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All of today’s super hot CFNM videos come from the infamous College Invasion site. Basically, the site’s creators have male and female porn stars go to various colleges and play sexual games w/the amateur students. College Invasion’s stuff is REALLY hot as there’s unedited, unscripted action that is captured, much of which has CFNM themes involved – especially as there’s many a college girl looking on as the stars get the students naked! like in this 1st clip this male porn star “Tex” has a fun time showing a group of college girls how big his cock is – as well as getting them to play around with it!
This 2nd clip shows a game where 3 porn actresses get 3 frat boys to take part in a game where they tie ropes to their cocks!
vlcsnap-96542.jpgvlcsnap-96754.jpgvlcsnap-96932.jpg YFH LINK: D/L VIDEO
In this 3rd clip from the College Invasion site is another funny, yet hot CFNM game where 3 guys are blindfolded and have to poke their dicks through pizza boxes as the girls make sundaes out of them!
vlcsnap-97967.jpgvlcsnap-98537.jpg YFH LINK: D/L VIDEO
This HOT CFNM clip is great as the clothed female porn star gives 2 lucky college guys a tandem blowjob!
vlcsnap-99330.jpgvlcsnap-99393.jpgvlcsnap-99583.jpg YFH LINK: D/L VIDEO
In this last clip, the female College Invasion crew strips down an amateur frat boy, embarrass him mercilessly, and get him to fuck a blow up doll!
vlcsnap-100103.jpgvlcsnap-100347.jpgvlcsnap-100730.jpg YFH LINK: D/L VIDEO
If you like this documentary style, party environment CFNM stuff and more great amateur porn, definitely check out College Invasion’s stuff!

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  1. 1 sugg

    upload to youporn.com, loading time much faster there is

  2. 2 Ryan

    Hey thanks for posting the “TEX” video….I seriously have been looking for that video forever!

  3. 3 harvey

    Thanks. I had this on VHS tape years ago. I remember watching it before I even knew what CFNM was. Great scene.

  4. 4 nizamettin

    Me the same, I’ve been looking for 1st clip, what’s the exact name of that movie?

  5. 5 Dixie

    The TEX video was one of the worst I have ever seen! Bunch of yelling girls and stupid camera movement. I never did get a good look at the “well hung” guy and that was the whole point. What a waste!!!!!

  6. 6 nizamettin

    It differs from people to people I think. But I still want to learn 1st clip’s exact name. I couldn’t find it in College Invasion and Shane’s World. Can anybody help?

  7. 7 Luca60

    Thank you. Very hot and funny clips.

  8. 8 darren

    Do you know what volume where Tex(College invasion) shows his goods to the gals posted on top? Also, do u have the continuation of that clip . He started kissing some girl who’s face was blurred, but the clip ended? Thanks.

    p.s: great stuff btw.

  9. 9 ridah3

    From Rolling Stone Magazine about this scene…..

    Inside Alexander’s room, Evalyn prophetically told the camera, “I definitely think we’re going to do some damage at this school.” She quickly blew the freshman before the resident manager chased the porn crew out and called the campus police.

    Undeterred, Shane’s World dropped in on five parties that week. At the Roach Motel, an off-campus shack, Calli and Company fellated four Hoosiers lying side by side. The porn team then visited the apartment of Nicole, a freshman. There, Evalyn squeezed into a closet with Nicole and her roommate Jamie, where Jamie sucked Evalyn’s breast for the camera. After that, Nicole locked porn star Tex in a bedroom and, posing for photographs, she grabbed Tex’s penis while Jamie licked it. At another party, hosted by sophomore Josh Baxter, Belladonna and Mr. Marcus filmed an anal scene on Baxter’s bed while Baxter kissed Calli and told viewers, “I’m going to be a rock star soon. And this is going to be on VH1 Behind the Fucking Music. I’m going to regret this. . . . I’m sorry, Mom and Dad, I’m just trying to get my name out there.”

    According to a friend, that’s how the parents of one of the girls who partied with Tex found out their daughter was now an amateur adult-film actress. The girl’s mother phoned her in tears. The girl’s father made her sit and watch the entire tape with him, including hard-core scenes that don’t contain his daughter. Psychologists call this aversion therapy. When asked if this tactic successfully controlled her urge to touch porn stars, neither the girl nor her parents were willing to comment.


  10. 10 darren

    So what volume was this from? And who was the girl that was ‘adult amateur actress’ having to watch the video with her parents?

  11. 11 ridah3

    Bethany in the video, real name is Jamie. & click this link for the other question:


  12. 12 Ashley

    Great deal of work goes into posting this, I’m sure. Thanks for taking the time!

  13. 13 Mike

    is it possible to upload the first clip of the 3 college gals being showed the guy’s dick? the file no longer exists for download..thanks.

  14. 14 AndyWithCandy

    ^^ Would also like a re-up of the first video 🙂

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