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Julie Chapter. 1
by Misterstarkers

Julie’s visit at University

Julie is the neighbor of Shawna Pitts, reporter for the State Media Service, who has been covering the transition of the United Republic to a society of mandatory male nudity, overseen by an all-female government. Dania is the younger sister of Shawna, and a student at Capitol City University. She is living with Shawna and Joe, and their teen son Joey, while she attends classes at University. In this narrative, she will take Julie on a visit to CCU, as Julie is considering attendance there next year, after completing high school.

* * * * *

“I sure agree with that, and I’m still in high school. I’m really looking forward to spending the day with you, and getting a taste of university life,” Julie responded.
The young women soon pulled into the parking lot on the west side of campus, and climbed out of the car. Four studly college hunks crossed the lot at that moment, headed for class. Their bookbags were slung over their shoulders, swinging as they walked, but the two girls were checking out what was swinging between their thighs! One of the guys was a very cute blond. Julie paid particular attention to him, as he walked past, smiling shyly at her. She noted that his penis was tumescent, enabling it to swing more perkily. She decided, on the spot, that this was the best condition for watching boys. She smiled as his cock swung about, sometimes flopping against one thigh or the other, sometimes flopping back against his ample ballsack, nestled in a crop of golden blond curly pubic hair, glistening in the morning light. His perfectly handsome buns were covered in a golden peach-fuzz of hair, a little darker and thicker when it reached the cleavage of his pretty ass. She watched his buns carefully as he walked away, enjoying the jiggle and every flex of his buttocks. The girls stepped into the path behind the guys, and followed, watching every step.

“Oh, WOW, girl! This is paradise!” Julie said.
“You bet, all day long! You’ll have fun today,” Dania confirmed. “Our first class this morning is a math class. The instructor is a stern, older woman who must have some grudge against males, because she makes it rough on the ones in this class.”
The girls took their seats as soon as they reached the classroom. The bell rang for the start of class, just as two boys hurried through the door.
“Hold it, boys! You’re late. You know I expect you in your seats when the bell rings. Come here, up front, now!” ordered Ms Hawkins.
The boys obediently stepped to the front. Ms Hawkins always carried a wooden yardstick during class, and knew how to wield it as an instrument of punishment. She directed the boys to bend over a table at the front of the room, grabbing the far edge. This displayed their bare bottoms perfectly to the entire class, and made them fully vulnerable to the coming punishment. She gave each young man’s naked bottom five sharp smacks with the stick. They groaned as each blow landed with a loud WHACK on sensitive fleshy areas where legs join the lower curve of buttocks. They were positioned against the table so that their cocks and balls were held in view between their spread legs from the rear. The whole class could see their male parts quiver and jiggle as the boys squirmed from the stinging impact of the stick. When the spanking was finished, they stood with shamed faces in front of her, and she gazed down, disdainfully at their cocks. She never let a chance to spank a male student get past her. Both boys were ordered to stand at attention next to the blackboard for the entire class period. Ms Hawkins asked various students to work out math assignments, and the two boys were required to write them on the board so the class could observe the solution. Dania told Julie that boys received regular discipline before the class, even for small infractions, in Ms Hawkins’ class.

The next stop was a History class, which happened to be dealing with ancient Greek culture and the early Olympics. Julie enjoyed the instructor’s lecture about dress in those times, and the fact that nudity among males was not an uncommon thing in some ancient cultures. It was explained that sports were performed nude, and almost an exclusive male domain. However, women were not allowed to observe the games then. Both girls agreed that they liked our current state of affairs better – “What good would it be to have the guys all naked, if you don’t get to watch?” Dania asked, as Julie nodded in agreement.
Some togas and sandals of the type worn then were displayed in the room. Dania nudged a guy next to her and needled him by asking, “I’ll bet you wish you could put that on, hey, naked boy!”
“Yep – I would love even one day in it, if they’d let me borrow it,” he answered. “But I know it isn’t going to happen.”
“And that’s the delicious part!” she said with a giggle, reaching over to stroke his bare thigh, deliberately getting within an inch of his penis, which was lying across his right thigh. It twitched and stiffened just slightly. She pulled her hand away. Julie asked why she didn’t continue teasing it. “You’ll see enough of that in our next class, Male Sexuality!” Julie gasped with delight, and Dania grinned broadly, “It’s the most fun class!”

