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Amy had never seen Tom glowering before, but he was now.

Standing in her entryway with his arms crossed over his gray t-shirt, he fixed her with a withering stare and said, “Tell me again. Slowly. Everything.”

She drew in a deep breath and tried to order her whirling thoughts. “OK… I was lying in bed last night after, uh…” She tried not to blush. “After you left. And I was thinking about how much you like being naked in front of women, and how the girls are coming over this morning, and it just seemed like a perfect fit, you know? I mean, how they could have this gorgeous guy serve them naked… while he’s naked, I mean, not them, and how this gorgeous guy could get off on being naked in front of four women, and hard, and how much I’d get off on having my gorgeous friend naked and hard and serving my friends, and—”

“Stop. Tell me what you actually did.” If anything, Tom looked even more pissed.

“I…called the girls and told them that I could have a drop-dead gorgeous naked man serve us brunch.”

He slowly uncrossed his arms, his fists clenching. “And you didn’t think to ask me first. You never thought that I might have something to say about it.”

Amy didn’t know how to react to Tom being upset with her; in all the years of their friendship, he’d unfailingly been both kind and patient with her catastrophes, self-doubts and crises. That he was glaring at her told her she might have done something really wrong this time. She felt tears begin to well up, and desperately wanted to melt into the floor in embarrassment, to run into her bedroom and slam the door on him. Knowing that she might have wronged him, though, she seized her flagging courage, drew herself up and looked him square in the eyes.

“No,” she admitted quietly. “I took your friendship for granted. I had no right to do that, and I’m truly sorry. I hope you can forgive me.”

Without a word, Tom brushed by her and headed for the sofa. Her nerve broke, and she hurried after him, crying. “I’m sorry! I really am!” And stopped, suddenly speechless.

He was pulling off his t-shirt. As she watched, mouth agape, he folded it neatly and laid it on the arm of the sofa. He kicked off his flip-flops, slid his shorts down over his slim hips without having to unfasten them, and turned to face her, naked and grinning. “Well, why didn’t you say so in the first place?”

Amy could feel her mouth working but no sound emerged. Finally, she threw herself at him, fists flailing against his bare chest. “Ooh, you…bastard! You were just playing me!”

He caught her hands effortlessly, still grinning. “That’ll teach you not to take me for granted!”

She sobered immediately. “Tom, I really am sorry.”

He released her hands and caught her up in a gentle hug. “It’s OK, hon. I just have to be careful about going naked in front of people I don’t know. If this got back to my work, I could find myself pounding the pavements, and I really don’t want that.”

Amy pushed herself free and sat on the sofa, looking up at him. “I see. I know these girls, and I trust them, but you don’t know them at all.” He was slightly hard, she noticed idly, and stifled a grin. “Come here, would you?”

Tom arched an eyebrow, but silently moved to stand just in front of her knees. She reached out and gently cupped his smooth balls. “I absolutely promise never to volunteer your services without checking with you first. OK?” At his nod, she continued, “But for giving me such a fright…” She squeezed suddenly, and Tom’s knees buckled slightly as he groaned. Her other hand wrapped his shaft, stroked; in a matter of seconds he sported a raging erection. “Don’t ever do that to me again, buster!”

“Or what?” he asked softly.

She considered. “Well, maybe this…” Her tongue flicked out, laved the sensitive underside of his cockhead. “Or this…” She slid her hand from his balls to his perineum, gently massaging it before continuing on to press at the entrance to his asshole. She slid just the tip inward, resulting in a great inrush of breath and another groan. Satisfied, she released him, stood up and headed for the bedroom. Over her shoulder, she tossed back, “Or maybe none of them, ever again.”

“Where are you going?” His voice was hoarse.

Amy stopped in the doorway, turned, and noted with pride how his straining cock bobbed in time with his heartbeat. “To change my panties, of course,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Oh.” As she began to close the bedroom door, he said, “Amy? Leave them off, would you? I like the idea of you being naked underneath while your friends are here.”

She considered briefly, then winked at him. “We’ll just have to see, won’t we?” And quietly closed the door.

Thirty minutes later the first—and as it turned out, only—guest arrived. Amy opened the door and threw her arms around Valerie, her oldest and dearest friend, who was dressed to kill in a diaphanous white blouse over a shockingly short black skirt. Patent leather fuck-me pumps completed the outfit.

Hug completed, Amy pushed Valerie to arms’ length and regarded her outfit. “A little dressy for just brunch at home, don’t you think?”

“You should talk, missy.” Valerie gave Amy the once-over in return. Amy was acutely conscious of her tight tank top—sans bra—over a barely-legal tan skirt. She wore no hose, and her bare feet were revealed by strappy sandals. “Looks like we both decided to make this a special occasion.”

Amy felt a blush beginning and ruthlessly pushed it down. “Wait until you meet him. He’s worth it, believe me. Where are the others?”

Valerie’s face fell. “They can’t make it. Jill is tied up with something for church, and Bev has a sick kid. I guess it’s just us. But, hey,” she added brightly, “that means we get wonder boy all to ourselves!”

Amy laughed, but felt a flicker of disappointment. For herself, or for Tom? She wasn’t sure, but remembered how his face had lit up at the prospect of serving four women while naked. She hoped that he would still enjoy himself with just two, but… Ruthlessly, she pushed the thought away. He had certainly enjoyed himself with just her. Two had to be at least twice as much fun. “Come on in, and let’s get this party started.”

Obediently, Valerie followed her but stopped abruptly in the living room. “I have GOT to pee before I meet Mr. Studly. Be right back.” She disappeared into the bathroom but immediately popped back out, an expression of wonder on her face. “You have live-in maid service now? I’ve never SEEN such a clean bathroom!”

Amy smiled, a satisfied Cheshire grin. “I owe it all to Mr. Studly the Wonder Boy.”

Valerie’s eyes got wide. “Oh. My. God. You’ve gotta tell me everything.” The door closed behind her.

Laughing, Amy entered the kitchen, where she was treated to the sight of Tom, one bare foot on her kitchen counter, trying to reach a pitcher on top of the cabinet. Her breath caught at what the position did for his already tight buns, and how his cock and balls swung in time with his movements. For a moment, she considered reaching out to cup him, but contented herself with watching. Finally, he stretched far enough to snag the handle. With both feet firmly on the floor, he turned and caught her licking her lips.


“Or something, yes.” She moved closer. “I’ve got good news and bad news, I’m afraid.”

He searched her eyes. “Tell me the bad news.”

“Two of the girls have had to cancel for this morning. Valerie’s the only one who could make it. You’ll meet her in a minute.”

Relief lit his face. “That’s the bad news? Tell me the good news.”

“Put the pitcher down.” She moved closer and reached out, one hand gently seizing his dangling cock, the other coming up to tweak a nipple. Over his inrush of breath, she said, “The good news is that the two of us will just work twice as hard to make this memorable for you.” He was beginning to respond to her stroking, his cock swelling in her hand. She pulled gently with the hand still twisting his nipple and guided him with pressure on his semi-rigid cock until he backed into the corner of the base cabinets. “Hop up.” With her hand still firmly stroking him, he eased his cheeks over the edges. “Good boy,” she said softly. “Now put your feet on there, too.” Back firmly against the top cabinets, he drew his legs up. “Heels wide apart. Spread ’em, boy. One leg along either counter.” He was limber enough to rest each leg comfortably; the position put his legs 90 degrees apart.

Amy stepped back and considered. He was perfectly exposed, his balls dangling nicely over the vee where the cabinets met, and his cock rose and fell with each heartbeat. Still, something was missing. “Put your hands under your ass.” He rocked slightly, slipping them beneath his bare cheeks on the Formica. No, that wasn’t it. “Lace your fingers behind your neck.” And when he complied, his elbows going back against the upper cabinets, she caught her breath. He was perfectly vulnerable. Perfectly delicious.

Now, she was thirsty. Turning away, she found a glass, began filling it from the water dispenser in the refrigerator door. Seized by a sudden idea, she quickly calculated the angles and the length of her skirt, and pulled the glass out. “This thing seems to be running slowly,” she muttered, but made certain he could hear. Carefully balancing the glass, she stepped back, toward him but slightly to the side, and bent forward from the waist to peer at the water dispenser. She could feel the back of her skirt slide up her bare legs, and grinned fiercely as she heard a soft groan come from behind her. “Can’t see anything wrong. Maybe you can look at it later.” Straightening, she turned to find his cock pointing nearly straight upward; lifting her gaze, she discovered that he was breathing hard.

“Did you like what you saw?” She idly sipped her water while she waited for him to answer.

“Very much, yes.” His voice was hoarse. “You left your panties off.”

“Did I? Or was that a thong? Hmm. How will you ever know for sure?” She stepped forward and held the glass to his lips, tilted it. As will happen the first time two people try such a thing, some dribbled out and ran down his chest. Pulling the glass away, she leaned forward and trailed her tongue along his chest, lapping up the tiny rivulet but making a detour to tease, nibble, lick and torment a nipple. She bit down slightly, both heard and felt his gasp, and felt a trickle of moisture between her legs.

Without warning, clapping came from behind her. She spun around to see Valerie leaning on the doorjamb, face flushed, nipples up, and beating her hands together for all she was worth.

“Damn, girl! I never would have suspected. You’re just full of surprises!” She stopped applauding, strode forward to stand with one hip brushing against Tom’s leg. “Aren’t you going to introduce us?” Her eyes hungrily drank in Tom’s straining cock, his swollen balls, and finally tracked upward to his face.

“Valerie, this is Tom. Tom, this is Miss Valerie.” Amy was astonished by how normal and unstrained her voice sounded, even having been caught licking the chest of a hugely erect naked man sitting on her kitchen counter.

“I’m most pleased to meet you, Miss Valerie.” If anything, he sounded hoarser than before.

