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CFNM USA is definitely no slouch when it comes to CFNM scenarios as you’ll be able to tell from these two newer sets of pictures and videos. First up is CFNM USA‘s brand new scene called “The Manager”, where we see two school girls unleashing their pent up energy from their day until their apartment manager barges in to tell them to quiet down. Well the girls take charge of the situation and get him to try to relax by stripping him down right there on the bed. Soon after, Kitty suggests that they both “milk him” and they do… and HOW!
Check out the Tease Vid Series, the Handjob Vids and definitely check out the Slo-Mo Vids of this HOT scene as well – just by clicking the links!
Next up is CFNM USA‘s scenario dubbed “CFNM Jacuzzi”. In this scene we meet Jim who has been left by his wife at the resort, taking all of his credit cards with her. Lucky for Jim a nasty Latina saunters by and listens to his sob story. Well, her idea for comforting him is helping him out with a hand job!:
Check out the CFNM Jacuzzi Pic Gallery as well as the CFNM Jacuzzi Video Gallery!
Be sure to leave some comments on these two scenes as CFNM USA is interested (I’m quite sure of it) in getting feedback and ideas about their content!

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  1. 1 Bill

    Glad to see your back up and online again.
    Life was’nt the same without you:)

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Well your kind words are MUCH appreciated Bill… I really did miss running this blog and am just as happy, if not happier to be back!

  3. 3 Boogie

    you really complete my day… my night… i mean
    been looking for great stuff like this.. for free
    of course… but unfortuantly i cant… and somehow
    i stumbled into one of your forums… and bam
    wow… really appreciate it.. keep it up

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