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Although I’m not always 100% into the CFNM fantasy sites’ stuff, CFNM ZONE regularly surprises me with fantastic looking CFNM scenarios. Not only is the visual quality good at CFNM ZONE, they constantly update the site w/new pics & vids. They often run two stories at a time, and that’s what I’m sharing today. The 1st current CFNM ZONE scene is called “Rich Girl Blues”, where 3 Latinas turn 2 guys into their personal jerk & suck toys!:
vlcsnap-90717.jpgvlcsnap-90942.jpgvlcsnap-91523.jpg D/L VIDEO 1 | D/L VIDEO 2
The 2nd current CFNM ZONE story is entitled “Who’s Fooling Who?”. This HOT scenario pits a male nude art model against Faith, Kaylee and Ryaan; three young, sexy college girls who decide they want to have some fun by drawing live nude males after watching a rerun of Ally McBeal. Little do the girls know that the male model they hired has decided to have some fun too and popped a little blue pill before he left home. He wants to be hard in front of some female artists for a change – and look what happens next!:
Here’s a selection of other CFNM ZONE free galleries – just click the pics for 2 sets each!:
cfnm picturescfnm picturescfnm picturescfnm pictures
As you can easily see, CFNM ZONE is definitely worth every nickel of a membership, so check ’em out.

3 Responses to “Latina CFNM Party Videos (& More!)”  

  1. 1 sparky

    Second CFNM Zone story, Who’s Fooling Who? does not work… it just goes to their membership page.

  2. 2 nizamettin

    I especially liked -Girls Love Stiff Dicks- Any chance of full video?

  3. 3 allthingscfnm

    Sorry, but the major sites are pretty leery of anybody sharing the full videos of their content–that’s why memberships are worth the time and small amount of money. Everything there is definitely worth the sign up! I’m a member myself so I can honestly say it’s worth it.

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