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As you all know how awesome retro porn is, I put together all the CFNM scenes from the classic “Barbara Broadcast” starring Annette Haven with fixed links! I’d originally posted a few of these scenes on All Things CFNM on Blogger, but these are edited better & are of better video quality. Plus it’s been over a month since I’ve put up retro classic CFNM videos, so here ya go!
This 1st clip shows Barbara sign an autograph, then blow a guy in front of his brother and her friend:
vlcsnap-365528.jpgvlcsnap-366003.jpgvlcsnap-366295.jpg LINK: D/L VIDEO
In these clips, 2 different couples engage in oral at the restaurant!:
vlcsnap-366911.jpgvlcsnap-368097.jpgvlcsnap-368371.jpg LINKS: Part 1 | Part 2
Barbara orders a salad w/cum dressing for her friend, & their well hung waiter obliges while they watch:
vlcsnap-373561.jpgvlcsnap-373256.jpgvlcsnap-373475.jpg LINK: D/L VIDEO
Here’s the most famous CFNM clip from this movie. Another female customer wants to blow her waiter, but can’t find him. Barbara offers hers & her friend helps the woman blow him- in front of everyone!
vlcsnap-374886.jpgvlcsnap-375024.jpgvlcsnap-376246.jpg LINKS: Part 1 | Part 2 |Part 3
Here we see Barbara’s clothed friend deepthroat a kitchen worker in front of the staff:
vlcsnap-377516.jpgvlcsnap-377736.jpgvlcsnap-377837.jpg LINK: D/L VIDEO
Barbara shows a publisher her oral skills in his office:
vlcsnap-378833.jpgvlcsnap-378965.jpgvlcsnap-379653.jpg LINKS: Part 1 | Part 2
In this last vid, Barbara & her friend blow a well hung, fully naked male stranger in a disco – all set to the old theme song to The People’s Court TV show!
vlcsnap-380100.jpgvlcsnap-380168.jpgvlcsnap-382455.jpg LINKS: Part 1 | Part 2
Here’s some retro / vintage semi-CFNM galleries from Rodox Retro Porn:
cfnm picturecfnm picturecfnm picturecfnm picture
And here’s two video galleries of more retro action from Retro Raw:
cfnm picturecfnm picture

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7 Responses to “7 Retro CFNM Scenes From Barbara Broadcast & More!”  

  1. 1 jej18

    Love all your retro clips. Thanks for your efforts.

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    thankya jej18! Glad you like the retro stuff as much as I do!

  3. 3 lazarus

    Hello there, big fella! Let me first say (as I haven’t had the chance yet) that I’m very glad you’re back in the swing of things. I trust the recovery is going according to plan? Now, here’s a question for you: You know those rodox flicks one comes across every now and then? Originally Scandinavian, I believe, but usually dubbed into German – from the 70s, possibly even late 60s? Well, the question is this: Do you know if this stuff is available from the retroraw site? And another one, a request if you will, hehe: There was a John Holmes flick back in the days (well before my time, I should say) that was called something like “Bigger than Black”, and that featured some interracial scenes which I think were among the first in (more or less) “mainstream” porn flicks. Know the one I’m talking about? You wouldn’t happen to have any material from said flick? Or know where it could be obtained? I know I should just join one of the retro sites, but they seem to have an awful lot of very different stuff, and it’s hard to tell which one has WHAT, if you know what I mean.

    All the best,


  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    First off, you’re a goof! But yeah, recovery is going according to plan… the biggest problem is that it just takes so long! For real, when I heard it was going to have to take it easy once I got out of the hospital, I didn’t think it would be this long. But hey, they’re the experts and I’m just a stupid patient. So I got to do what they say.

    Well, after researching your question (which I didn’t have to do much of because I already know quite a bit about Mr. Holmes), I would be willing to bet that it might be one of the many movies where they spliced together scenes from other loops and movies to make a finished product. Those are almost virtually impossible to find the original source of. But as far as sites go, it really looks like your best bet is to go through one of these Deluxe Pass sites:
    80’s Ladies-
    Porn Classics-

    The reason is that if you look through both sites, you’ll find A LOT of John Holmes movies, plus with a deluxe pass membership, you can probably find other retro sites that I am not familiar with. They’ve seriously got just tons and tons of sites under their hat and add sites semi-regularly. There used to be two sites within that network called Porno80 and Porno70 that had AWESOME full videos that were super hard to find. That’s where a good chunk of my collection came from. But they aren’t in existence anymore for some reason.

    So I hope I’ve helped a little! Good to see you commenting… I wish more people would.

  5. 5 lazarus

    Not a little, brother – a lot. I’ve been thinking about getting a deluxe one again – last time I did it was just to get my hands on something very specific, and once I’d found it, I just cancelled the membership without doing any more “research”. Now I’ll definitely do it again, and do some more rummaging through what’s available. Thanks, man! And, yeah: I’m a goof – you know it, but I really have had some experience with your affliction (from working on and off in the medical trade, as it were) and it really is mighty good to learn you’re back on the track – I mean that. Right, enough of the sappy stuff, hehe. Speaking of deluxe, though: I’m pretty sure one could dig up something there even in places where one wouldn’t expect to find it – so, I’ll get to the digging. I’ll be in touch, and thanks again.

    All the best,


  6. 6 Mark

    is unfortunately corrupt.

    Thank you for these great clips, now I must find the full version of this movie.

  7. 7 allthingscfnm

    Corrupt? that’s weird, man… it plays fine on Y.F.H. for me, as does the file when downloaded…

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