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Do I have something for you all today! The video below was probably the most popular thing that I ever posted on the old blog site, but never got around to making it available again. Then I saw that somebody had posted a screen capture of the video on a forum I was visiting and decided that since the demand was there that I’d meet it! So for you fans of REAL AMATEUR CFNM & male strip show footage involving amateur women, this video of a Latino strip troupe’s exploits is the be all end all. It has two home parties featured – one with young girls & then another w/older women, ranging from straightforward CFNM to BJs to full on sex – w/3 separate women!
YFH LINKS: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9
Here’s the same full video, but of a lower quality & smaller filesizes:
YFH LINKS: Part 1 Part 2
Handjobs Central is an interesting offshoot site of Loverboys USA which focuses mainly on the amateur handjob & blowjob action taken from their live CFNM stripshows as you can see in these galleries:
cfnm picturescfnm picturescfnm picturescfnm pictures
If you love stripshow CFNM stuff, but often fantasize about seeing the girls REALLY getting out of control w/the strippers, then you’ll love the footage Party Hardcore has for ya! They get amateur girls into their shows but have professional porn ‘actresses’ roaming throughout the crowd. What unfolds is HOURS of awesome CFNM situations ranging from voyeurism to full-on sex!:

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  1. 1 cfnm adorator

    That kind of stuffs with truly CFNM amateur girls hidden behind a door with strippers is very excited. Post more of this please ::) i appreciate the efforts

  2. 2 rob606

    Incredible post. this is the holy grail!

  3. 3 Jay

    Friggin’ awesome, post more of this. Those parts with the sex was great!

  4. 4 MARCUS


  5. 5 DKool

    Great post pal. If u have the pro vids of latindancers.com (cuz this one it says it had rookies) plz post. Thanks again

  6. 6 AIEM

    Best post i think, more like this stuff, please!

  7. 7 itsasin

    Oh, ps post more of those latindancer videos. Awesome vids!

  8. 8 anonymouse

    please more like this.. this is the best stuff! you are hero!

    will there be more like this?

  9. 9 Mikey

    Those latino vids were the best. Especially the bit with the girls having sex.

    I was trying to work out if the girls having sex, were in fact from the early part of the second party? does anyone know.

    I’d love to see MUCH more of this sort of thing.

    Appreciate all your efforts!

  10. 10 Shari

    good stuff – I love the partyhardcore stuff – trying to figure out what is real and not etc

    – a bit of a requet here i know – do any of you know where i can get more pics of this girl

    She seems to be in the ph partys of 2006 01 30, 01 21 and 02 06 also on the http://galleries.maxxandmore.com/partyon/01/01/ series


  11. 11 allthingscfnm

    Wow! I’m super stoked that all of you dig these videos so much! Hopefully I’ll be able to get ahold of more of their stuff… unfortunately it’s not easy to come by. However, there’s a ton of videos like these here on the blog–just click the strippers category and you’ll be able to find more of this sort of CFNM.

  12. 12 harvey

    Please, can you get more of the Latino strippers clips? It’s stripper CFNM at its best.

  13. 13 darren

    did the girls in the 1st party do any hardcore with the latin guys? those chicks were hot!! these guys are cool! they know how to push the buttons with their parties. please show more vids of these guys! thanks for the post.

  14. 14 darren

    The video of those women having sex at private party above is latindancers.com

  15. 15 fyffie

    this post is the mutts nutts the best! some more please

  16. 16 allthingscfnm

    lol… thanks fyffie!

  17. 17 ittolagam

    great more more of amateur fuck stripper like this!!!!!!!!!

  18. 18 bighawk1975

    amazing stuff – thank you – that first video is excellent – more of the Latino guys with th egirls would so so good – thank you…

  19. 19 Smommubbork

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  20. 20 mbuzz

    link yourfilehost is broken
    update again plz………

  21. 21 pirate

    Pleeease, repost the videowould love to get it via rapidshare

  22. 22 admin

    Hey pirate… I reuploaded this video in my last update that was made just yesterday. Just go to the front page of the blog and check it out, or be lazy and use this link:


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