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Pure CFNM always puts together great scenarios, as we all probably agree on, but the two that I’m showcasing today are of interest to me because of the girls involved. You’ll notice that in both scenarios, the same 3 women appear, which you may say “so what” to. But you really need to check out how well they create a fun & hot CFNM environment together – VERY rare for fantasy CFNM actresses. In the “The Dirty Gardener”, Ruby’s friends hatch a plan to see her hot gardener naked by persuading him to let them wash his dirty clothes. Despite his protests, they start stripping him off until he is naked in front of them! They sneak a peek, but want more – sending him to shower off. Well, they peep in on him there too & upon seeing more of him decide to take things even further. What evolves is a 4-way CFNM stroke fest, ending w/a HUGE cumshot that gets the gardener’s own face as well as on the ladies!
YFH LINKS: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
In “What’s It Like”, we see these same 3 discussing what it might be like to actually have a penis. Well they decide to play around with the male caretaker by stripping him embarrassingly & take turns putting his cock between their legs. My favorite actress of the 3 (w/short brown hair & nice chest) is really hot in this – just take a look!:
What’s It Like? CFNM Picset What’s It Like? CFNM Vidset
And here’s a bunch more of Pure CFNM’s recent scenarios from the last month or so:
Garagesale CFNM Jerking Picset
Garagesale CFNM Jerking Vidset
Cameraman Gets Jerked By 3 Girls Pics
Cameraman Gets Jerked By 3 Girls Vids
Facesitting The Stripper Group CFNM Picset
Facesitting The Stripper Group CFNM Vidset

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  1. 1 Too bad

    Too bad the “huge cumshot” from the gardener series can’t be seen in the videos

  2. 2 me

    i agree………where is it?

  3. 3 allthingscfnm

    Well, like I’ve said before, these major sites don’t really like having people like myself share the entire video as they get upset. So all I can say is that since they’re worth at least one month worth of a subscription to do so and sign up… you’ll thank me later–trust may on that!

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