Varied-Theme Japanese CFNM Vids

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For those who already are familiar with my tastes, you know that I friggin’ LOVE Japanese CFNM stuff! I’m into how differently their culture takes on a variety of things, especially porn, as the results are always so much more interesting than what most Americans can come up with (that’s just my opinion anyway). But anyhow, let’s start off with a pretty hot 4 part video of an extremely take charge and hot teacher molesting one of her students while the other watches. This is a must-see!
vlcsnap-1207631.jpgvlcsnap-1208391.jpgvlcsnap-1209548.jpgPT. 1 | PT. 2 | PT. 3 | PT. 4
R.S. LINKS: PT. 1 | PT. 2 | PT. 3 | PT. 4
Next up is three 10-minute movies (each part is it’s own scene) featuring large groups of nurses who take complete advantage of their patients! There’s lots of great action in these videos, as their reactions are completely off the hook! Oh, by the way, if you love stuff like this I would HIGHLY recommend checking out the Zenra Movie Annex, as they’ve got all kinds of full length movies with themes like these.

vlcsnap-1204239.jpgvlcsnap-1212249.jpgvlcsnap-1212871.jpgPT. 1 | PT. 2 | PT. 3
R.S. LINKS: PT. 1 | PT. 2 | PT. 3
And here’s 6 vid galleries of semi-CFNM bukkake themed stuff from Asia Movie Pass:

Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 | Gallery 4 | Gallery 5 | Gallery 6
This super hot stewardess cosplay CFNM BJ is from 99bb Japanese CFNM & AV, one of the few sites that offer both CFNM and fully uncensored action. Just take a look below!:

vlcsnap-1210050.jpgvlcsnap-1205252.jpgvlcsnap-1210442.jpgPT. 1 | PT. 2 | PT. 3
R.S. LINKS: PT. 1 | PT. 2 | PT. 3
Now treat yourself to 6 vid galleries of hot Japanese action via Teens From Tokyo:

Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 | Gallery 4Gallery 5 | Gallery 6

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