7 Responses to “Guy Caught In The Wrong Showers – CFNM Pics & Vids”  

  1. 1 cfnm addict

    Yourfiehost.com and rapidshare.com download links are not working!
    Can you please repost the links? I do not want to miss out on this amazingly hot video! Thanks!!!!!

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Yeah, the links are screwed up… the blog software I’m stuck using won’t allow me to change the links for some odd reason! I’ll get them fixed ASAP once I figure out the problem…

  3. 3 cfnmm

    can you please fix it.

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    sorry buddy, this post will NOT allow me to fix the links… Trust me, I’m pissed about it too! I’ll probably just repost this stuff later on w/a fresh slate.

  5. 5 SCW

    You can get to the links by de-obfuscating them…

    Take “RS Clip 3” for example:


    Click the link, then strip-out the the string before the second ‘http’, add another colon (‘:’) and press RETURN. This will then work.


  6. 6 allthingscfnm

    ACTUALLY, I finally figured it out and all the links are fixed and working…

  7. 7 Short, but good vids March 27th.

    Good vids, but kinda short. Wish that would happen to me again….

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