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cfnm picture Tiffany Preston has even more new CFNM fetish videos out on her site My Best Fetish. (Just click the images to see the free vids!)
In this first scene we see Tiffany Preston playing the part of a nurse. Well, this little nurse decides that after examining her “patient”, that perhaps she’ll shed her uniform and get to know him a little better. In this case, it’s a hot hand job, with her domineering the action the entire time. Definitely check this one out if you’re a fan of medical CFNM!

cfnm picture This next scenario from My Best Fetish is something I’ve never seen anywhere else other than a somewhat similar scenario on the Wife Crazy website. But it’s honestly very unique. I wondered about how she came up with the idea of jerking the guy off while having him rolled over himself & then I found out that the guy that runs the SpamFree CFNM Forum actually talked to her on-line and gave her the idea. What’s even crazier to me is that she actually went with the idea and shot it!

As an added bonus (only for you all), is a 3-part clip from My Best Fetish where Tiffany Preston has a fun time slowly tying up her ‘slave’, then teases him w/her body, her flogger, her hands, & then her mouth! These are a must see set of clips from Tiffany Preston as she REALLY knows how to tease:
vlcsnap-416868.jpgvlcsnap-418255.jpgvlcsnap-418424.jpg Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Be sure to check out Tiffany Preston‘s site My Best Fetish for ALOT of varying CFNM fetish shoots like you saw above!

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  1. 1 Hardone40

    Is the clip available where his load actually lands on his face? It cuts off right before the “money shot.”

  2. 2 sparky

    I would like to see more videos with a “massage table & HJ/happy ending” CFNM theme. Why are these so hard to find?

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