Just A Heads Up…

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I just wanted to tell everyone that frequents the blog that I have had some medical problems arise the past month & am getting admitted into the hospital. However, that won’t stop the updates of great CFNM stuff that you’ve come to expect from All Things CFNM! I have a very interesting and accommodating female friend that will help in making sure that new stuff is put up on a regular basis. Cool right? Anyway… wish me a quick recovery & I’ll get to any comments y’all leave when I get back.
Be sure to scroll down and check out everything here, as well as The All CFNM Stories Blog and The CFNM Archive Blog as they both have great CFNM content that you’ll dig!

9 Responses to “Just A Heads Up…”  

  1. 1 MrD

    What a great Blog, I love it, be well and hope you are back soon, and thanks for all your hard work………very much appreciated!!!!!!

  2. 2 fuckin_ian

    dammn, get well soon man.. thanks for all your hard work n stuff..

    hope all goes smooth and your back out SOON !!


  3. 3 Amsalem

    Of course we wish for a quick recovery…get well..soon.

  4. 4 Olli

    Thanks a lot and get well soon.

    Greets from Germany

  5. 5 Travess

    I second that!
    Its great that the updates will continue, but will be more assuring for your CFNM Friends, when your back doing it yourself! Get well REALLY soon, but not so soon, as to miss out on any CFNM moments, while in Hospital! 😉

  6. 6 Hardone40

    Definitely wishing you a full recovery. It’d be nice if you one of your days there you end up in a CFNM medical scene to make your stay more pleasant 😉 Best wishes in all seriousness.

  7. 7 Peet

    I wish you well!

  8. 8 Luca60

    I went away for a time, and hope you are well, now.
    Thanks for your work and…. quick recovery.

  9. 9 Pedro Cerao

    Erm denke ich liebe die Abwechslung Neujahrsnacht still und klar, deutet auf ein gutes Jahr!

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