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Adult X Fun, the parent site to all the footage found on Loverboys USA, Extreme CFNM, & Handjobs Central, has just recently released 2 AWESOME harder-core private shows. Now these ARE NOT like the regular great footage of strip shows they usually produce (see below), they’ve intentionally put 3-5 porn actresses out amongst the crowd of 15-20 regular everyday, amateur girls. Once the male strippers get handjobs, blowjobs, & even have sex w/the porn starlets, the amateurs get REAL interested. They even get them to film the action! I’ve bought and downloaded both of the hour-plus shows, & I dig the 2nd more. I guess it’s just hotter when the girls film the CFNM action, man, that’s just plain awesome!:
vlcsnap-265315.jpgvlcsnap-265387.jpgvlcsnap-265748.jpg D/L AXF Show #1 Trailer
vlcsnap-267458.jpgvlcsnap-267603.jpgvlcsnap-267746.jpg D/L AXF Show #2 Trailer
Since I mentioned it, here’s a trailer for the well-known Extreme CFNM site’s DVD footage!:
vlcsnap-276207.jpgvlcsnap-276304.jpgvlcsnap-276781.jpg D/L Extreme CFNM Trailer
There’s also been chatter about the backstage action in some of the forums I frequent, so I thought I’d share what can be found on the Loverboys’ site & Extreme CFNM

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8 Responses to “Hot NEW CFNM StripShow Footage!”  

  1. 1 shazza

    more backstage please – i love it

    keep up the good work.

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Thanks for the pat on the back… it helps me stay motivated to do this thing right. And as the backstage and non typical stripper CFNM stuff is by far my fave thing (always has been), you’ll see more in the future, trust me!

  3. 3 Enrique

    Hi, Super.

    That LB backstage pic with the girl with hand in hair is great. I wonder how that story ended…:D

    As for Adultxfun, I was about to download one vid but you discouraged me when said that it looks like the first PH shows. Those are the worst vids from PH.

    Any cumshots in Adultxfun or are they unfinished like the first PH movies?


  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    Hey Enrique…

    Well the only reason I compared them to P.H.’s early shows was that they’re smaller-sized parties, there’s more of a “amateur feel” to them, & the action isn’t straight sex right away. BOTH Adult X Fun’s shows have cumshots – in the 2nd video there’s one definite amateur that helps get a stripper off and another ‘maybe-she’s-a-drunk-amateur-that-gets-caught-up’ that helps another cum. So, in that way, these vids are far better than P.H.’s early CFNM stripshow attempts… plus the quality is WAY BETTER – you don’t miss a thing!

  5. 5 Enrique

    Thanks, Super. That sounds great. In fact, the best PH videos I have seen are those in which amateurs help the strippers cum. Unfortunately they dont take too many actions of that kind, but I remember (and keep on my HD) specially that scene with two drunk blond girls that help cum the boy. I dont know about the amateurs on Adult xFun but the great thing about this PH vid is that the girls remain clothed throughout the scene.

  6. 6 allthingscfnm

    The amateurs do stay fully clothed in both vids… There’s a bit of titty flashing here and there, but besides that they stay clothed if they’re ams.

  7. 7 dave

    is there any video footage of the loverboys/extremecfnm backstage stuff particularly of the girl in the jean skirt with the strippers hand in hair and the girl in the green dress hold two strippers cock and having pussy played with thanksx

  8. 8 Roger

    Here is a link to lots of ExtremeCFNM Loverboys backstage pics still no vids I can find of this yet-

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