Valerie laughed. “And I can’t tell you how pleased I am to see you, Tom. All of you. Looks like I was right to name you Mister Studly.” She deliberately tracked her gaze downward, then slowly back up again. “Under the circumstances, let’s dispense with shaking hands. I find I like you just as you are.” She stepped closer, reached out. “Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t shake.” Turning to Amy, she raised an eyebrow in question.

Stifling a grin, Amy replied solemnly, “Of course. What’s mine is yours.” She watched, fascinated, as Valerie wrapped her fingers around Tom’s straining cock and pulled it forward and down.

“I find that the art of shaking has been eroded over the years, don’t you, Tom?” Valerie was gently, slowly, working his cock up and down and stroking. “People nowadays just crudely, uh, pump away, don’t they? I mean, in the old days, a man would gently hold a woman’s hand—” She stopped stroking him but continued to speak as she slowly bent forward. “Then gracefully bow, and place the lightest of kisses”—her tongue snaked out and barely flicked the tip of his pre-cum covered cock—”just so.” Rising with an absolutely straight face, still holding him, her other hand reached beneath, gently cupped his balls. “Of course, a gentleman who was truly smitten might use both hands.” She squeezed, slowly, steadily, increasing the pressure.

Tom sat rigidly, eyes tightly shut, body shaking. Eventually, he seemed to realize that some response was required and after several tries and much throat-clearing, managed to reply, “I would have to agree, Miss Valerie. And may I say what a pleasure it is to find a woman who understands these things.”

Valerie released him, stepped back. “Amy, you’re right. He is quite a find.”

She was surprised to find a streak of—was it jealousy? possessiveness?—rising up, but told herself firmly that she didn’t own Tom. And, she had invited Valerie and the others to share. “I think so, too. But I did invite you for brunch. Would you like some coffee? And we’ve got the best pastries from Antoine’s.”

“That would be marvelous, hon. I bet the patio is just wonderful right now. Shall we?”

“We shall.” To Tom, Amy said, “We’ll take brunch on the patio. Unless you and the counter would prefer to continue your relationship, of course.”

Tom stared at her, eyes wide, as if he saw her for the first time. “Of course, Miss Amy. Brunch served on the patio, at once.” He gently lowered himself to the floor, and Amy drank in the sight of his throbbing cock nearly upright against his belly, pre-cum still glistening at the tip. Mentally shaking herself out of her fascination, she led Valerie through the living room and onto the patio.

“Where in the hell did you find him?” Valerie asked once they were comfortably seated beside a circular glass-top table.

“We’ve been friends for years. And then, last night, something—something happened.” Amy described the entire sequence of events, from first seeing Tom nude while he cleaned her bathtub, to his revelation that he loved being naked in front of women, to her first fumbling attempts at, for the first time in her life, holding and using power. As if from a great distance, she listened to herself as she described requiring Tom to bare every inch of his flesh, even his asshole, how she had squeezed and stroked his cock and balls, had paddled his ass and swatted his cock, and how this very morning she had sucked that same cock while violating his ass with her finger. She listened and marveled at how she’d changed in a mere 18 hours. The woman she had been would never have spoken like that, much less done those things.

And now her nipples were hard from just talking about it. She’d changed, and she liked the new person she’d become.

Amy fell silent as Tom bore a heavily laden tray onto the patio, which he deposited on the table opposite them. Avoiding eye contact, he unfolded linen napkins (which appeared to be ironed, Amy marveled—when had he found time to do that?) and carefully draped each of their laps. His cock, only slightly diminished by lack of attention, continued to bob before him as he moved, at times less than a foot from her lips. She was treated to glimpses of his ass cheeks as he turned slightly, and only just stopped herself from reaching out to sink her nails into the tender flesh. He unloaded a thermal carafe, cream and sugar containers, small china plates, cups and saucers, silver flatware, cups of mixed fruits, and pastries carefully arranged on a serving plate. That done, he stood with his hands clasped behind him, nearly a “Parade Rest” position, one nipple still faintly reddened from her teeth, and simply… waited, his cock swelling under their combined gaze.

All the men Amy had known would have been demanding release, a hand job, a blow job, a fuck. But not Tom. Sucked and stroked, tormented and teased, hard and aching, Tom still asked for nothing, was content to wait knowing that she would use him again for her pleasure, and his.

This is mine, Amy realized. Mine if I want it. And found she could not speak.

Valerie seemed to recognize her problem. “Tom, fetch a broom and sweep off an area four feet on a side, right there.” She pointed to a spot on the edge of the patio that was within easy viewing of them both. “Then fetch three bath towels.”

He drew himself to attention. “Yes, Miss Valerie.”

After he left, Valerie poured coffee for them both, then turned to her. “Who trained him?”


“Who trained him? Who was his Mistress before?”

Amy shook her head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She added cream and a bit of sugar, stirred.

Valerie sighed, exasperated, and leaned forward, forearms resting on the table. “You really don’t know what you’ve got here, do you? Hon, he’s been trained to be a submissive, to serve flawlessly, and to tolerate pain. That’s not something a guy does by himself. Some woman took him in hand and molded him to be what she wanted.”

Amy found herself resenting the phrase, “Took him in hand” but decided not to mention it. “I don’t know. I thought—well, I guess I thought that this is just the way he is.”

Valerie emitted a most unladylike snort. “Not a chance, believe me. Everything he’s done for you, and for so little in return—”

“It didn’t seem like ‘so little’ to me!” Amy protested.

“You’ve barely scratched the surface, Amy. There’s so much more, if you want it.”

The uncanny echo of Amy’s earlier thought sent her mind whirling. While she struggled with her confusion, Tom returned and efficiently swept the designated area clean, then departed, presumably to bring the towels. He was still hard, she noted, fondly watching his ass cheeks as he walked. “Why didn’t he just bring everything in one trip?” she wondered aloud.

Valerie sipped at her own coffee, then replied, “He’s doing exactly what I told him to do—no more, and no less. What does that tell you?”

“He HAS been trained!” she exclaimed. “Fuck me!”

Valerie laughed. “That, too, and much more, hon. I can tell.”

Tom must have parked the towels just inside the door, because he abruptly returned, neatly folded towels in his arms, to stand on the spot he’d just swept. “Good,” said Valerie. “Unfold one completely and lay it with the narrow end towards us. Then use the other two, folded, to cover it.” In a matter of moments, it was done, and Valerie asked, “How do you want him, Amy?”

She had the sense of something momentous looming toward her, that the decision she made, the next words she spoke, would determine her course, and perhaps Tom’s, for years to come. She didn’t know if she was ready to make that decision, or for the responsibility that she instinctively knew would accompany it. Then she saw Tom, waiting, trusting her, and her mind was made up. She would not let this get away.

Frightened but determined, shivering, but not knowing why, she said, “Hands and knees, facing away from us. Head down on your hands, ass in the air. Knees spread.” He complied immediately, the position allowing a clear view of his ass, balls and cock, delightfully contrasted with the vibrant green of her lawn and the riotous color of a flower bed.

Valerie laughed, delighted. “One of my very favorite positions. You’re a natural.”

Having crossed her Rubicon, Amy relaxed, snagged a pastry, and nearly groaned as the subtle hints of chocolate and almond flooded her mouth. She sipped her coffee, leaned back, and asked, “So. What’s new with you?”

They chatted idly, pausing to refill their cups and, occasionally, lobbing a stray bit of pastry at Tom’s ass. Pastry, however, proved difficult to aim. Changing weapons, Valerie delighted herself, and Amy, by scoring a direct hit on Tom’s balls with a strawberry. After a while, Amy took pity on him. Snagging her fruit cup, she walked over and laid one hand on his ass. “Kneel up,” she commanded, and took a strawberry from her cup. With a quick look and a grin at Valerie, Amy spread her legs slightly and maneuvered the strawberry under her short skirt. She had, in fact, foregone any panties, and it was a matter of moments to delicately stroke the berry over her pussy lips, still wet from her arousal. She made sure to coat the fruit as well as she could with her juices before withdrawing her hand and walking around in front of him.

“I’ve added a special—flavoring, just for you,” she said. “No panties.” Amy knew a secret delight as Tom’s eyes grew wide. “Open.” Popping the berry into his mouth, she watched as he rolled it this way and that, cheeks bulging as he tried to savor every drop of her nectar. Finally, he chewed and swallowed, the strong muscles of his neck working. “Good boy,” she said, patting his cheek. “Head down, again.” She trailed her fingers down his back and then gave his ass a few smacks as she left.

Returning to the table, she asked, “That was fun, but I feel like I’m leaving you out. What would you like to do next?”

Valerie glanced at her watch. “It’s only ten, and I don’t have to be at work in the mall until one. That gives us plenty of time, and I’ve got plenty of imagination. But, he’s yours. What would you like to do with Mr. Studly? What would turn you on?”

Amy shivered. “Everything turns me on! I still can’t believe I’m doing this, much less with you here.”

“And I can’t believe you only started yesterday. Where have you been hiding this new Amy?” She reached into her purse, withdrew a cigarette and elegant gold lighter. Amy realized there was no ashtray and started to rise. “Relax! Mr. Studly will be happy to fetch an ashtray, or anything else we want.” She raised her voice. “Tom! Go into the kitchen and bring an ashtray from the drawer to the left of the fridge.”

Amy watched with admiration as Tom rose gracefully, rocking back on his heels before rising without the use of his hands. “At once, Miss Valerie.”

“No!” Valerie snapped. “Five minutes.”

“As you wish, Miss Valerie.” Tom bowed, and left.

“He seems… different, somehow.” Amy couldn’t quit put her finger on it, but found the change disturbing.

“He sees himself as being under discipline right now, Amy. His needs don’t matter. Well, they do, of course, but right now he’s totally fixated on serving.” Valerie lit up, blew a long stream of smoke. “I might have to flick an ash or two on your patio, but he’ll sweep it up. You know, I really wonder who trained him, and what happened.”

“So… when he’s—what did you call it? Under discipline? When he’s under discipline he can’t joke around, or lighten up? Not even laugh?”

