3 HOT CFNM Scenes: Vids & Pics

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PureCFNM released yet another set of galleries for their “Chatting Up The Dancer” scene. Here we see what power strippers can have over a drooling guy by stripping him and jerking him off to a HUGE cumshot!:
chatdancertastervid1_06.jpg Pic Gallery & Vid Gallery
This older PureCFNM scene where 2 girls catch a guy jerking off in the woods. The two girls sneak up quietly, watch him finish, then ridicule him after he cums – a HOT CFNM fantasy!:
vlcsnap-57966.jpg Clip 1 & Clip 2 or R.S. LINKS: Clip 1 & Clip 2
unclesgownvid1_06.jpg Here’s one of my all-time fave PureCFNM scenes called “Uncle’s Dressing Gown”: Pic Gallery & Vid Gallery. And here’s 2 clips where an accidental dick flash from “Uncle” gets attention from his niece & her friends: Clip 1 & Clip 2 or R.S. LINKS: Clip 1 & Clip 2
As you can see from these 3 scenarios, PureCFNM REALLY has some of the best fantasy CFNM content around!

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  1. 1 onyour lap 25

    I love to see lapsittings (a guy sitting on a woman’s lap or a
    woman sitting on another woman’s lap) like the picture of
    purecfnm with the uncle.. if you like this we can share
    material about this. I have two groups on flickr with
    more than 2600 pictures and one blog, with pics, commenteries
    and clips.


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