Off they went to join the next class, with Dania explaining that Sexuality was the only subject which had a degree of gender segregation in classes. The women are in a separate lab from men when female nudity is required in the studies. “We are never naked publicly in front of the guys. They only get to see us when we choose to let them.And not in a classroom situation. We may be naked in a separate lab class to examine ourselves or each other, while the boys learn from books, mannequins, and diagrams in another room. But for the male sexuality class, we are in the same room, since they are naked anyway. A guy gets no privacy, especially in a college environment! College women are all over them!”
The instructor called out five boys to stand before the class, and five girls to assist in the demonstration. Dania and Julia were both selected to help.
“Today, we will study in detail the ejaculatory experience of the male human,” announced the teacher. “These five women will masturbate the male subjects and we will carefully observe their physiological response to being stimulated.”
“This will be interesting!” grinned Julie.
The female teacher took time with each girl, to point out details of each penis being used for the class. The girls gathered around and took it all in, eagerly.
Then she told the girls to start by gently rubbing the pink glans of the guy’s penis with her moistened fingers, bringing the male member to attention. “Now, circling his shaft with your fingers, slowly rub back and forth, observing how it continues to stiffen and grow. Look at their faces, and see that even though they are embarassed from having this happen in front of this room full of females, and their fellow males, they don’t really want you to stop, now! Once you have a male fully aroused and into the moment, his foremost interest is in having you continue until the job is done! In a moment, we will prove that!”
The teacher continued to watch the girls manipulate the young cocks until the excitement in them began to peak. “Stop for a moment, girls! Boys, do not touch your penis, or you’ll get the paddle! Stand still,” the teacher commanded.
Julie noticed the desperate pleading looks on the faces of the guys, who now wanted to reach climax and ejaculate.
“The demonstration is over, return to your seats!” called the instructor, the girls noticing a look of helpless frustration come over the guys.
“There’s the proof I spoke of earlier, girls. These men are now putty in your hands! Go ahead and finish jerking them off.”
Julie took the twitching dick in hand, applied a little lotion and resumed the motion that brought it to full glory again, making a twisting move over the fully swollen mushroom head, which was a beautiful rosy pink color. The young hunk announced out loud, with a breathy gasp, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh, shit! I’m cuuummming!!!” The other hunks soon helplessly began to shoot their loads, too. The girls all whooped with delight at the wonderful display of shivering pleasure evident in the orgasming studs, and the gleeful looks on the faces of the girls who had induced those powerful orgasms. Most of the boys watched helplessly, embarassed to be watching their fellow males’ erotic display, but captivated by it at the same time. the teacher pointed this out, to the humiliation of the guys, and the smug pleasure of the girls. Another five boys were called forward, and another five girls had a chance to play.

After the class ended, Dania led Julie to the washroom before lunch break. Noticing urinals along the wall, she exclaimed “This is the boys’ room!”
“Well, yes, sort of. At college, there isn’t really a boys’ washroom and girls’ washroom, anymore. Since the males are all naked anyway, we come in here whenever we want, if it is more convenient. The men can’t use the womens, but theirs is now co-ed. In fact, if there’s a line, the guys have to wait and let the girls use the toilet stalls first,” Dania explained.
“What about them using the urinal while you’re in here?”
“Really, after what you just saw them do in front of you, in class, why would it be a problem to watch them pee?”
“Good point! Can we hang out here a minute?” Julie inquired.
As they spoke, some boys came in, and lined up at the urinals. the two friends casually watched them drain their bladders, shake their penises, and turn to the wash basins. The girls looked them over, and Julie noticed the trend that she had heard Dania speak of before. The coloring of pubic hair!
One of the guys had a natural hair color of flaming red, and what a funny contrast to see that his pubic bush and arm pit hair were dyed a shocking electric blue! His blond buddy was sporting a plume of kelly green hair above his dick, and two brunettes had magenta and lemon yellow, respectively. The girls laughed heartily at such a humorous sight, and the dudes blushed.
“Their girlfriends chose the colors and died the bushes,” Dania told Julie, explaining that the guys didn’t have much of a say in the matter. “They have less and less say in what we do with them, all the time, as you could presume from what you’ve seen today!”
Just then, Dania’s boyfriend, Tim, came in. She took him by the hand and walked to the urinal with him, inviting Julie along. Dania took his penis in hand and aimed it for him, allowing Julie to watch. “I do this every day at this time, to remind him who’s in control,” she remarked, as his urine stream tinkled against the porcelain. When he finished, he turned toward Dania, and she produced a leash from her handbag and fastened it securely around the base of his dick and ballsack. She had taken up the habit of keeping Tim on the cock-leash during the lunch break, walking him across campus in this manner. It made his dick and balls protrude out a little more prominently, so she could show them off to other girls. As they walked to the cafeteria, a pair of girls, friends of Dania, met them and chatted some girl-talk, glancing occasionally at Tim’s captive male anatomy, as he stood so docile. One of them asked Dania if she could feel his goods, to which Dania nodded her assent. The girl lifted the tip of his penis and observed the one-eyed willie, eye to eye. “Nice!” she said.
Julie noted that no one asked Tim if he minded; they examined him as they liked!

