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Brandi Belle has yet another new awesome CFNM scenario running called “The Bet”. In this scenario, Brandi Belle takes her camera man up on a bet that she can’t get his buddy off with a blowjob in under 10 minutes. Here’s what she says to that (typos and all): “My dushebag of a cameraman actually bet me that i couldnt make this guy cum in under 10 minutes…now maybe i could understand the bet if it was that i could only use my feet or maybe only jerk him off with my left hand or i dont know but this idiot actually bet that i couldnt get this guy off in under 10 minuets by ways a blowjob! Are you kidding me?! I mean who gives a better bj than me..really…i mean really!!” She even swallows the guy’s load at the end of this scene to prove her point to her cameraman!
So here’s 2 picture galleries from “The Bet” to start you all off: Gallery 1 and Gallery 2
And here’s 2 video galleries from “The Bet” as well: Gallery 1 and Gallery 2
Now since I know you guys and girls love my blog for the free videos, here’s 3 extended video clips of “The Bet” you won’t get anywhere else!:
12.jpg13.jpgY.F.H. LINKS: Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3
R.S. LINKS: Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3
There’s TONS more CFNM on Brandi Belle‘s site, like these episodes: “La Entrevue”, “Kitchen CFNM Facial”, “Taxi Cab BJ”, and “Guess Who’s Back?”. But these are only a few. Check out Brandi Belle’s blog to get free samples of ALL the episodes she’s done as well as get her input on the shoots!

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