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Brandi Belle‘s site is another site that doesn’t always stick to CFNM all the time, but experiments with all kinds of different concepts (ALOT like My Best Fetish and Tyrannized!). Well in the newest Brandi Belle shoots called “Penis Pump Experiment” and “La Entrevue” REALLY have some great CFNM scenarios! In “Penis Pump Experiment”, Brandi and a friend get two guys to strip naked and lie down as the two girls test the growth effects from using penis pumps. They measure their cocks while soft, again after the pumping, all while taking notes. Obviously, it isn’t long after that the guys are hard and the girls help relieve them with hand and oral help! Just see the previews and videos below:
vlcsnap-1061872.jpgvlcsnap-1062588.jpgvlcsnap-1063052.jpgY.F.H. LINKS: PT.1 | PT.2 | PT.3 | PT.4
R.S. LINKS: PT.1 | PT.2 | PT.3 | PT.4
And here’s a batch of FREE pic galleries from “Penis Pump Experiment”:
Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 | Gallery 4
The newest Brandi Belle scenario “La Entrevue” is quite a bit like Brandi Belle‘s earlier scene called “Poker, I Don’t Even Know Her” in that they’re mini-movies that include plot, sex, CFNM, and non-CFNM. Whatever way you look at them, they’re interesting and extremely different than ALOT of stuff out there. Here’s a pic and a handful of vids from “La Entrevue”:

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