Julie faced tim and remarked, “Heck, if a girl can lead you about by aleash on your balls, and have her friends fondle your cock right out in the open, and decide whether your pubes get shaved, or dyed an odd color, it’s really more HER
dick than yours!”
“Now, you’re getting the picture of college life! Guess what color I’m Dyeing his bush tonight! Flourescent Orange!” exclaimed Dania, to which the girls shrieked with laughter.

After lunch, Dania had a free period, which the girls chose to spend watching the mens’ swimming class. They sat on a lower tier of seats, to get a close-up view of the nude swimmers as they warmed up alongside the pool. Julia watched the dorks dangling freely as the boys walked about, doing some exercises. Tim stood obediently at Dania’s side, his cock-leash still in place. She tugged on it to get his attention, and told him to fetch us some sodas, handing him the end of the leash. He scurried off to get the drinks and returned shortly with a tray of sodas. He served Dania, Julia, and their friends, and Dania made him stand while drinking his soda, so we could all observe his cute bare bottom whenever we liked.
The final class was Dania’s gym class, which was female-only. No males were allowed in the girls’ gym, since some of the girls chose to do gym class nude. Dania explained that sweaty exercises are more comfortable if done nude, so girls had that option. They simply excluded males so that the nudity was more private. “Perfectly logical. It’s our legal right to observe their nudity at all times, but they only see us nude when we allow it, in private. We maintain an atmosphere of superior dignity this way, and keep them in a more servile and obedient demeanor. It works pretty well, don’t you think?”

After her gym workout, and a quick shower, Dania and Julie dressed and went to collect Tim, who was waiting after his final class. The blond hunk Julie had admired that morning at the parking lot, was standing there talking with Tim.
Tim turned to Julie, and said “This is Bart. He noticed you were new here, and asked me to introduce him to you.”
Julie shook hands, and said “Really nice to SEE you again, Bart! Lovely to watch you walking in, this morning.”
“Thanks!” he blushed. “Nice to meet you, finally. I was hoping to ask you out, if you’re not occupied for this evening.”
“Well, thank you. We were just going back to Dania’s. She lives at her sister’s house. She’s planning to dye Tim’s pubes, and maybe order pizza and watch a movie. You could come along, if you want. I’ll warn you, though I may decide to dye those short-and-curlies of yours, too!”
“Okay, you can do that. It’s worth the kidding I’ll take from the guys in gym tomorrow, to spend the evening with a cool chick like you, Julie.”
“This will be a great time, Dania! Stop at the market and let me get a bottle of dye — purple, I think, would be a fun color to contrast with his golden blond bod!” Julie gleefully proclaimed.
“Like I said, Julie, you’re gonna fit right in around here!” responded Dania, as they climbed into the car. “I can see you’ve enjoyed your first taste of Capitol City U!”

Julie Chapter. 2

Julie’s Date With Bart

As the group arrived back at Dania’s, they went out to the pool. The girls ran inside to change into their swimsuits, leaving Tim and Bart waiting at poolside.
“Oh, wouldn’t it be nice if WE were going up to change? To even have a swimsuit to wear! I miss the nice trunks I used to have,” Tim complained.

