing, by the way… feel free to write more often if you’ve got more stories like these.

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