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Even though I didn’t much response from the last retro CFNM post I made, I dig the stuff – alot. I know there’s plenty of ya out there that appreciate these retro CFNM clips as much as I, so here’s some to get your engine running!:
This 1st clip is a Danish video where a sex ed lesson turns into a classroom CFNM suckfest:
This CFNM clip comes from a French movie where a guy tries talking a woman into a handjob in a stairwell and ends up having to pay for it:
Check out these galleries from Retro Raw Porn Vids:
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This is a HOT CLASSIC scene where an older woman teaches a group of young girls about the male genitalia, then proceeds to instruct the art of the blowjob!
YFH LINKS: Part 1 | Part 2 || RS LINKS: Part 1 | Part 2
Check out these Color Climax galleries from Rodox Retro:
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This last but certainly not least retro CFNM clip shows what happens when this burgular breaks into an all-girl’s school where the students are horny:
Looking for more retro action? One of these should do the trick for ya: 80’s Ladies Vids, RETRO Classics Of Porn, & Porn Classics

23 Responses to “Retro CFNM Vids & Pics”  

  1. 1 Hardone40

    The last Retro posting was awesome, especially “The Adams Family” clip! The Retro content is by far my favorite CFNM category and I look forward to each new posting of it. The more the better!

  2. 2 Grape

    Retro is the reason why I come here often. Do keep posting retro films! Great site!!!

  3. 3 Amsalem

    Just love this blog! All my deepest respects and thanx to the webmaster.

    I’m just wondering(cause I’m far from an expert when it comes to computers):-(
    I can watch the wmv-files on yourfile but I can’t watch the mpgs?

    Keep up the amazing work/ 🙂

  4. 4 dave

    Man, these new retro videos are awesome!

  5. 5 ScottishWood

    Love all the retro clips,particularly the european.

  6. 6 allthingscfnm

    Wow guys! Thanks alot for the rave reviews of the clips! I knew people liked them, but didn’t imagine this many comments–so thanks for taking the time…
    As far as not being able to watch mpgs on YFH, I really don’t know what the problem would be–probably a codec that your system is missing. Really though, you can download everything from YFH, just gotta scroll down below the video screen and use their download link there. That way you can watch ’em whenever ya want.

  7. 7 Skull

    Many thanks for these retro videos.

  8. 8 swieez

    Would you kindly post some of Uschi Digard?


  9. 9 Hardone40

    Are the clips from the third scene down from the top (the one with the woman teaching the ladies the art of the blowjob) working correctly? I tried playing them both and they each only lasted about a second. It looks like a great clip!

  10. 10 Amsalem

    As I pointed out above Hardone40 I’m having the same problem – and it sux. :-[

    allthingscfnm: Nonono – thank YOU..alot! 🙂 I will add this superb blog to my favourites.
    And by the way – those v.o.d-clips presented by Virtucon just blow me away!

    Thanx again.

  11. 11 cfnm fan

    Seems they are more natural than today. And any chance of 80s?

  12. 12 allthingscfnm

    Here’s my list of responses to all the comments!:

    Again, I’ve downloaded the blowjob school videos off YFH and they play fine off my hard drive. Have you tried downloading them? I never stream any vids I see on YFH because I’d rather just keep them myself, ya know?

    YES! Finally somebody’s noticed the video on demand links! There’s sooooooo much great CFNM shit to be found on those V.O.D. links I’ve listed on the right.

    Also, I’ve got some 80’s stuff already on the site–just click the Retro category and you’ll see ’em.

    And yeah, I think I’ve got some CFNM clips w/Uschi, I’ll be sure to post them the next time I do a retro themed entry.

  13. 13 belomundo

    is Lesson in lust the title of the movie?

  14. 14 allthingscfnm

    Actually ALL the Color Climax/Danish vids are short scenes that are uniquely titled – that one’s called Lesson In Lust and can probably be found on Rodox’s site here- along w/tons more stuff like it.

  15. 15 math

    Funny clip, but “Lesson in Lust” is German, not Danish 😉

  16. 16 leftback

    love the retro stuff…..more of that school room if you please!!

  17. 17 velts

    I can’t find LESSON IN LUST anywhere. It’s not on the sites listed. Been looking for years for the complete movie.

    Any links or help appreciated GREATLY!

  18. 18 allthingscfnm

    It’s not on any of those sites? Weird… anyhow, I apologize for that oversight, but it’s tough to remember where everything I’ve posted comes from sometimes… I guess somebody out there knows it’s origin, so speak up if you know!

  19. 19 velts

    It may be, but I couldn’t find it!

    THANK YOU for the reply.

    I hope someone knows a link or has it!

  20. 20 allthingscfnm

    Yeah man, same here–I’d love to have the full scene…

  21. 21 velts

    Yep, it ALWAYS “stops” at this point!

    GOTTA be out there somewhere!

  22. 22 Susan

    I’m searching for a retro dannish video.
    I had a 80’s teen hardcore magazine with me
    titled “YOUNG LOVE GAME” which shows
    an orgy scene taking place in a bar.
    It has 3 lovely girls and 3 men.
    could you please post that video if available?
    This magazine is still available in the color
    climax website titled “Young Love Game”.
    I have masturbated during my teen age time by
    looking at this magazine atleast 500 times !

  23. 23 allthingscfnm

    Hmmm, that’s a tall order, Susan… What happens in the scene? that’ll help me look…

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