“Of course he can, if he’s given permission. You don’t know anything about this stuff, do you?”

“Hardly anything,” she confessed. “How come you know so much?”

Valerie laughed, a pure peal of delight. “Oh, hon, we all have our hidden sides. I’ve had a boy toy or two myself, and if Tom wasn’t yours, I’d sure as hell think about having another one. He’s very well trained. And gorgeous.”

“You never told me!” Amy exclaimed indignantly.

“And how would you have reacted if I had? Until today, you seemed—forgive me, but you seemed awfully quiet and timid. Maybe a little naïve. This change in you is really impressive. And, having seen it, I have to wonder why haven’t I ever met him before? I mean, you’ve known both of us for years, and you’ve hardly even mentioned him. Were you maybe keeping him for yourself?”

Amy fell silent. Had she been keeping Tom totally for herself? Was she afraid of competition from her girlfriends? And if so, why? After all, he had to meet dozens of attractive women at work, or out on the town. Abruptly, Amy realized that in the four years she’d known him, Tom had never talked about other women, had never even mentioned going out on dates. Had he been keeping himself for her? “I, uh… I think maybe I was.” She told Valerie her thoughts, and then leaned forward to place a hand on her arm. “I’m so sorry! I never realized!”

Valerie patted her hand. “There’s nothing to forgive, hon. I’m just glad you found each other and finally recognized what you have. The question is—are you going to keep him?”

Amy sputtered, “For Christ’s sake, Valerie! He’s not a pet! You don’t just—keep—people! This is my friend we’re talking about, here!”

Valerie drew back slightly. “Your friend… and a lot more, if you want. But, there’s no need to rush things. It’s not like you have to make up your mind right now, particularly since you don’t know much about what you’d be getting into.”

Amy hesitated, then admitted it was true. “So how do I learn?”

Valerie leaned forward eagerly. “I have a—suggestion—that might prove to be most instructive.” She grinned, her eyes alight with pleasure.


Thirty minutes later, Amy drove through the enormous but completely deserted back parking lot of the OakCrest Mall. Following Valerie’s instructions, she counted the nondescript beige metal doors from the west end and pulled into a parking space opposite the third. Valerie’s car was nowhere to be seen; Amy experienced a moment’s apprehension until she recalled that Valerie had to drive considerably further to pick up some “toys”, as she called them, for this field trip.

“You take the Boy Wonder to the mall,” she had said, “and I’ll join you after I swing by my place. I’ve got some goodies—let’s call them toys—that should make this little outing a lot more interesting.”

Oddly, Valerie had insisted that Amy change from her sandals to sneakers; she had no idea why. Shrugging, she had complied. After a minute’s hesitation, she decided to leave her panties off. Valerie had assured her that the mall’s back hallway, used strictly for loading freight, would be completely deserted at that hour.

Beside her, Tom stirred restlessly. “You have any idea what Miss Valerie has in mind?” He sounded a bit gruff, not at all subservient, and Amy turned to look at him. His face was pale, and she saw frown lines. His fists were clenched where they rested on his thighs.

He was scared, she realized with a shock. Confident, nothing-fazes-me Tom was spooked. Her heart melted, and she reached over with her right hand to grasp one clenched fist. Reluctantly, it seemed, he let his fingers uncurl until she could hold his hand. “I don’t have any idea, Tom,” she said quietly. “But I promise you this; you’ve told me that you can’t risk embarrassment or public exposure, and if either of us thinks this is a bad idea, we won’t do it.”

He stared rigidly straight ahead. “I… I don’t want to disappoint you, is all.”

Taken aback, Amy didn’t know what to say. He was worried about her! Tears began to well, but she ruthlessly fought them back. Now was not the time. Not knowing where the words came from, she said, “This is about both of us, not just me. You want me to be happy, and I want you to be happy. We’re reasonably smart people. I think we can find ways for both of us to get what we need. So, no, I won’t be disappointed if you refuse. I would be disappointed if you went ahead with it when you know it’s too risky.”

He gusted a sigh, and his other fist unclenched. “When did you get so wise?” he said, turning to her with a faint trace of his old grin.

Impulsively, she leaned over and softly kissed him. When, after a heart-stopping moment, he responded, she snaked her free left hand into his lap and gently squeezed his bulge, barely hidden behind the shorts he had reluctantly donned when they left. He froze at her touch, and then he sighed into her mouth and began to swell in response.

Pulling away slightly, she whispered, “You’re such a good boy.” And was rewarded by the feeling of his cock growing to rigid attention. She gently eased down the elasticized waistband of his shorts, baring his cock to the air. Wrapping her hand firmly around his length, she stroked slowly, lovingly, hearing his breath catch as she drew each stroke out to the very tip. Within moments she detected the slipperiness of pre-cum and changed to swirling her fingers around his engorged head, spreading the lubrication until her touch glided over the soft skin.

“Please,” he begged breathlessly. “Please.”

Never before had Amy felt such incredible power, and it took her a moment to find her voice. “Please, what? May you cum? Is that what you want, Tom? Or do you want me to suck your cock? Take your entire length into my warm, wet mouth? Suck you dry? What do you want?” She squeezed the very tip of him, allowing her fingernails to gouge his tender flesh.

Tom bucked, straining against the seatbelt with his mouth widened in a silent scream. She immediately backed off the pressure, wondering if she’d gone too far. She needn’t have worried; he collapsed in his seat and immediately started to thrust his cock, now iron-hard, against her hand. Grinning, she gripped him firmly and then leaned down. Sucking him deep, she reveled in the feeling of him sliding over her lips and tongue, in the absolute control of his sex. Despite his frantic efforts she kept the pace slow, raising her mouth from his straining cock, switching her grip to allow her left hand to cup his balls, slowly squeezing and releasing as her tongue swirled and dipped and teased and her right hand controlled his movements. Tonguing his slit, she dimly heard his breathing quicken, and hurriedly raised her head, allowing her hand to loosen until she barely grazed his straining cock and he thrust nearly at empty air. A wail of frustration escaped him, and she fought back a smile as she lifted her head to see his eyes screwed shut, a tear trickling down his cheek as his chest heaved

“So long,” he whispered. “So damned long.”

Startled, Amy wanted to ask what he meant but before she could speak, a cheerful voice through the open passenger window interrupted. “Well! I was going to suggest that we warm him up beforehand, but it looks like you’ve taken care of that!”

Not releasing Tom, Amy slowly raised her gaze. Valerie crouched by the side of the car, grinning like a madwoman, one hand on the door, the other out of sight.

“You couldn’t have cleared your throat or something?”

Valerie let out full-throated, belly-shaking laugh. “What, and miss the show? I’m telling you, girl, you’re a natural! Isn’t she, boy?”

Tom slowly turned his tear-streaked face. “I believe you are correct, Miss Valerie.” he said softly.

Amy was beginning to recognize in that stilted, formal tone. Why did he use it with Valerie, and not with her? Then she remembered the previous night when she had asked him whether he didn’t want to cum, and his reply, “”I would never dare presume.” She nearly grinned, but stifled it. Whatever Tom saw in Valerie, he saw in her as well. She was startled to recognize the beginnings of moisture between her nether lips; somehow, the knowledge that he viewed her as he did Valerie turned her on even more than sucking his beautiful cock.

Valerie raised her hidden hand into view, and Amy was shocked to see it glisten as she reached over and wiped it across Tom’s lips. He responded like a hungry dog, eagerly licking and sucking her fingers as Valerie turned her hand over, making sure his tongue cleaned every surface. Had she been fingering herself while she watched? Amy found herself half-repelled, half-excited at the thought of providing Valerie with a show.

The worst thing was that she wasn’t sure which bothered her more: feeling repelled or excited. She tightened her grasp on Tom’s cock and stroked slowly.

Valerie’s eyes grew wide, and she retracted her well-licked hand. Brightly, she asked, “Shall we go? We’ve only got about ninety minutes before people start showing up for work, but that’ll be plenty of time if we get started now.”

Releasing his balls, Amy leaned back but continued to hold Tom firmly. “Before we go any further, Val, what do you have in mind?”

Valerie displayed a devilish grin. “I thought a little excursion might be nice. The back hallway of the mall is only used by employees, and there’s no freight stored there, so no video cameras. The system logs people in and out, but it’ll just look like I showed up for work early. And I do own the boutique, after all, so no problem there.”

Amy considered, pretended reluctance. “What if one of the guards comes around? We won’t do anything that would put either of us at risk.”

“They don’t make rounds in the back hallway this close to opening. Anyway, the only one on duty right now is a friend of mine, and she’ll be cool with whatever, trust me.”

Amy released Tom’s still-rigid cock. “What do you say? It’s your ass that’ll be naked in there.”

Tom shuddered as her hand was withdrawn. Blowing out a huge sigh, he said, “I trust you. If you think this is a good thing to do, then let’s do it.”

She leaned over and softly kissed his cheek, simultaneously tugging his shorts back into place. Snagging her purse, she said firmly, “Then let’s go.”

After returning to her car, Valerie joined them at the steel door, a vinyl carrying bag in one hand. Like Amy, she’d switched to tennis shoes. Keying in a code on the touchpad, she swiped a card through the reader. As the lock released with an audible click, she swung the door wide and gestured them through. Although visibly nervous, Tom reached to hold the door and stood aside. “After you, ladies.”

The hallway was nearly fifteen feet wide, surfaced with smooth gray concrete. At that hour, illumination was provided by scattered hanging light fixtures that cast bright pools of light but left shadowed areas between. Amy was startled at the length of the hallway; although she’d known, having shopped there many times, that the mall was huge, she hadn’t expected a corridor that stretched for hundreds of yards, its end disappearing from view in the dim light. The back wall was festooned with electrical panels, conduit, and pipes; at various intervals along the other wall, locked doorways gave rear entrance to the stores.