“What?!” Bart said, then broke into a wide grin. “You’re a little uncomfortable about your body, are you? The girls are getting to you, I think.”

“Well, sometimes,– yes, I suppose. It’s just embarassing lately since this leash business got popular with the girls. It was enough to give up clothes when that Male Nudity law went into effect! I was off camping with a buddy, and came home to find that Mom had given all my clothes to the collectors. Then we both had to strip off what we were wearing, and surrender all clothes we had with us from the camping trip. Mom stood there with a bag and made us hand it over, informing us about the new law, and said she was GLAD, because the laundry job would be getting lighter from now on! My poor buddy Jake was quite shocked to have to suddenly face the loss of all clothing, and to have to start out by stripping in front of my Mom! Now, this darned leash thing! It doesn’t ever bother you, Bart?”

“Not really, man. Oh, I’ll blush a bit, now and then at some of the things the girls want us to do, so they can get their fun. But beyond that, it’s not a problem. I grew up in a rather open family, and always swam nude in our pool as a boy, and ran around naked a lot. Mom never minded until I was in high school, and Grandma came to live with us. Then I had to usually wear something, and hated it. I’d still swim nude, Grams would complain and Mom would make me put shorts on. We finally compromised and I could swim nude on weekends. As soon as that law came out, I had my clothes bagged and sitting by the door for the collectors. I was FREE at last! Mom said it was just as well, since she could hardly keep any clothes on me anyway! And the leash — well, the girls want to show off how they can lead us around; we would usually go, anyway,” Bart replied.

The girls returned, clad in white bikinis, which looked great against their nicely tanned skin. “Sorry it took so long, guys, but you know we had to decide which ones to wear, we have so many! Oh, and you don’t have to worry about that, do you?” Dania said, loving to needle Tim. She knew he still found it a little uncomfortable to be nude all the time. Bart just grinned.

“Okay, guys. Let’s tend to your pubes.” She grabbed Tim’s cock leash and pulled him to her, as she sat on a patio chair. Julie had not leashed Bart yet, so she just took him by his penis and moved him into position. Both college men were now standing naked and obedient between the knees of their lady friends. The college women had taken up the trend of shaving, trimming, or dyeing the pubic hair of their boyfriends partly for the humorous responses that it got from other girls, and partly to remind the poor naked chaps of who was in charge.
Dania took a small electric groomer and trimmed Tim’s crotch carefully, until there was a perfect little square of hair just north of his cock, and all else was bare. She handed the trimmer to Julie, who began to work on Bart’s blond crotch. She left a two inch wide plume running from cock to navel, and nothing more. The girls then dyed their artistic work, orange for Tim, and purple for the gorgeously blond Bart. They sat back and examined their work, commanding the naked men to stand in the afternoon sun until their personal regions were dry. they carried on with some girl-talk, until Julie’s mom, and Dania’s older sis, Shawna came out from the kitchen with drinks.

“Hi, Mom. Meet my new friend, Bart. I met him on my visit to the University today. What do you think of him?”

Cindy walked over to Bart and, taking him by the elbow, she slowly turned the young naked man around, so that she could inspect him all over. Shawna watched as Cindy did this, and both women nodded their approval, with smiles.
“Quite a handsome thing, isn’t he, Shawna? My Julie has good taste, wouldn’t you say!”
“Definitely!” agreed Shawna.
“He really has a cute ass. I noticed that right away, as I was walking behind him this morning, when we got to CCU,” Julie mentioned.
“Absolutely wonderful buns, dear! And a really fine looking cock, too.” Looking at him, she asked “Just exactly how long is this dick of yours, young man?” Julie’s mom took Bart’s long slender manhood in her hand as she asked the question, trying to embarass him.
“Seven inches, ma’am,” replied the unflappable young man, with a grin.
“Well, is it really, now!” smirked Shawna.
“Oh, he’s not lying! It really is seven inches. I measured him while I was preparing to groom his personal areas,” Julie spoke up.
“Certainly outdoes little Timmy here, doesn’t it?” remarked Dania, causing Tim to blush uncomfortably, and everyone else laughed, including Bart. Tim shot him a pained look, as if to remind him of their conversation earlier, that he didn’t really enjoy being the naked toy for others’ amusement. He could see that Bart did like it, and even seemed to enjoy Tim’s discomfiture almost as much as the women did. That rattled his cage even more. He had always thought that other guys just endured the continuous nude predicament, and the amusement of the women, as he did. That they were all sort of in the same helpless boat!
And this popular, stunningly good looking friend of his was actually loving it, seeming to soak it up and enjoy the very frequent attention that his naked body received from women. Tim knew, now, why Bart sometimes got a full erection in swim class when the girls came by to watch, and never tried to hide it. Bart loved to show off everything!

