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Ok, I know I’m jumping on a blogger bandwagon here by posting anything about this, but I just can’t help it. Here’s a little background video Atonella Barba, American Idol ‘scandal’girl: Antonella Barba The most popular videos are a click away
If you haven’t heard anything about the hubbub around her, do a little Google research– the nominally talented contestant had some salacious pictures surface on the internet. Now although they’re mostly off topic to CFNM, I found two pictures below that show this girl in a CFNM situation. So I think you’ll understand why I couldn’t help sharing them — it makes for an intriguing carwreck only overhyped TV drama can create!:
Even though these all are off-topic, I’m giving you all a chance to see some of the really exciting pics that’re floating around in a gallery, including these!:
cfnm picturescfnm picturescfnm picturescfnm pictures
SEE WHOLE GALLERY HERE or D/L all pix in a ZIP file from YFH, or D/L the ZIP file on R.S. instead here.
If you dig celebrity sex scandal pic collections and videos then I’d highly encourage you all to check out Celebrities Exposed. It’s just one site that’s part of the Mr. Skin network, which has clips of movies, stolen videos, and pictures of basically EVERY celebrity that’s ever gotten naked… seriously! It’s a pretty goddamn amazing site even if it has nothing to do w/CFNM.

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  1. 1 sparky

    She’s hot and those pictures are hot. However, the BJ pics are from a look-a-like girl. Another site compared the structure of her ear in the BJ photo to a close-up of the real Anotella’s ear and they are sadly way too different to be the same person.

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Wow Sparky, ya really have done your homework!

  3. 3 ShamWows

    Hey great information, I didn’t think I would find what I was looking for until I came across this site on google!

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