“Tom,” said Valerie, her voice echoing slightly in the emptiness, “I know that you’re concerned about doing anything that could put your job at risk, so I brought something to make sure that you’ll never be recognized.” She reached into the bag and brought out a black leather hood. “Crouch a little. You’re so damned tall.” She stretched the hood over his head, maneuvering it to ensure that the holes lined up with his startled eyes. Carefully, she aligned the cutouts for his nose and mouth.

Amy was intrigued to see snaps riveted into the mask and wondered what they were for. Valerie pushed at Tom’s shoulder until he turned around, and she briskly cinched up leather laces running through the back of the mask, drawing it snug. Spinning it around again, she asked brightly, “Comfy?”

Tom’s eyes were wide. “Yes, Miss Valerie. Thank you.”

“Excellent. OK, off with your shirt, please.” And when Tom pulled his t-shirt off, she continued, “I’m in fashion, you know, and it’s so important to accessorize. Fortunately, I have just what we need to complete your ensemble. Hold out your hands.”

She pulled out heavy black leather cuffs, which she buckled around his wrists. A wide black leather belt, sporting a number of metal rings, was cinched around his waist, and she connected the cuffs’ D-rings to it at his sides using quick-release clips. “Try to free yourself.” When he struggled and failed, she smiled broadly. “Perfect! We’re almost ready. Just two finishing touches.”

Reaching again into the bag, she brought out another piece of leather. She handed it to Amy and asked, “Would you do the honors?”

Curious, Amy examined it. A rectangular piece about three inches high by four wide, it had snaps that matched those next to Tom’s mouth. Turning it over, she saw that something wide but fairly short projected from one side; startled, she recognized it as a stubby dildo, exquisitely modeled as a cock. Then it hit her. “A gag?”

“Of course! It’s what all the best submissives are wearing this season.”

Grinning, Amy brought the gag close to Tom’s mouth. “Open,” she said shortly, and gently slid the dildo into place. Struggling a bit, she managed to secure all four snaps. “Can he breathe around that?”

Valerie shrugged. “Ask him.”

“Tom? Are you OK?”

“Ehh, Mmm Meee.”

She interpreted this as, Yes, Miss Amy, and was reassured. Stepping back, she considered him. “You know, that’s a good look for you. I might have to get something like it.” To Valerie, she said, “But something’s still missing.”

“Oh, of course! Forgive me.” And with that, Valerie snapped a blindfold into place on the mask, hiding Tom’s startled eyes. “Now’s, that’s perfect! Oh, but Tom…” She reached over and jerked his shorts to his ankles in one swift movement; a slight push to his chest made him step backwards involuntarily, and she leaned down and snatched them from the floor. “Those shorts really don’t go with the outfit. And that t-shirt was hideous; good thing we got rid of that, too. Don’t you think so, Tom?”

After a moment’s hesitation, he nodded. Bemused, Amy studied him: hooded, gagged, blindfolded, helpless—and rock-hard. She felt her own arousal, her nipples hardening, moisture between her legs. She leaned over to Valerie and whispered in her ear, as softly as she could, “This is SO fucking hot!”

Nodding, her eyes bright, Valerie whispered back, “I know! And now the real fun begins! Remember, he can’t see anything!”

“That’s right!” Silently (so that was why Valerie had insisted on sneakers!), Amy stepped behind Tom. Without warning, she stabbed her nails into his right butt cheek. He jerked, bucked once, and then spread his legs wide. She reached around him, knowing that he had no idea whose hands were on him, and seized both nipples between thumbs and forefingers. She twisted, pinched, and rolled those tiny nubs without mercy. His entire body went rigid, but otherwise he remained immobile. She snaked one hand down between his legs and grabbed his balls; continuing to torment his nipple, she squeezed slowly, carefully, until his knees buckled slightly and the faintest mewling sound emerged from behind the gag.

Amy felt a deep sense of satisfaction, of rightness, in having him totally at her mercy, completely under her control. She felt a trickle of moisture high on one thigh. Without thinking, she reached under her skirt and wiped it away. Moving back to face Tom, she carefully held her fingers just below his nostrils, tormenting him with the aroma of her juices. She saw his chest heave, and his entire body shook.

Suddenly, Valerie reached out and gently grasped her wrist, pulling it away. Startled, Amy turned to face her and was shocked when Valerie gave a knowing wink and slowly bent her head to take Amy’s fingers in her mouth, tongue working softly as she licked. For a second, something flared inside, white-hot and nearly blinding, and Amy found her breathing ragged, her whole body aching with need. She snatched her hand away.

Valerie leaned over to whisper, “Easy, hon. You’re not a lesbian. You’re just incredibly horny from the power, right?” At Amy’s nod, Valerie continued, “Then let’s go play with your boy. Get his flip-flops. We want him absolutely naked except for the hood and belt.”

Amy ran one hand slowly, lightly, over Tom’s chest, down his abdomen. Barely brushing his swollen cock, she trailed down one leg, eventually grasping one ankle. After her brief tugs at each leg, he stood barefoot on the smooth gray concrete.

Straightening, she leaned in toward his leather covered ear and said softly, “You’re such a good boy.” Reaching down, she gripped his nearly erect cock firmly and pumped him fiercely, wildly, for a few seconds, and then, without warning, released him. Knowing how much he liked it, she batted at his swollen member, causing it to smack into his thigh and rebound. Seized by a sudden idea, she began batting him back and forth between her hands, faster and faster, and was rewarded with a thin, faint wail from behind the dildo gag. She saw that his ball sack had risen, high and tight, and wondered if he was about to cum.

When his hips began to buck, spoiling her aim, Amy seized his cock in one hand and hoisted it high. With her other, she flicked her index finger once, very hard, against his sack and was treated to a muffled groan as his knees buckled slightly. Satisfied that he was incredibly frustrated (when had she come to take delight in tormenting him?) she gave his cock one final squeeze and let go.

Turning, she saw Valerie staring at her, eyes wide and bright, mouth hanging open. With a shake of her head, Valerie seemed to emerge from her trance. With an admiring look, she gave Amy two thumbs up.

“Well, let’s get started, shall we?” Valerie said brightly. “Tom, I must say that I’m absolutely appalled at the state of your wardrobe, so I’ve arranged a little fashion hunt so you can dress decently. Now, this hallway we’re standing in is about two hundred yards long and about fifteen feet wide. I’ll place certain articles of clothing where you’ll be able to find them—my word on that—with some part of your body. Could be your toes, might be your hands, or maybe your shoulder. Hard to say. Whatever you find, you can put on—and I suggest that you do, as best you can with your hands like that, because I lied about something.” She turned to Amy with a devilish smile, put a finger to her lips and shook her head. “People will start showing up for work in about thirty minutes, not the ninety minutes I told you. So, you’ve got that long to search, oh, about nine thousand square feet to find clothes. Once you’re fully dressed, or as dressed as you can be, we’ll get you out of that hood, belt and cuffs before someone sees you.”

Tom stood absolutely still; not a muscle quivered, and Amy couldn’t see him breathe. Valerie blithely continued, “Of course, if you’re not fully dressed by then, we’ll have to hustle you out of here just like you are, and see if we can make it to the car. If we do, you can ride home like that. Any questions?”

There was an agonizing silence that stretched until Amy thought she would scream. Then, she saw Tom shake his head slightly from side to side.

“Good! That’s settled, then! Your time starts now. And I’ll give you a hint… you’re about fifty feet from one end of the corridor, roughly in the middle between the walls, and facing the rest of the hallway.” Valerie stepped behind him and slapped his ass. “GO!”

Startled, Tom jerked and nearly fell, his balance somewhat impaired by having his hands strapped to his waist. Recovering, he sidestepped to his right until his questing fingers found the back wall. He slowly turned, putting his left hand and shoulder against the wall, and began moving forward, taking odd, sweeping, half-circular steps with each foot.

He was trying to cover every inch of wall and floor, Amy realized. And then realized something else—her upper thighs were covered with her slick moisture. As she softly moved to watch Tom from the front, noting with a grin how the sweeping steps caused his straining cock to swing from side to side, she began to wish she’d worn panties.

Beyond Tom she saw Valerie pull several articles of clothing from her bag but couldn’t make out what they were. With another finger to her lips, Valerie crept softly away to plant the clothes, leaving Amy to watch Tom’s slow progress along the wall. When his foot found the corner, she thought she saw his shoulders rise and fall as if he’d let out a huge sigh. Carefully, he negotiated the right turn and continued.

With Valerie far down the hallway, Amy dug into her purse and pulled out several Kleenex. Raising her skirt, she started to wipe away her juices and then stopped. Surely Tom deserved some extra reward for what they were putting him through. She debated whether to give him a quick blow job but decided that since he’d have to stop to receive it, burning up more of what he thought was precious time, that wouldn’t be fair. He was getting close to the next turn. Quickly, she moistened the fingers of her left hand on her thighs and for good measure plunged two of them into her dripping pussy, coating them liberally with her taste.

Stepping close, she waited until be had begun his exploration of the immense length of the inside wall and then touched his lips with her pussy-soaked fingers. He jolted in surprise, then began gobbling her fingers avidly. Amy suspected that she tasted differently than Valerie, and wondered if he could tell which woman he was tasting. He didn’t stop moving, though, and she was forced to watch out for his questing right foot.

Before her fingers were dry she withdrew them and again lifted her skirt. Re-wetting the same two fingers, she moved behind him. Without warning, she parted his ass cheeks with her right hand, and swiftly plunged her index finger into his asshole, causing his whole body to spasm. With her finger firmly plugging his ass, she followed in his wake.

With each step Tom took, his tight sphincter seemed to grip her finger, then release slightly. She took to timing his steps and wiggled her finger just as each foot left the ground. Twice, he nearly stumbled, but caught himself. She marveled that his hand and shoulder never lost contact with the wall except to maneuver around pipes and conduit, and that the metronomic regularity of his steps never faltered.

And her inner thighs were drenched.