Just then, Shawna’s husband, Joe, came in the pool gate. His boss, Marie, was with him. She didn’t look happy, and neither did Joe.
“What’s going on?” asked Shawna. “Is there a problem?”

Find out in the next chapter.

Julie Chapter. 3

Joe’s Trouble

“What’s the problem?” Shawna asked, raising one eyebrow as her husband, Joe walked into the pool area, accompanied by his boss, Marie. Joe works as a delivery driver for a major courier service in Capitol City, and Marie is the owner/manager of the local office.

“Well, Shawna, a little problem developed today in regard to Joe’s work performance. You know that we have developed a reputation for having the hunkiest deliverymen of any courier in the city, and Joe is one of our most delicious looking studs.”

Shawna nodded in agreement with Marie’s compliment of Joe. She always thought he was quite a prize, and proud of his handsome body. “Yes, you are highly rated for the appearance, and quality of service, presented by your drivers. So what sort of problem are you referring to?”

“Well, it is a requirement of them that when delivering a parcel, they cannot use it, or their clip-board, or anything else, to obstruct the view of their bodies, intentionally, from any client. Many business-women contract their shipping with us specifically because, in addition to prompt and courteous service, we have the best looking men and expect them to keep in good shape and offer a delightful, full view. We had a complaint today, from a very good client, that Joe violated that rule, and when she specifically requested that he move the clip-board out of the way, well…he flatly refused, and left!” Marie said, “This is totally unacceptable behavior. I don’t know what got into him … he KNOWS the rules!”

Shawna looked sternly at Joe. “What is it — why did you act that way, Joe?”

“It’s just been a tough day, that’s all. Heavy traffic everywhere, and an unusually demanding workload, today. And then that particular client! She is always ogling me, and putting her hand on my bum when I’m lifting a heavy box. I just didn’t want to deal with it today, with her!” Joe answered.

Marie had a concerned look. “Shawna, my local office has become the leader in the whole franchise, nationally, for giving customer satisfaction. I can’t afford to have that record start slipping because one of my drivers gets an attitude. I know the guys can get a little tense about being on display all the time, but men have been under compulsory nudity regulations for long enough that they should be able to get on with things better than this.”

“You’re right, Marie, and I’m glad you brought him here so we could deal with it openly and properly. Perhaps I’ve been too lax about keeping Joe properly disciplined,” Shawna opined.

“Just what I was thinking. You need to take action, because I would really hate to dismiss him if it continues. Men must get accustomed to the fact that they are kept naked for good reasons. Sure, it started out because of that shortage of materials for clothing a few years back. But even though those problems have been solved, it is just more practical to maintain their permanent nude status.”

Tim decided to speak up. “Just why is that, ma’am? Why is it still legally dictated that all males have to be nude … don’t you care that we get embarassed about it?”

“NO! Frankly, young man, I personally don’t care if you or any other male creature gets embarassed because you are naked! And I’ll tell you why women are keeping you naked, even though there is now plenty of cloth to clothe you.
One…there’s that much more clothing available for women, and you know how we like to have a very plentiful choice in our wardrobes, and our shopping. Two…we don’t have to spend all that money clothing you, and it is needless since we’ve all gotten quite used to seeing naked males. Three…it is more entertaining to have you males walking around naked, and knowing that YOU know you can’t do a thing about it! And fourthly, but most importantly, it is a constant reminder to us and to you, that WE are in charge, not males. The public nudity of males has opened the way to a luxurious world of females rising to more and more power jobs. The government is all female, the upper management of most of the business world is rapidly becoming woman’s domain, and men are in the more servile jobs, where they belong. President Powers has made it clear that the ownership and wearing of clothing must remain a feminine privilege, and permanently forbidden to the male gender. If you feel a loss of dignity because you are deprived of clothing, fine with me, if it keeps you submissive. If your male dignity all disappeared with your clothes, maybe you didn’t have much to begin with!”

