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cfnm picture Well, as you may already may (or may not) know, there’s been a new CFNM site in the works for awhile, but since the owners were trying to keep it’s development as a surprise, not many knew about it beforehand. But I’m glad to report that the simply titled “The CFNM Site” has got some fantastic looking content with good looking ‘talent’ & 16 CFNM scenarios all ready for people to check out! So I’m happy to provide some free previews from my favorite scene (that I’ve seen so far) from The CFNM Site where a SMOKING HOT girl who’s never had a big cock gets helped out by 2 of her friends – by inviting their large dicked boyfriends over for her to play with in her office! Ya just GOTTA love that premise! (Click the pics to see their respective galleries.)
cfnm picturecfnm picturecfnm picture
And here’s 2 free video galleries of hot clips from this hot scene from “The CFNM Site”:
Video Gallery 1 | Video Gallery 2
Again, I want to stress to you CFNM fans that The CFNM Site looks REALLY promising, in that they’ve got some (16, like I said) high quality storyline ideas and equally high quality content that already seems to rival some of the big fantasy CFNM sites. So be sure to give them a look and share what you think by leaving some comments here – I am curious to see what people think!

4 Responses to “An ALL NEW CFNM Site!”  

  1. 1 lazarus

    Yup, looks promising enough – and besides, always nice to get another player in the field, as it were. I ain’t joined yet, though – waiting to see some more scenes before I do…BTW, if those guys in the scene w/ the girl who’s never had “big dick” were supposed to have, precisely, BIG dicks, well…I dunno, but I’ve seen bigger, not to mention I could easily match them myself, and I never considered myself to be all that big, lol. The point being: Porn is fantasy, and in that respect methinks the scene in question is both a little too realistic and a little too far-fetched at the same time, if ya catch my drift…


  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Hey Laz! Thanks for putting your two cents in. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you all visiting! Leave comments!
    Anyway… well, you’ll be seeing more stuff from them here as time moves along and I plan on joining myself very soon. I just was able to get ahold of a small number of their free galleries, and this scene was my favorite from what they’ve released so far.
    I think the whole size issue really is relative–to the female. I’ve honestly had girlfriends/friends with benefits who thought I was completely huge compared to someone they had been with before. Now I’m not huge by any real stretch, but it really depends upon each individual’s experience. I mean, there are alot of girls out there who have been with guys with extremely small cocks, so when they see somebody that is even just average or just above average in size, it might actually be huge in their eyes! I guess that’s what I applied to this scene when I watched it.

    Anyone else care to share their thoughts on this?

  3. 3 Ref

    Hey…..i’ve been coming here for…..well…..quite a long time (since the last layout you had) i guess maybe over a year…

    but i’ve been a huge fan of cfnm for the longest time….

    so i think its great what your doing here….I check this site everyday…..i make it part of my schedual!

    ANYWHO…..i’m gonna start commenting on EVERYTHING for now on….and i hope people will begin to take after me and show some activity as well…..


  4. 4 Amsalem

    A new cfnm-site is always welcome. Seems to be good enough for me – I will return to check it out.
    Still..It’s mostly handjobs while I prefer blowjobs:-(.

    Thanks for the link. 🙂

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