After thirty steps or so, it seemed that his asshole no longer gripped as tightly. Shrugging, she pulled her index finger halfway out, lined up her middle finger, and plunged both back into his ass. At the shock, Tom finally stopped moving, bending slightly from the waist, and she saw his upper body turn slightly as if he desperately wanted to reach behind himself. His shoulders shook, whether from pain or desire she couldn’t tell. Ruthlessly, she prodded his asshole to get him moving again.

Instead, his tight ring of muscle gripped her fingers and squeezed. Amy caught her breath; it was one of the most intimate things she’d ever experienced. She leaned into his back, her breasts flattening against him, and rested her cheek against his flesh. Tom’s asshole continued to rhythmically tighten and release. Almost automatically, her hand responded by slowly pistoning her fingers in and out. He let out a muffled groan and began to push back against her invading hand, his knees bending slowly.

I’m fucking his ass, she realized. I’ve got my hand up his ass and he loves it!

With her free hand, she snaked around his hip and seized his rock-hard cock. Stroking him, she felt her hand slicken with his pre-cum; her movements spread it over his shaft, causing her hand to glide along the silky skin. She heard a gasp, and his hips began to thrust with urgency, his entire body tightening.

Knowing he was about to cum, Amy regretfully let go of his cock, which was harder than she’d ever felt before. Gently, she withdrew her fingers. Tom leaned hard against the wall, shoulders shaking. She patted him on the ass, allowing her fingers to trail over his hard butt cheek, and silently stepped away.

Now, she needed those Kleenex. After wiping her fingers, Amy rummaged until she found a tube of hand sanitizer and removed all trace of him. She crept softly down the hallway, passing him as he resumed his quest for clothes. In the distance she saw Valerie moving toward her. Her path took her past a trash can and she disposed of the Kleenex. A hundred feet further on, they met.

“Been keeping him occupied?” Valerie asked.

Amy felt a fierce, joyous smile spread over her face. “This is so fucking hot!” she said quietly.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am for you.” Valerie threw her arms around Amy, hugged her tightly. “Right now, you seem more alive than I’ve ever known you. Have you decided what you’re going to do about him?”

Amy gently disengaged. “I don’t want to think about that right now. I just want to enjoy this.”

Valerie nodded. “I agree. Let’s leave him alone for a few minutes, let the darkness and uncertainty work on him. Come with me.” Together, they walked further down the corridor, stopping beside one of the back entrance doors to the shops. Valerie punched in a code on a touch pad, then quietly opened the door with her key. “This is the back way into my shop. Step in here for a moment.”

The storeroom was filled with cartons and hanging clothes. Valerie moved to a rack filled with shoe boxes. After a minute’s searching, she pulled one out and handed it to Amy. “Put these on.”

Amy lifted the lid and discovered a pair of spiked heels. She swiftly stripped off her tennis shoes and socks and worked her feet into the pumps. Looking up, she discovered that Valerie had also donned heels.

“Good,” said Valerie. “Let me ask you—can you disguise your voice so he won’t recognize it?”

Amy considered, then shook her head. “I’m not sure. Maybe.”

“No problem. Let me do the talking for this last bit. Did you talk while you fooled around with him just now?”

“No. I just let my fingers do the walking.” Amy giggled, remembering with amazement how good it felt to fuck Tom’s ass with her hand.

“Good. Then just follow my lead.”

Emerging into the hallway, Amy saw that Tom had covered perhaps another ninety feet of wall, but was still another hundred feet from where they stood. Under the terms that Valerie had laid out, his quest for the safety of clothing was hopeless; she wondered if he knew that, and how the knowledge would work on him. Behind her, Valerie pulled the door shut with a loud bang, then stepped lightly away, her heels tapping softly but still loud enough to be heard a distance away.

“Amy!” she stage whispered urgently. “Somebody’s coming! Quick! Get in here!”

Taking her cue, Amy answered urgently, “But what about Tom? We can’t just leave him!”

“No time! Through the door! Quick!” She unlocked the door again and then closed it forcefully.

“OK,” she whispered, “Now we make a lot of noise as we walk toward him. I’ll do the talking, you just chime in with sounds once in a while.” She led the way, their heels clopping briskly, the sounds echoing down the corridor.

“So then Marcie reared right back and slapped him!” Valerie said loudly. Her voice was strangely altered, lower and rougher in pitch. Amy wouldn’t have known it was Valerie speaking if she hadn’t been walking right beside her.

“Mm-hmm,” Amy contributed.

“So, Paul grabs his beer,” Valerie chattered, “and he’s about to throw it on her when David grabs arm and winds up with it all over his—what the hell is that!”

Before them, Tom had come to a stop. Amy saw his head turn from side to side as if trying to judge the distance to the sounds of their heels. He began to pivot as if wanting to run, then appeared to realize that he had no chance of hiding, because he turned his back to the wall, leaned against it, and simply waited, his hard cock jutting out before him.

They drew close. “Would you look at that!” Valerie whispered in her altered voice. “How on earth did he get here?”

“Mmm,” Amy said. She watched, entranced, as his rigid cock bobbed vigorously in time with his pounding heart. He had to be scared to death.

“Do you think he can see us?” Valerie tugged gently at the blindfold. “I don’t think he can see anything!” She giggled. “And his hands are locked to that belt! He couldn’t have done that alone! Who did this to you?”

Tom’s shoulders rose in an eloquent shrug. “Mmmph.”

“He’s gagged, too!” Valerie said delightedly. “I think somebody’s been a bad boy, Marcie. Have you been a bad boy, whoever you are?” Tom shrugged again. “Well, never mind. What are we going to do with you? Marcie, I think we should go find a security guard, or call the cops or something.”

Tom lurched upright from the wall, shaking his head frantically back and forth. “Eeee… ohh!”

“Was that, ‘please no’? Is that what you said?” Tom nodded vigorously. “Well…” Valerie let her indecision hang in the air.

Amy leaned over to Valerie, whispered nonsense syllables just loudly enough for Tom to hear that something was being said.

“You think?” Valerie asked. “Hey, whoever you are—my friend wonders what you’re willing to do for us if we don’t turn you in. I think you would be really grateful not to have your picture splashed all over the six o’clock news, huh?

Tom nodded frantically.

“I mean, particularly since your—thing—is just dripping, there. ‘Pervert found naked and blindfolded in mall! Film at 11.’ It’s got a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”

Amy tried to imagine what Tom was feeling. Naked, hooded, blindfolded and helpless in a public place, confronted by two strange women and the prospect of arrest… he must be absolutely terrified, his mind racing a mile a minute. And yet, he was still rock-hard, obviously turned on. She wondered briefly whether he had seen through their ruse, but decided that there was no way he could know for sure. The uncertainty must be adding to his excitement.

“So,” Valerie said, “you be nice to us, and we’ll be nice to you. OK?” At Tom’s firm nod, she continued, “So, what do you think, Marcie? Shall we—have our way with him—right here?”

Amy whispered loudly but unintelligibly.

“Oh, come on! We can do whatever we want with him! He can’t see us, and even if he could, he’d have to explain what he was doing here, dressed—or undressed—like that. You think he’s going to go to the cops?”

She whispered again.

“You’re right. Other people are going to start showing up any second. Let’s take him to the stockroom.” To Tom, she said, “Quick, whoever you are…follow us.” She turned around and, trailed by Amy, walked briskly toward the entrance to her boutique. After a few seconds she stopped and looked back. Tom was cautiously moving forward, hampered by his blindness.

“Oh, for God’s sake! Here!” Valerie reached out, but to Amy’s surprise, she bypassed his throbbing cock and grabbed him firmly by the balls. She tugged, and Tom rocked into motion, awkwardly trailing her as she dragged him by his balls down the corridor. As they moved toward the door to her shop, there was a noise from down the corridor; an exterior door had been opened, light flooding the across the hallway.

“Jesus!” Amy whispered urgently. “Somebody’s coming! Hurry!” She put both hands on Tom’s ass and pushed, hard. He broke into a near-run, hampered without the use of his hands for balance. Amy began to sweat, fear making her breathe hard. God, they couldn’t be caught! She’d promised Tom!

Rapid footsteps, not theirs, echoed loudly as whoever it was came toward them. Just as they approached the haven of Valerie’s shop, a stern female voice asked, “What the HELL is going on here?”

Peeking round Tom’s shoulder, Amy was stunned to see her friend Jill standing with her arm around Valerie, who again held a finger to her lips. That fucking bitch! She’d scammed both Tom and her!

Valerie said, “Uh, look, I know this looks bad, but—”

“But, nothing! I’m calling the cops, you perverts!” Jill was smiling hugely even though she managed to sound fierce. Amy noticed that, like her, Jill wore a very short skirt and a tank top.

“Hey, he’s not ours!” Valerie protested, giving Amy a wink. “We found him like this, wandering in the hall! We were, uh, we were just going to get him out of here and find him some clothes.”

Jill snorted. “Yeah, right! Like the cops’ll believe that with him still trussed up like that! What, you couldn’t find somewhere else for your fun and games?”

“Ell… eee!” Tom sputtered from behind his gag. “Eees!”

Valerie remained still, letting the silence stretch painfully. Finally, an admirable amount of desperation in her voice, she said, “Look… we really don’t know him. Do whatever you want with him, but let us go. Please?” Amy slowly moved from behind Tom to stand with the two women, giving Jill a quick hug.

Head cocked to one side, Jill studied Tom, her gaze slowly traveling from his hooded face past his strong chest and flat stomach, and lingering on his still-swollen cock. She stepped forward, trailing fingers down his chest. Tom jerked at the sudden sensation, caught his breath as her hand dipped past his abdomen and wrapped around his shaft.

“Yeah,” said Jill. “I could probably think of a thing or two do with lover boy, here.” She reached up and seized a nipple, twisted hard. “You girls get the fuck out, and not one word to anybody, got it?