Tim looked cowed by the upbraiding he got from Marie, and she was satisfied that she had done him a favor. He is going to be naked, and had better learn to get over it, she thought.
Turning back to Shawna, she said “I think you ladies need to help these fellows get more exposure. They shouldn’t spend the afternoon in the relative privacy of a backyard patio. Get some leashes on those guys, and walk them around the neighborhood, or somewhere else that is public. The cock-leash is a fantastic tool for educating a male about his proper place. It gives you superb control over him. The delicate parts of a male are naturally vulnerable, especially when he is naked, his balls encircled with a leather strap, and the other end of the chain is in your hand. Perfectly bends his strength and energy to your will. But first, Joe and this young male under your sister’s leash need to be given a good spanking.”

Dania told Julie where the paddles were kept, and she went off to get them. When she had returned, Joe and tim had been turned across the countertop of the wet bar on the patio. Their hands were tied down on one side of the bar, and their feet on the other. Their defenseless bare buttocks were positioned just right for a proper spanking. Marie explained that firm spanking of the male bottom is a necessary part of obedience training. “The adult male may be big on the outside, but he is usually just a little boy on the inside, and not far from a whining cry-baby, in many cases. Their asses may be firm and muscular, but there is still a soft vulnerability about it that responds well to the sharp sting of a paddle, just as much as it did when he was a young boy. The woman who is experienced in spanking can usually bring the manliest stud to tears.”
She directed Shawna and Dania as they applied several whacks to Joe and Tim’s tender nether regions, rendered so helpless by their position. The bare male bottoms jiggled after each loud whack landed, and reddened quickly after a few well-aimed smacks had been delivered. Tim was crying out in pain and promising obedience, tears streaming down his face. Joe took it with more resolve, but ended up a little teary-eyed, in spite of his best efforts to hold it in.

“Take them out for a walk, now, while the redness of their bums shows as evidence that they’ve been spanked. You’ll start seeing a more compliant attitude from them, I think!” Marie stated, with an authoritative air. “I’ll be going, now. See you at the office tomorrow, Joe; and no more concealment from clients, understood?”

“Yes, ma’am!” Joe confirmed quickly.

Julie Chapter. 4

Walking The Boys Around

As Marie left, Shawna turned to Dania and Julie. “Well, I think we should put her advice into practice, right now! Let’s get these guys leashed up and take them out. Sis, I know you keep Tim on the leash quite a bit around the University campus, but that is mainly a student environment, among others of your age group. He could probably use more experience at being led about on the end of your leash in a broader public setting. Marie can come across as quite the bitch, sometimes, but you have to give her credit– she knows how to keep her males in their place! She turned that office around with her enforcement of policy, and made it number one in her company. Even the male who established the corporation now answers to a board of women, who leveraged him out of control. He is now serving coffee at their executive board meetings, and his servility in the nude is a reminder to them of how far they have climbed. Marie is a leader on that board!”

Shawna reached for her purse, and pulled out the leash she used for Joe, and he stood before her to receive it. She used a leather leash and a silver chain to loop around his parts. She realized that she didn’t use it as frequently as she should, and resolved to do it more often. Joe obviously needed the training, after his conduct today.
Dania used a black leather strap and leash to keep Tim’s masculinity under her control. She slipped it into place now, as they prepared to parade the guys around the neighborhood. Tim’s outburst, and questioning of the status quo of male nudity indicated to her that she needed to be more strict with him. “Tim, you are just going to have to remember your place! You are only a male! You really shocked us all by questioning the authority of such a succesful woman as Marie Marchette, and you deserved the response you got!”

