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Now I know that I did a review of CFNM stripper footage earlier, but ever since, I’ve been hooked on it all over again! Loverboys USA was the 1st CFNM site I ever joined & I can honestly say that it’s by far my favorite. Why? Because the footage there is plentiful – like there’s ridiculous amounts (hours and hours) of videos & pictures of REAL amateur women playing w/ male strippers. Now I know there’s been tons of debate over it’s reality, but trust a person that’s watched everything they have collected in their 7 years, & there’s only been 3 shows where they used a few “planted” porn actresses amongst the amateurs. Those would be the 2 on Adult X Fun‘s site and 1 featured on Extreme CFNM. At any rate, the Loverboys’ site has 8 volumes of their full shows available on DVD. As I go always overboard for y’all, here’s links to EVERY DVD trailer they have out! That way you can see how they’ve evolved over the years & get a better idea of what they offer. Sorry, but no previews for the 1st three:
D/L Vol. 1 Trailer | D/L Vol. 2 Trailer | D/L Vol. 3 Trailer
vlcsnap-296765.jpgvlcsnap-297557.jpgvlcsnap-297820.jpg D/L Volume 4 Trailer
vlcsnap-298896.jpgvlcsnap-298988.jpgvlcsnap-299257.jpg D/L Volume 5 Trailer
vlcsnap-300688.jpgvlcsnap-301064.jpgvlcsnap-301242.jpg D/L Volume 6 Trailer
vlcsnap-311111.jpgvlcsnap-311265.jpgvlcsnap-311598.jpg D/L Volume 7 Trailer
vlcsnap-312275.jpgvlcsnap-321793.jpgvlcsnap-322378.jpg D/L Volume 8 Trailer
As an extra bonus, here’s a 3-part compilation video of some of the hottest footage ever filmed by Loverboys USA!:

DOWNLOAD VIDEO LINKS: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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4 Responses to “A Slew Of CFNM Stripper Vids!”  

  1. 1 Vega

    For some reason these loverboys vids never seem to lose their
    hotness 🙂
    I think it’s the reality-factor that makes them so great!

    Thanks for compiling this material; you’re without a doubt
    the most dedicated webmaster I’ve ever seen!



  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Thanks a lot for all the kind comments… I’m definitely first a fan of CFNM! And I’m with you on Lover Boys’ material, the fact that everything is reality based makes a HUGE difference for me.

    I just hope that other people are “with it” enough to understand this the way that you and I do!

  3. 3 Fatguy

    …thx for all your posts Superfluous……say, are you in contact w/ anyone & LB?…they must have a new dvd in the pipeline….#8 was last fall…..have you heard anything?….i asked them a while back but no answer.

  4. 4 Girlies

    Unfortunately all these vids are nor unavailable 🙁

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