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It’s been a long time I’ve posted straightforward amateur-ish CFNM vids, other than on my new CFNM On YouTube blog so here’s a few I’ve had lingering around my archive awhile, starting with 2 videos which are GREAT examples of the CFNM that gets caught on the Big Brother show:
vlcsnap-233800.jpgvlcsnap-234385.jpgvlcsnap-234638.jpg LINKS: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
vlcsnap-237012.jpgvlcsnap-237864.jpgvlcsnap-237269.jpg LINKS: D/L VIDEO
This next video is of a BIG nude beach celebration, which basically isn’t CFNM, but shows a bunch of naturists & hippies partying naked:
vlcsnap-239529.jpgvlcsnap-239081.jpgvlcsnap-239800.jpg LINKS: Part 1 Part 2
These next two come from the CFNMers of the and the Hot Sapien sites – which both feature public CFNM videos shot guerilla style. VERY hot!
vlcsnap-419835.jpgvlcsnap-241004.jpgvlcsnap-242386.jpg LINKS: Part 1 Part 2
vlcsnap-244124.jpgvlcsnap-244584.jpgvlcsnap-245261.jpg LINKS: Part 1 | Part 2

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5 Responses to “Some Varied Straight-Up CFNM Vids”  

  1. 1 darren

    Nice clips! How do you make little screen captures of videos? What software did you use? Thanks.

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Hey darren… thanks for the feedback! I actually use VLC media player to watch most videos – plus it has a screen cap capability. While you watch the vid, you can click ‘video’ and in the drop-down menu, there’s a ‘snapshot’ option. Click it and ya got a screengrab in the My Documents’ Pictures folder.

  3. 3 jason

    Good work on this blog, been following it for a good few years now. Do you know of any cfnm similar to the last video posted here? i hold this as the best cfnm scene ever as its completly real and unstagged. i love the fact just dancing with a hot woman made him ejaculate. and the womans reaction was so real it makes this scene epic. any more like this? amazing scene!

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    Hey there Jason, thanks for the complements and thank you even more for following for so long. I’m extremely honored to know people have been consistently coming to the blog for as long as you have. And yes, there’s quite a few videos like the last one I posted in this particular post, but it’s a tough type to find overall as well as through the years of archived videos that I’ve posted. Basically all the videos that were made by Hot Sapien that I’ve posted, and obviously their site has way more than what I’ve shared here. Perhaps you could join up with Hot itself and take a look. Otherwise, just do a search using the search engine on the blog for “hot sapien” and I’m sure you’ll find a clip or two that are about as good or perhaps even better.

  5. 5 jason

    Thanks for getting back to me. off the top of your head do you know of any videos were someone has ejaculated on an unsuspecting member of public like this video? ive seen the sharking jap videos but i dont believe they are real! i will join hotsapien and search but from the look of the site, its quite geared to gay people!

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