Julie produced a gold chain and summoned Brad to her. He had wisely kept out of the scene that occurred earlier. He could tell that Marie was a force to be reckoned with, if you chose to cross her. Tim had indeed asked for it, and got it. Brad quite openly enjoyed nudity, and felt freed of useless encumbrances by the banning of clothes. Julie slipped three fingers behind his balls, lifting them forward, and her thumb held his penis against them. She slipped the gold chain around the base of his penis and scrotum, cinched it snugly but not too tight, and let his balls flop back into their normal dangling position. His manhood was now encircled in her chain, and she attached a leash to the chain, enjoying the feeling of control that she held over his most intimate parts. It was great, she thought, to literally lead a gorgeous, naked college man around by the balls!
As they were about to go, Shawna’s son, Joey came running in with his pal, Scott. The two young teens had been shooting hoops on the basketball goal in Scott’s family driveway on the next block, and came over for a cooling swim.
Shawna informed him that he and Scott should take a quick dip, and get ready to join them for their walk-about. She took two leashes from a drawer in the wet-bar and waited for them to towel off. She tossed them the chains and ordered them to leash themselves while she phoned her friend Sally, down the street. “Send young Caroline over. I’ve got two boys that need to be walked for some humility training, and she can get some experience in controlling males.”

As the ladies directed the men and boys, they walked out the gate and out to the street, males in front, and ladies walking behind them. The leashes were attached at the back of their balls, so as to run the lead between their thighs. The women could control them from behind, while enjoying the view of strong, handsome masculine buns obediently marching to their command. As they reached the street, Caroline came bounding up to meet them. The vivacious ten-year-old was excited to get her first opportunity to lead boys on a leash, and she was going to control TWO of them, at that!
“Thank you, Ms Pitts!” she said to Shawna. “Thanks for inviting me along!”

“You’re welcome, dear. You need to start learning how to manage boys, so take up those leashes, and lead Joey and Scott from behind, as we are doing. Go ahead and notice how the chain snugly holds his male parts captive. Tugging on the leash, along with your verbal commands, teaches him to obey you and go where you tell him to go. You will see how the boys will learn to respond obediently to you. Nature placed their delicate, sensitive genitalia on the outside of the body, where its’ vulnerability gives you an advantage which you must learn how to use. Our beloved President Powers and the Women’s Empowerment Party accomplished the wonderful task of ridding all males of any covering so that their strong bodies could be made submissive to us, and the leash harnesses their will. They can still show resistance at times, so you must know how to remind them of their inferior status by reminding them of how silly and how stripped of dignity they look to you, as they walk along naked, their dicks and balls dangling and bobbing about.”

Caroline took up the leashes and gave a tug. “Get going, you guys! I want to show you off to my friends.” Joey and Scott blushed, beet red! They had not been subjected to the dominance of one younger than them, before. They were used to taking orders from their Moms, and the teachers and coaches at school, but a ten-year-old! Why, they were almost fourteen! When the other boys saw them like this, they would really be humiliated.
“MOM! Please let Aunt Dania lead us, not Caroline! This is embarassing!” pleaded Joey.

“Well, son, that is part of the lesson. You won’t always get to choose which women will be accompanying you, just as you can’t control who looks at your naked body. It will be good for you to get used to it,” Shawna replied.

Scott said, “Joey, it seems we are more exposed all the time. Did you see the new gym and bath area at school? They’re remodelling it over the summer, and there are no shower stalls any more. We will be showering in a big open area with four showers per pole. You know how the girls are always walking into the boys’ bathroom! Now you can’t even shower privately– they can stand right there and watch us, and THEY WILL! You KNOW they will! That mean Janet McLarey sure will, she’s always pestering boys!”

They strolled around the block, and encountered little old Ms Gifford, out weeding her dahlia bed by the front walk. She paused to watch them pass by, and chuckled at the sight of all that naked masculinity being paraded around. She knew the young men felt awkward in their situation, but couldn’t do anything about it. That’s what makes it so delicious for the girls to rub it in, she reflected. “I wish we had the nerve to do that years ago, my dears!” she called out as the helplessly harnessed dicks wagged past, in plain view, eye level to her as she knelt over her flowers.

As they entered the little park by the lake, at the end of the street, Caroline’s schoolgirl friends spotted her.
“Hey, look! It’s Caroline, and she’s leading two older boys by their dick leash! Way to go, girl!” one of them shouted, and all the girls shrieked with delighted laughter. Caroline made the boys play girlie games with her friends, who enjoyed having two big boys obey them, having to obediently do things that boys detest. Once, Joey balked at some silly thing the girls wanted him to do, and Caroline used the leash strap to deliver a few stinging swats to his bare bottom. She saw quickly the advantage that she held over this naked boy. Not only was she able to control him by his own balls, which she held captive; not only could she make fun of his dick in front of all the girls, especially if it began to stiffen; but his cute young naked bottom was totally defenseless against being spanked if he didn’t do as she told him. How sweet to be in command of them, in front of all her friends!