“Oh, thank you!” Valerie exclaimed melodramatically. “We won’t, we promise!” Amy rolled her eyes, but didn’t resist as Valerie seized her arm and led her off down the corridor, their heels clopping loudly. Amy looked back briefly, to see Jill leaning in toward Tom, whispering something in his ear.

After fifty yards, Valerie stopped. “Get out of those heels,” she hissed.

Stripping off the pumps, Amy snarled, “You bitch! You couldn’t have told me??”

Valerie laughed quietly. “Now you have some idea how he feels! I called Jill while you playing with him, and she decided church could wait. Come on. We don’t want to miss this!”

Shoes in hand, they crept back. Jill had Tom’s cock firmly in hand and was towing him toward Valerie’s store, all the while leaning back to whisper to him. Valerie quietly unlocked and opened the door, waving Jill onward. Jill guided him carefully through the opening and into the stockroom. Bringing Tom to a halt in the widest open area, she raised her eyebrows at Valerie and Amy and shrugged as if to say, “Now what?”

Never at a loss, Valerie reached into her bag of tricks and brought out an odd arrangement of leather belts and a large dildo. Examining it, Amy realized it was a wearable harness designed to accommodate the dildo in front. She’d read of strap-on harnesses before, but never seen one. Handing it back to Valerie, she shook her head fiercely. No one was getting Tom’s ass before she did, and she didn’t want a crowd when she took him.

When she took him? Amy shook her head, aghast at her own thoughts. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and all the guys, where had that come from? She couldn’t believe that she thinking about—no, be honest—was burning to fuck Tom’s asshole, to claim ownership of that fine ass, and him. Suddenly she was afraid of what she was becoming, of where all this would lead, and whether she would still be herself when it was over. And she was equally afraid for Tom. Had they pushed him too far? Would he be all right? She turned to Jill and Valerie, sliced a finger across her throat, meaning, “Stop this now!”

She saw the others exchange glances and shrug. Reluctantly, they both nodded. She waved Valerie to stand behind Tom, then unsnapped the gag and gently pulled it from his mouth. His jaw worked, and his tongue snaked out to moisten his lips. Amy gestured to Jill, pantomimed removing the blindfold, and then stepped out of Tom’s field of view.

Taking her cue, Jill pulled the blindfold off the hood and stepped back. From the corner of her eye, Amy saw Valerie make a circular motion with one hand, and it seemed Jill understood, because she stepped close to Tom and said, “You know, maybe I shouldn’t be selfish. The other girls will be here to open up in a little while, and I’m sure they’d just love to have their very own toy to play with. So, you just stand here and be a good boy. If you cause any trouble, I’ll put you out in the store and you can entertain the customers. And, like they used to say on Mission: Impossible, I’ll disavow any knowledge of your actions. Understand?”

Tom cleared his throat, and then said faintly, “Yes, Miss. I understand.” He seemed to sway where he stood.

Amy decided that this had gone far enough. She stepped around Tom into his line of sight and said, “Hi, sweetheart. How’re you doing?” She saw his eyes go wide, shock written across every feature.

Valerie stepped to his other side. “You ready to get out of that rig?”

If anything, Tom’s eyes grew even wider. “It… it was you two all along?” he choked out.

Amy reached out, gave him a quick hug. “Yep. It was us all along. And Tom, meet my friend Jill. Jill, Tom.”

“Oh, we already know each other, don’t we, Tom?” Jill chirped brightly. “Like they say, it’s been the equivalent of a formal introduction.”

Tom’s knees buckled, and Amy barely caught him in time to ease him to the floor. Beside her, Valerie quickly released his hands while Jill stepped behind and began unlacing the hood. Within seconds, he lay totally naked in Amy’s arms, tears streaming down his face as she cuddled and rocked and crooned to him. “It’s all right, baby. You’re safe. Shh. It’s all right now.”

Some minutes later, Tom seemed to come back to himself. Wiping his eyes, he gently disengaged from Amy’s grasp and tottered to his feet. Drawing himself to attention, he said formally, “Please accept my thanks, ladies, for one of the most intense experiences of my life. And now, if you please, might I have some clothes? I think I would like to get out of here.”

Valerie left to retrieve his clothes from wherever she’d stashed them. Amy turned to Tom and asked, “Are you sure you’re all right?”

Tom reached over and Amy found that she really liked naked hugs from him. Into her ear, he whispered, “That was so fucking hot! Was that your idea? Please say it was!”

“Sorry,” she whispered back. “It was mostly Valerie. Playing with your ass was all mine, though.”

Tom pushed away, searched her face. “That was you?”

Amy grinned. “Yep. Was it good for you, too?”

“I was one second away from coming when you stopped. Do you have any idea how frustrating that is?”

“Some,” she admitted. “Is that a bad thing?”

Tom shook his head. “Not necessarily, but I can’t begin to tell you how much my balls ache right now.”

She reached out, grasped his sack, which did seem larger than usual. “Poor baby. We’ll have to see what we can do about that, won’t we?”

Tom searched her face again. “I sincerely hope so.”

Amy pondered, then asked, “What would you like better? To cum right here in front of Valerie and Jill, or wait until we’re home and it’s just the two of us?”

He hesitated, then said softly, “If it pleases you, Amy, I’d prefer to wait until we’re alone.”

Amy laughed. “That’s Miss Amy to you, buddy. OK, they’re your balls. But I think the girls are going to be really disappointed.” Valerie stepped back in carrying Tom’s clothes, and started to hand them to him, but Amy grabbed the bundle. “Let’s make it up to them. You want clothes, you’re going to have to earn them. After all, you never did find anything to wear out in the corridor. So, grab that beautiful cock and start stroking for us. But don’t you dare cum.” She squeezed his balls for emphasis, and he groaned.

She stepped back. Tom seized his semi-rigid cock in his right hand and began to pump, his eyes screwed shut. Gesturing toward him, she said, “Ladies? He’s all yours. Just don’t make him cum.”

Smiling broadly, Jill and Valerie stepped forward. Jill honed in on Tom’s nipples, twisting and pulling one between her thumb and forefinger while she worked on the other with sharp teeth. Valerie chose a rear assault; stepping behind him, she sunk the nails of both hands deep into his ass cheeks and shook them. Amy snaked a hand past Jill and grabbed his balls again, rolling them in her hand and squeezing. Within moments, his breathing became ragged, and Amy released his balls. Almost simultaneously, Jill unclamped her teeth from his nipple and dropped to her knees before him. Removing his pumping hand from his massive hard-on, she let the very tip of her tongue graze the underside, causing his entire body to jerk, then flicked all around the tip. Meanwhile, Valerie was stroking one finger between his ass cheeks, pausing occasionally to dive deep, causing him to groan. He was clearly desperate to cum, but couldn’t without more stimulation to his cock.

Amy stepped away, marveling at the fact that Tom suffered such torment just because she wanted him to. Jill had abandoned his cock and was now rolling his balls inside her mouth; Amy was amazed that she could fit the entire package in there, and made a mental note to try it herself. Her amazement turned to shock when Valerie stepped out from behind Tom wearing only the briefest and wispiest of thongs, nipples hard, eyes bright. She grabbed Tom’s hand and guided it to her sopping pussy. Without hesitation, his eyes still tightly shut, he reached under the thin material and began stroking, causing her to throw back her head and moan as her hand worked at one breast.

Removing her mouth from Tom’s balls, Jill glanced over and saw Valerie on the brink of cumming. “Fuck it,” she said hoarsely, and in one swift move stripped off her tank top, leaving her naked from the waist up. She reached over and guided Tom’s mouth to her nipple; at the same time, she maneuvered his free hand under her skirt. Within moments, her head was thrown back, her mouth open in a silent scream.

Valerie was sobbing, her hips bucking wildly against Tom’s working hand. Suddenly, she thrust her own hand into her mouth an instant before she screamed, the sound weirdly muffled by her fingers.

Slowly, both women collapsed onto Tom, their arms draped around his shoulders and each other as they fought for breath. He opened his eyes and stared straight at her, looking a question.

Amy nodded slowly, and smiled, and his eyes gleamed.

After the two had recovered, Amy reluctantly handed Tom his clothes. Within moments, he was presentable, albeit with a huge hard-on tenting his shorts, and the four trooped back into the hallway. With a nod to Valerie to stay with Tom, Amy dropped back to walk with Jill. “Thanks for coming over. I’m sorry if it wasn’t as—intense—as you expected.”

Jill stopped, seized Amy in a fierce hug. “Are you fucking kidding me? After that orgasm? Can I borrow him sometime? I haven’t cum that hard in years, and he didn’t even fuck me!”

Amy hesitated, and Jill caught it. “No rush, Amy. Whenever you’re ready. But I gotta tell you, I hope you’ll be ready soon!”

“Umm… OK. We’ll see. But, I meant I was sorry about stopping the whole blindfold and hood thing.”

Jill laughed. “Don’t you worry about cutting the playtime short. You were right to stop it when you did. Shows good judgment, and that’s one the most important things a dominant has to have.”

Amy pushed away, held her at arm’s length. “Jesus,” she complained, “does everybody know about this stuff except me?”

Jill gave her a wink. “You’re a natural. He’s in good hands.”

Just before they exited, Tom asked, “Miss Valerie? Just for the record, what clothes did you have hidden in the hallway?”

Uncharacteristically, Valerie looked abashed. “Uh—a lace bra and thong set, and matching pumps.”

And all four dissolved in laughter.


Amy closed the front door to her home and breathed a huge sigh of relief. While the morning’s events had thrilled her like nothing before, they had also unnerved her. Things seemed to be taking on a life of their own, moving too fast. She felt a if she were on a slippery slope, picking up speed, helpless to even slow down, much less stop.

Then she saw Tom collapse onto her sofa, and her concerns for herself fled. Flinging Valerie’s carry bag to the hall table, she rushed to him. Kneeling, she put her hands on his thighs. “Tom, are you OK?”

