7 NEW Japanese CFNM Vids

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Again I stress the importance of Japanese CFNM with this post, as the girls’ reactions and the set ups to their scenes are simply fantastic. I still wish the American sites would produce stuff like this more often! Oh well, there’s always the Zenra Movie Annex, Unseen Japan, & 99B ‘s Uncensored Japanese Vids. But how about some videos of Japanese girls stripping guys, giving CFNM hand jobs & blow jobs, inspecting cocks, and playing w/cum? You’ll love all of these! But to start out, here’s a 3D animation video of a Japanese girl playing around with her own brother!:
vlcsnap-2783239.jpgvlcsnap-2783502.jpgvlcsnap-2783739.jpg YFH LINK: D/L VIDEO
This next clip is an uncensored secretary-theme pantyhose foot and hand job scene with extended cumplay from 99B’s site:
vlcsnap-2784848.jpgvlcsnap-2785009.jpgvlcsnap-2785503.jpg YFH LINK: D/L VIDEO
This uncensored 2-girl tekoki vid looks pseudo amateur but is just one of the many vids sites like Unseen Japan has to offer:
vlcsnap-2789496.jpgvlcsnap-2790016.jpgvlcsnap-2790325.jpg YFH LINK: D/L VIDEO
And to fill out the post are a few vids featuring groups of schoolgirls taking advantage of their male classmates!:
vlcsnap-2786257.jpgvlcsnap-2786776.jpg YFH LINK: D/L VIDEO
vlcsnap-2788295.jpgvlcsnap-2788399.jpgvlcsnap-2789261.jpg YFH LINK: D/L VIDEO
vlcsnap-2791499.jpgvlcsnap-2792199.jpgvlcsnap-2792860.jpg YFH LINK: Part 1 Part 2
RS LINK: Part 1 Part 2
I almost forgot that I had received a request for more Japanese CFNM bukkake galleries in my email, so here ya go!:
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5
Also, be sure to peruse the boatload of new free CFNM galleries I’ve made available on a new page here on the blog – just click the *CFNM Galleries* tab at the top of the page!

5 Responses to “7 NEW Japanese CFNM Vids”  

  1. 1 cfnm fan

    Some of this Japanese cfnms are very tempting, somehow they’re more natural and eager than Europeans. Thanks for everything and I hope you’re now well. In Turkish: GeçmiÅŸ Olsun (Hope it has gone)

  2. 2 Amsalem

    Great japanese Cfnm – especially clips 4 and 5.

    Thank U.

  3. 3 lazarus

    Great stuff indeed! The last two schoolgirl clips are brilliant – thanks alot, my man.


  4. 4 Johnny

    Great stuff Super! Thank you! I completely agree with you that it would be great
    if more American sites produced material along the Japanese-style CFNM. Brandibelle did
    a great version of Japanese CFNM with “Penis Parade” but hasn’t done much like that since.
    I think any American adult video producer would really cash in if he/she would take a lesson from
    from companies like SOD and Moodyz.

  5. 5 lazarus

    I agree with you 100%, Johnny. Not least because the one drawback with the jap stuff is that I can’t understand a word they’re saying…But seriously, both American and British CFNM sites could do a lot worse than study the Japanese tradition: Compared to western stuff the average jap CFNM flick/clip is a freakin’ work of art: The acting alone is in a different league. It really says alot, I think, about the overall quality of the Japanese stuff that a guy who doesn’t understand the language at all can still – as I do – rate it top-notch. What annoys me about the English language sites that deal in jap CFNM is that they tend to a) be a little bewildering (because they don’t provide enough info on the exact nature of the movies) and b) they seem to prefer clips of a HUGE size (you don’t really want to download a 1,2 GB movie unless you know for sure what you’re getting…).

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