While Caroline was enjoying her first taste of boy-control, the women walked their men down the lake and met some friends of their own. Dania recognized Susan from one of her classes at CCU, and went over to talk.

Susan smiled and said, “Hello, Dania! I see you are teaching Tim the ‘swing’ of things,” glancing at his cock as she spoke.

“Oh, very funny, Susan!” retorted Tim, sarcastically. His mouth was about to get him in trouble for the second time in one afternoon.

“You also need to teach him who is in control, Dania. Evidently that chain around his brains – er, balls – isn’t enough to get the point across,” Susan shot back, with a cool look.

“I know, Susan. Tim’s a little stubborn, and hasn’t totally adjusted to the reality of his status. More than two years of total nudity, and some guys don’t know their place. I’m increasing his leash time to reinforce the lesson.”

Tim put his foot further into his mouth. “Yeah, well, I hate being naked all the time! This business stinks. You girls shave our privates, or dye our crotch hair in wild colors that make us look ridiculous, parade us around with our balls on a chain, and play with our dorks as you please. You never ask us if we care!”

Bart grinned at Julie, but said nothing. They both knew what was coming.

Susan took a step toward Tim, reached out and grabbed his dick firmly. He winced a bit, but remained defiant.
“Listen, prick! I don’t CARE that you are embarassed about being naked. In fact, in your case, I’m glad it gets to you! I have always thought you are a bit of a jerk, and don’t know why Dania puts up with you, unless she likes the challenge of a hard case like you. And for your information, you don’t have any ‘privates’, as you call them. If you haven’t noticed by now, they happen to be very public, not private. If they were ‘privates’ you could keep them to yourself, as we girls can. WE have privates. Boys don’t. When your clothing rights were abolished, your privacy went with them. Girls love it that we can evaluate your assets before going out with you, not just by looking, but we can grab it and examine you in detail. No male can circulate a false reputation of being well hung. Bart, here, is obviously very nicely endowed, as we can all freely see and enjoy. And you, Timmy boy, are not! Which is probably part of the reason you resent your exposure so much. Bart’s got the hang of the new order, and you could learn a lot from him. He makes no effort to hide anything- he freely, openly shows it to anyone, and is completely obedient to the girl who is leading him. He totally understands her feminine privileges over males, and enjoys the attention he gets. Yes, we shave you, spank you, dye your pubes
ridiculous colors to make your nudity more embarassing to you and more festive and humorous to us. Yes, we play with your dicks and get you stiff in public, and walk away- leaving you in that funny predicament, to the amusement of every female around. We love it, particularly when it is a prick like you!”

Susan released his small dick, and stepped back. Julie and Shawna looked at him, wondering if he was dumb enough to invite more trouble for himself. Tim decided it was better to keep his mouth shut, for once.

A few other girls from the University had gathered by the time Susan was finished upbraiding Tim. Some of them had their naked male friends in tow, all wearing the leash, and most of them sporting a good erection. Julie decided she wanted Bart’s manhood to show off for the girls, so she began to toy with it, running a moistened finger along the shaft, circling the corona playfully, and gently holding some loose skin of the frenulum between her thumb and finger, swinging his cock-head around in the palm of her hand. Bart’s eager and shameless penis quickly responded to her attentions and was standing at full display, twitching excitedly. “Watch it dance, all by itself!” she laughed,delighted at his open display of arousal.

Dania and Shawna admired Bart’s horny display, and his near-total comfort about it. He only showed a slight blush, and was grinning proudly in spite of it. the two sisters went to work on the cocks of their own men, soon bringing them each to their full potential size, though admittedly not measuring up to Bart. The women all noted and commented on this, causing mirth to the females, and chagrin to all the males, except Bart, who revelled in their attention to his endowment. The women then paraded their still erect males down the main promenade of the park, in open view of the many people who were out enjoying the nice summer evening. Many women smiled and nodded at the girls for showing off the goods of their men, and many men squirmed a little, realizing how helpless they were to escape this sort of embarassment.


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