His eyes were tightly shut, his breathing ragged. When he didn’t answer for few seconds, her apprehension grew. Had she pushed him too far? Was he going to suggest they stop? Amy wasn’t sure how she felt the turn that their relationship had taken, but she knew she would miss this strange, sudden, exciting intimacy.

Finally, Tom opened his eyes and gave her a wan smile. “I’m OK. Just—exhausted, I suppose. That was the most frightening thing I’ve ever been through.”

Tears filled her eyes. “Oh, my God. I’m so sorry! Can you forgive me? I honestly didn’t know Valerie would call Jill. She didn’t tell me. And I had no idea it would be that bad for you.”

Tom stared at her in amazement. “Are you fucking kidding me? It was great!”

Amy abruptly sat back on her haunches, snatching her hands form his legs. “You—liked it?”

“I loved it. And I’d do something like that again in a heartbeat.” His voice rang with absolute conviction.

Her mind whirling, Amy decided she needed a time out. “I’m going to put on some coffee.”

“I’ll do it,” he said, starting to rise.

She leaned forward, put one hand on his chest, and pushed him back. “No. You stay here and rest.” She hesitated, then continued, “And take off your clothes while I’m gone.”

His eyes flew wide. “Yes, Miss Amy.”

She actually felt his eyes tracking her as she left the living room. Trying to measure the scoops of coffee, she found her hands were shaking. She drew in a deep breath, blew it out. So much for trying to slow things down. Mind racing, she ran through a dozen scenarios, some catastrophic, some fabulous. She started to tell herself that she didn’t know what she wanted with him, and then pictured him naked, waiting patiently for her in the living room. Her nipples grew hard. So much for not knowing, she chided herself.

“I want him to be mine,” she whispered. “But I’m scared. I don’t know how to do this right. And I’m afraid I’ll fuck it up.” Fear was no stranger; it seemed she had lived her entire life in fear—of doing the wrong thing, of not being good enough, of displeasing others, of being alone. Her fear had kept her from even knowing what she wanted, much less doing what she wanted.

“But I want him,” she said softly. “And I’m going to have him, even if I fuck up somehow and lose him.”

And with that, her hands became rock-steady, although she still felt a lump deep in her stomach. Pouring the water and flipping the warmer to “On,” she retrieved two mugs from the cupboard. Her Bunn coffeemaker took only a few minutes to brew. She used the time to put some of the leftovers from brunch on a plate; the poor boy hadn’t eaten anything but a strawberry covered in her pussy juices. Delicious, no doubt, but not very filling. She giggled with the thought, and her fear retreated further.

“I can do this,” Amy told herself. She took a few moments more to decide how she would approach him. Filling both mugs—he took his coffee black, hers had cream and sugar—she re-entered the living room to find him standing at Parade Rest, head level, eyes downcast. The sight made her pause, chased away the last of her fear.

He wants this, she realized. He wants to be mine.

Placing his mug on the coffee table, she sipped at her own as she circled him, drinking in the sight of his strong legs and back, his tempting ass, and his flat stomach. Her gaze dropped lower and she gazed fondly on his cock. He seemed to sense her regard, because he started to lengthen and swell under her gaze. Fighting the urge to take him in her mouth, she seated herself on the sofa.

“Come sit down,” she said quietly. He raised his gaze to meet hers. Was that disappointment she saw? Without a word, though, he seated himself opposite, although he avoided looking at her. “Let’s talk a bit, just you and me, OK?”

He drew in a breath, let it out. “OK, Miss—OK.” The few words were tinged with defeat, and her heart went out to him.

“What we did this morning was—the single most incredible experience of my life,” she started slowly. His head snapped around, his eyes boring into hers.

“And?” he prompted after a few moments.

She hesitated. “There’s something you don’t know about it. When we were in the stockroom, and you were still blindfolded, Valerie pulled out a strap-on. She asked me if she could fuck your ass.”

It was his turn to hesitate. “So, what happened?”

Amy drew in a breath. “I said no. And the reason I said no was because if anyone was going to take your ass, it was going to be me. And not in front of the others.”

He sat, obviously stunned. “I… I don’t know what to say, Amy.”

She fought the urge to get up and pace. He deserved to have her close while she did this, not cowering away in fear of rejection. “When Valerie and I were on the patio, she told me that you’re mine, if I want you. I didn’t know what that meant, and it scared me to think about it. Truthfully, it still scares me, because I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.”

He started to protest but she cut him off. “No, I don’t. I don’t have any experience. I don’t know what’s too much or what’s not enough. If there’s a right and wrong to this—stuff—I don’t know what they are. So, I’m still scared, but I’ve decided one thing.”

Her heart nearly broke at the hope that blossomed in his eyes. “I want you to be mine. I’m not really sure what that means, and I know I’ve got a lot to learn, but—I want you to be mine. If you want to be.”

Tom sat absolutely stock-still, not even breathing. Finally, he whispered, “I won’t insult you by asking if you’re sure… but I would like that very much—Miss Amy.”

Tension that she hadn’t even realized she was holding drained from her neck and shoulders. Blowing out a breath, she said firmly, “Good. That’s settled, then. We’ll work out the details later.” She didn’t miss how quickly he had lapsed back into discipline.

“Yes, Miss Amy.” His eyes glowed. And his cock, she noticed, was rock-hard.

A thought that had been slowly growing since they left the mall suddenly thrust itself into her awareness, and she fought not to smile. It was, after all, why she’d asked Valerie to let her keep the bag for a few days.

“Do you trust me?” she asked quietly.

Tom seemed startled. “After today? Unquestionably, Miss Amy.”

She nodded slowly and threw caution to the winds. “Very well, then. Stand behind the couch, facing it. Hands at your sides.” As he moved to comply, she retrieved Valerie’s bag from the hallway. Pulling out the hood, she managed to re-fasten the blindfold but left the gag off. There was no need for silence, now. Stepping behind him, she said, “Crouch.”

Oddly, there was no hesitation or fumbling in what she did. It was the matter of a few moments to slide the black leather over his head, and only a few moments more to snug up and tie off the laces. “Can you see?” she asked, wanting to make sure.

“No, Miss Amy.”

“Good!” Pulling out the belt, which still had the cuffs attached, she snaked it around his waist and cinched it tight. Seizing his wrist firmly, she buckled the cuff, taking care not to make it too tight. Somehow, she didn’t think he’d try to get free and nearly chuckled at the thought. After a few more moments, both hands were secured to his waist.

“Good boy. Just stand there a little longer.” Reaching again into the bag, Amy untangled the strap-on harness. About to step into it, she paused. He couldn’t see her, after all. She unzipped her skirt, allowing it to pool around her ankles, and stepped free. Kicking it away, she pulled her tank top over her head and for the first time stood breathlessly naked with Tom. A pity he couldn’t see it, she thought, and grinned fiercely.

A little experimentation allowed her to adjust the straps so the harness seemed unlikely to slip. It took considerably longer to fit the dildo but she eventually managed and breathed a sigh of relief. She rummaged again in the bag and silently blessed Valerie as she found the two other essential ingredients for her plan: condoms and lube. As an added bonus, she found latex surgical gloves.

Stepping to Tom’s side, Amy carefully judged his distance from the back of the couch and moved him back about a foot. Placing both hands on his chest, she said, “Bend forward at the waist.” She controlled his descent until the lower portion of his chest rested exactly where she wanted it. Reaching around, she tweaked a nipple, leaned in to whisper, “You should see yourself. Now, move your feet back and spread your legs.” She used her feet to guide his until they formed a wide vee, allowing her complete access between his legs.

Stepping back, she pulled on a glove and smeared it with lube. From directly behind him, she seized his now-straining cock in her ungloved hand and said, “I loved finger-fucking your ass at the mall. Did you like it, too? Oh, I see you did. Good! Let’s see if you still like it. Tell me if hurts too much.” She parted his ass cheeks, extended one lubed finger and slowly circled his asshole. Without warning, she plunged her index finger deeply through his clenched ring, eliciting a hiss of indrawn breath and a groan from Tom.

Amy gloried in the sight as she worked her finger in and out, pausing occasionally draw a circle inside him, stretching him out. She kept her other hand, still wrapped tightly around his cock, completely still, allowing it to move with his slight movements to avoid triggering his orgasm. She had plans for his cock, too. Thinking about it, her nipples grew rock hard; she was beginning to pant from arousal, from the sheer power of what she was doing. Reaching under the strap-on, she found her clit and began to tease herself, never slackening her efforts with his ass. She found her own orgasm building with incredible speed, and regretfully stopped. She might not have the equipment to ejaculate but, for her first time with Tom, she wanted to cum with her substitute cock buried deep in his ass.

Catching her breath, she added another finger to the invasion of his asshole. He almost seemed to welcome the addition, hips thrusting awkwardly back to meet each plunge inside him. After a few moments, she added a third without difficulty, which prompted her to wonder aloud, “How can you do this so easily?”

Voice strained, Tom replied, “I was trained for ass play, Miss Amy. You’re not hurting me at all. Quite the opposite, in fact.”

Briefly taken aback, Amy nevertheless managed to reply brightly, “Well, that’s excellent! You’ll have to tell me all about it. Later. So I can quit worrying, then?”

Tom hesitated. “I don’t know what you have in mind, Miss Amy, but I should be able to take an eight-inch long dildo, maybe two to three inches in diameter, with no problem.”

Amy looked down at the latex dildo jutting from her abdomen. Hard to judge its length looking down on it. Spanning her hand wide, she measured the length with outstretched fingers, then brought her hand to eye level. Six, maybe seven inches, and she was sure it wasn’t three inches wide.

“It seems we’re in luck. Don’t go away!” Chuckling, she stripped off the glove, turning it inside out to catch the mess, and ripped open a condom packet. It took a few moments to snug it down over the dildo, and she carefully squirted a generous amount of lube. Her brief experience at the mall, coupled with common sense, told her that lubrication and taking it slowly were the keys to avoiding injury to his soft tissues. She stepped into him, slowly trailed the very tip of the dildo between his cheeks.

