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Here’s a fun batch of CFNM videos that are from real situations as well as from TV and mainstream movies. I have had these (and ALOT more I’ve yet to post) for awhile & in no real particular order, so I will simply have to say thankyou to whomever found ’em 1st! This 1st clip is from some spring breakers – a guy does a beer bong while a cute chick whips his dick out & plays w/it!
vlcsnap-103406.jpgvlcsnap-103885.jpgvlcsnap-103971.jpg YFH LINK: D/L VIDEO
This next clip is from the Australian ‘reality’ TV show Big Brother & is a MUST SEE for str8-up CFNM fans. It’s a compilation video of CFNM shower room situations & has a HOT conversation between 2 of the girls discussing his cock & more!:
Here’s another Big Brother clip where 2 naked contestants compete in a shopping game – all in front of the group!
vlcsnap-149215.jpgvlcsnap-149848.jpgvlcsnap-149596.jpg YFH LINK: D/L VIDEO
This 4th clip is from the movie “Artemsia”, where a girl gets her 1st glimpse of a nude man & does a thorough job of checkin’ him out!
vlcsnap-145862.jpgvlcsnap-146066.jpgvlcsnap-146561.jpg YFH LINK: D/L VIDEO
Our last clip is a interesting locker room CFNM scenario from a mainstream movie where a clothed woman walks in on an unsuspecting guy drying off & enjoys the view of the rest of the guys showering!
vlcsnap-150413.jpgvlcsnap-150848.jpgvlcsnap-150989.jpg YFH LINK: D/L VIDEO
Be sure to check out all the free CFNM video & pic galleries that I’ve been listing HERE – I’ve added about 10 just this week, so be sure to check out the the *CFNM Galleries* tab at the top of the site!
I’ve also started up a CFNM stories blog which I’ll be updating often w/a variety of written CFNM erotica – give it a look & let me know what you think!

9 Responses to “5 NEW Mainstream CFNM Videos”  

  1. 1 sparky

    The first BB clip is from the Australian version, mate.

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Ahh, thanks… I never have really watched the show as the U.S. version is S-T-U-P-I-D in my opinion!

  3. 3 john

    is anyone else having trouble viewing a number of the file types linked to this site through yourfilehost.com?

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    if you’re having trouble with viewing videos on YFH, it’s usually because you need to install the right codecs (which are free to download and install all over the internet). Otherwise you can just download the videos by scrolling down that screen and using the download link they offer.

  5. 5 James Moon

    Great clips!

  6. 6 allthingscfnm

    Thanks James!

  7. 7 Noster

    great clips
    but do u happen to know the codecs required ?

    cant seem to get the first one to work for longer then 10secs

  8. 8 abhi

    hai big brother clips links are dead now…pl reupload

  9. 9 admin

    @abhi: seriously? Out of the hundreds of videos from Big Brother I’ve posted here, you want the ones that I lost four years ago in a hard drive crash. Sorry man, there’s tons of others around on the blog, you just can’t get these – neither can I.

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