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Today I bring you all some various straightforward CFNM videos that are pretty rare to find online. None of these are tied to specific sites, other than what plenty of CFNM fans find and share in forums like the Spamfree CFNM Forum, the Sensations 4 Women Forum, and the Walnut Walk CFNM Forum. Now this first video shows popular porn star Rocco & a friend showing off their big cocks to a group of girls checking out various sex toys:
vlcsnap-240051.jpgvlcsnap-239292.jpgvlcsnap-238366.jpgY.F.H. LINK: D/L VIDEO and R.S. LINK: D/L VIDEO
This clip comes from a European TV show series where couples allow their significant others to engage in softcore action in front of them, the studio audience, and millions watching on TV. Here you see a woman getting a massage from a fully nude model type:
vlcsnap-241136.jpgvlcsnap-240634.jpgY.F.H. LINK: D/L VIDEO and R.S. LINK: D/L VIDEO
This is from a home video made by 2 guys. The guy filming is dropping water balloons on his naked buddy who’s down on the street. But three girls come by and check him out!
vlcsnap-231098.jpgvlcsnap-231026.jpgY.F.H. LINK: D/L VIDEO and R.S. LINK: D/L VIDEO
Here’s a damn funny CFNM clip from “The 40 Year Old Virgin” where Paul Rudd’s character makes a little movie of himself in the store:
vlcsnap-235400.jpgY.F.H. LINK: D/L VIDEO and R.S. LINK: D/L VIDEO
Here’s a clip from the movie “48 Shades” (uploaded by Cineguy) of a guy stripping and streaking in front of a big crowd of girls at a party!:
vlcsnap-236498.jpgY.F.H. LINK: D/L VIDEO and R.S. LINK: D/L VIDEO
This last two part video (uploaded by Cineguy) is from “20 Centimetros”, which involves a mid-change trans sexual’s life living with a straight guy who happens to walk into the kitchen naked. There’s some odd imagery at the beginning of the video, but the CFNM moments happen soon thereafter:
vlcsnap-234708.jpgvlcsnap-234652.jpgY.F.H. LINKS: PART ONE | PART TWO
And here’s a gallery of 100+ straight up, traditional CFNM pics like these below:
cfnm pictures cfnm pictures cfnm pictures

10 Responses to “7 Str8-Up CFNM Vids & 100+ Pics”  

  1. 1 Eric

    I was curious about the scene with Rocco and all the women at the table looking at his cocks.

    Were is that from?


  2. 2 M.

    Agreed – this scene rocks! Superfluous, thanks for all this stuff and where can we find the other parts of this scene?


  3. 3 Paul

    Wow is right please let me know where this came from ..It’s HOT!!

  4. 4 Luca60

    Happy of your return, Superflous! I like clips where girls are
    stripped by male stripper (as in clubs, in tv show or in hungryduck
    clips). Have you?

  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    all I know is that the Rocco clip you all are raving about comes from one of the thousands of movies that he’s done. You can get at a good majority of the videos he’s done through the Deluxe Pass network, which I have a link to over on the right if you want to check it out. I’m pretty sure that you can find it through there, although it’s going to take alot of searching as it’s just one movie.
    And to you Luca, glad you’re back to following the site! I’ll be posting more videos like you are mentioning as time goes on, but I already did a post like that on this blog. Just go to the categories list on the left hand side of the blog and click on the “strippers” category link. You’ll find what you’re looking for there.

  6. 6 Daniel

    I LOVE the clip from the European TV show where the woman gets “a massage”… Have you got more of these clips from this TV show?

  7. 7 Redsoxer

    Did anyone find the rocco clip and if so could u tell us how to get to it!! Thanks

  8. 8 allthingscfnm

    All I know is that the best place to find any videos featuring Rocco is here:

    Now with the TV show massage clip, I had the site’s address bookmarked from years ago, but cannot find it anywhere! I know that I have a couple of other clips around in my vast archives of stuff, but I can’t say right off hand where and when I’ll post them. I’ll be doing some research though!

  9. 9 cujo

    scene with rocco is from “rocco invades poland”. have fun.

  10. 10 allthingscfnm

    Thanks for identifying the movie Cujo!

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