“Tom, I said that if anybody was going to fuck you’re ass, it’d be me. I’m going to fuck your ass. I’m going to claim it as mine, and you with it. I’m going to fuck your ass hard, and I’m going to cum with my cock buried deep inside you. I hope you enjoy yourself, but that’s not my primary concern right now. You may not cum. Questions?” Amy genuinely didn’t recognize this naked woman wearing the strap-on, preparing to fuck her long-time friend’s asshole… but decided that she liked her.

“No, Miss Amy.”

“Then let’s get started. Oh, by the way—I’m completely naked back here.” As his breath caught, she leaned over and slowly dragged her hard nipples up his back. She grinned as he moaned, nearly a sob of frustration. Straightening, she positioned herself, and the tip of the dildo, carefully. Nudging it into his asshole, she slowly leaned forward, increasing the pressure. To her astonishment, it slid in smoothly and easily. With half the dildo’s length buried in Tom’s ass, she paused. “Still OK?”

“Oh, yes, Miss Amy!”

Encouraged, she pressed harder, the dildo slowly disappearing into his ass until she could go no further, and she thrilled to the feeling of his ass cheeks against her naked hips. Her pussy was dripping, her nipples hard as pebbles, her breasts drawn up so tight they hurt. Slowly at first, then with increasing urgency, she began to thrust into his ass, discovering that the harness was cleverly designed to stimulate her clit as she reached the end of each stroke. That was something of a problem; she wanted this first time to last for both of them. While she wondered what to do, she found herself panting harder, the waves of pleasure from her clit building.

Without warning, she plunged her cock deep into his ass as her orgasm surged from nowhere to overwhelm her. She screamed, a wordlessly cry of mindless pleasure, wave after wave rolling through her until she collapsed over his back, spent, all thought fled.

Minutes later, she shakily righted herself. Her legs were wobbly, and she put both hands on Tom’s ass to steady herself. Astonishingly, the dildo was still deep inside him. Equally astonishing, her cunt still felt like it was on fire, and she wanted nothing more than to experience that incredible pleasure again. Without a word, she began to pound his ass ruthlessly, the firsts jolts of sensation to her clit almost painful, then settling into a growing warmth that spread quickly into her belly. She was vaguely aware of liquid running down both her legs but dismissed it as she slammed into him again and again, the sound of the flesh smacking together loud in the stillness.

“I’m fucking your ass, Tom,” she gasped. “I just came in your ass and I’m going to cum again.”

His response was a wordless growl of hunger and he thrust his hips back to meet each of her savage thrusts. As her pleasure grew, promised bliss coming closer and closer, Amy’s vision went black; she didn’t know whether she’d closed her eyes or whether sight had failed.

And that was where, from her cocoon of darkness, she heard Tom gasp, “Fuck me, Miss Amy! Please! Fuck my ass hard!”

Never, never had she felt anything like that orgasm. For long moments she seemed totally disconnected from her body, awash in a river of pure pleasure. She collapsed on him again, screaming over and over, but this time her legs failed; she was dimly aware of sliding down his back and ass to land in a heap on the carpet.

This time it was even longer before Amy came back to herself. Sliding over the sofa, she clawed her way to her feet, swaying slightly. She reached out, caressed his ass. Slipping her hand to his cock, she discovered that he was still rock-hard. She stroked him slowly as she leaned in and whispered, “You didn’t cum. You’re such a good boy.” Before he could reply, she released him and pushed at his shaking legs to close them. She tugged on his shoulder. With her help, he straightened, and she balanced him briefly before leading him around the sofa, guiding him to sit. She wanted to cuddle him, but there were things she had to do, first.

She leaned down and gently kissed his lips, and whispered, “I’ll be right back.” Stripping off the harness and dildo, she took them into the bathroom. After carefully removing the well-used condom, she separated the dildo with no little effort—there was probably a trick to it that she hadn’t learned yet—and laid it in the sink for Tom to clean later. A warm washcloth cleaned her sticky legs but she nearly came again as she wiped her dripping pussy.

“Un-fucking-believable,” Amy muttered. “My God, is this what I’ve been missing all my life?” Shaking her head, she made her way to the kitchen, returning to the living room with a tall glass of cold water. Carefully, she tilted the glass against Tom’s lips (he was still erect, she noted with pride) as he sat hooded and blindfolded on the sofa, and watched him gulp again and again. Finally, he drew his head back slightly. She slaked her own thirst and set the glass aside.

Settling in beside him, she hugged him close, her naked thigh pressed against his. “Are you OK?”

“I’m OK, Miss Amy.”

She caught something in his tone. “And what are you not telling me?” she asked, abruptly worried.

“I’m incredibly fucking horny, Miss Amy.”

She couldn’t help herself; she laughed, long and full-throated. “You poor baby! You’ve been teased half to death today, haven’t you?”

He hesitated. “And yesterday. It was all I could do not to jack off when I got home.”

It was her turn to hesitate. “So, why didn’t you?”

“I was… saving it for you, Miss Amy.”

She felt tears come to her eyes. “You know, Tom, I’m not sure I’m good enough for you.” She hugged him fiercely.

“I’m sure.”

And just like that her passion was back, insistent, demanding. She pushed back, leaned over him and took his swollen cock deep into her mouth. Licking and sucking, her cupped his balls with her left hand, then forced herself to stop. Sitting up again, she said hoarsely, “I want you.”

He was silent, then answered, “You just had me, Miss Amy.”

“And that was incredible, and I want to do that again. I want to do that lots more, in fact. But I want your cock, too. Inside me.” Dammit, she was dripping again.

Tom shrugged, jingled his cuffs. “I, uh, seem to be a bit—hampered—right now, Miss Amy.”

Which provoked another laugh. “Silly boy!” she said. “We’re going to do this my way, of course!”

He sighed. “Of course, Miss Amy.”

She wondered if he thought she was going to tease him again and not allow him to cum. Thinking back on everything he’d been through that day, she decided not to torment him any further. Or, at least, not to deny him orgasm. She put her lips next to his ear and whispered, “I promise that you’re going to cum with your cock inside my pussy. No more teasing.”

Tom relaxed visibly. “Thank you, Miss Amy! I enjoy being frustrated, but like I said yesterday—”

“Only up to a certain point,” she finished. “Well, that point’s been passed. Give me a second.” Rising, she located Valerie’s bag (she didn’t remember tossing it that far away) and fished out another condom. Ripping it open, she kissed the tip of his straining cock and swiftly unrolled it over his shaft.

“Good,” she said. “Now, scoot your ass this way.” After he slid to the center of the sofa, she straddled his thighs. Leaning down, she kissed and nibbled one nipple while her hand tormented the other. Raising her head, she gave him a deep, open-mouthed kiss, feeling his mouth open in return. Their tongues dueled for a moment, and he sighed into her mouth.

She was so hot she felt like would melt. Reaching between then, she grabbed his cock and held it in position. “I’m straddling you, naked, and I’m going to fuck you, now. But you’re not going to see a thing, and you can only touch—what? My knees? Poor thing. That’s going to be so frustrating for you.”

Wordlessly, he nodded.

“But I’m not a total bitch. I got so fucking horny watching you in the mall, watching your helplessness, watching you finger Valerie and Jill that I came twice just fucking your ass. And I’m still so fucking horny from fucking your ass that I’m going to cum again like a shot. So, you have my permission to cum just as soon as I do.” And with that, she impaled herself to the hilt.

Tom’s head flew back, and his mouth opened but no sound emerged. Amy began working her hips back and forth, his hard cock riding her slit as she bent forward. She curled one hand around the back of his head, pulling it forward and shoved her breast into his face. His lips worked at her eagerly, licking and sucking, the bare edge of his teeth scraping over her sensitive flesh causing her to shiver and the heat in her pussy to redouble. She braced her hands on the back of the sofa and began slamming herself down on his cock, feeling him rise to meet her. His lips never left her nipple, now exquisitely sensitive. Without warning, he bit down, the merest nip, and she exploded, seizing the back of his head with both hands, pulling him tighter into her breast as she came, and came, and came.

Moments later, she distantly heard a muffled shout and Tom bucked beneath her, again and again, his body straining with the force of his long-denied release. Each movement sent new waves of pleasure washing through her, and Amy thought desperately that she’d never stop cumming, that she would die from sheer ecstasy. Finally, though, her body relented, and she collapsed onto him, panting. He wriggled his head to one side so he could breathe, and that simple touch threatened to set her off again. With the last of her strength she pushed away and collapsed on the sofa beside him.

An unknowable time later, she came back to herself. Tom sat motionless, his mouth gaping slightly open. She kissed him quickly, stripped the condom off his now-limp cock. She thought it might have been the first time in two days that he hadn’t been at least somewhat hard. Carefully tying a knot in the condom’s end, she hurried off to the bathroom.

This time, her pussy didn’t threaten to send her into another spiral of ecstasy as she wiped it. Disposing of the condom, she moved back to the living room and found that Tom still hadn’t moved. She found her skirt and tank top and pulled them on. Moving to the back of the sofa, she gently unlaced the hood and pulled it off. Tom’s hair was matted with sweat; a few strands stuck up wildly. Amy leaned over and fondly smoothed them back into place, then kissed the top of his head.

Moving to the front, she said, “Can you sit up?” His eyes opened, and his expression fell at finding her clothed again. “Uh, uh. You’ll have to earn that, buddy. Now, sit up.” She quickly unbuckled his cuffs and belt, sliding them from behind him. Tossing them on the floor, she snuggled beside him, loving the feel of his bare skin and the strength of his arms as he held her close. She rested her head on his shoulder, more content than she could ever recall being.

Much later, she heard him say drowsily, “Amy? You remember yesterday when I said there are two stages to a relationship, before and after?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“I like our after.”

“Me too, lover. Now, sleep.” And they did.


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