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In my usual perusal of the vast Internet looking for everything and anything CFNM related, I came across these two sister sites called Work My Cock and Forced Men. Obviously I was pretty excited as anything new on the CFNM scene is a good thing, but I was surprised with how sudden these sites came out! Normally I’d have heard about them or read about them at some point beforehand, but damn, these came out of nowhere! Although they are both put out by the same production company that runs Oceans East Handjobs, Big Apple CFNM, & sell individual vids on Clips4Sale – they have VERY differing types of CFNM material separated to each site. Forced Men is predominantly a female domination scenario site, whereas Work My Cock is more aimed at providing amateur-esque CFNM scenarios. Even though they deliver different styles of content, I’m impressed with how much content they have available already. You’ll just have to check out the galleries below to see what I’m talking about!
Work My Cock galleries:
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Here’s two video galleries from Forced Men:
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I honestly think that both of these sites really have a lot of potential as they aren’t doing the same sorts of re-hashing old scenario ideas some new sites make the mistake of doing. And that’s extremely refreshing! So have fun cruising through both Forced Men and Work My Cock, because between the two, there’s something for every type of CFNM fan. See MUCH more of their stuff at The Handjob Haven Blog

5 Responses to “Two New CFNM Sites – Vids + Pics!”  

  1. 1 maikalovesyou

    looks like the oceaneast-jerkigirls have new names to get new cash only

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    You know, both of those sites needed to get a face lift anyway… I’m not as well versed with much of the newer Oceans East content and definitely am not very well versed with The Jerky Girls stuff as it’s all pay per scene. All I know is that it’s so much nicer to be able to choose between the female domination CFNM content and the great amateur-feel CFNM both of these sites offer. There’s just tons more to look at I think, especially since the video and picture quality appear to be higher. That’s just my opinion though… What does everyone else think?

  3. 3 Enrique

    Hello, Super.

    Oceanseasthandjobs contains some great vids, although I think the best ones from that producer are left for paying downloads in Jerkygirls.

    I have 9 or 10 vids from OEH. I posted one in VSFW recently, but when nobody replies I guess they didnt like, so I didnt post more of it.

    Keep up your good work!

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    Yeah, I’m amazed how much content this production company behind the CFNM handjob sites Forced Men, Work My Cock, Oceans East Handjobs, Big Apple handjobs, LL&L productions, Shannon’s handjobs, & the Jerky Girls have! I mean jeeese, there’s all these sites offering different material shot by the same loosely affiliated people… it’s just nuts.

    Anyhow, I’ll definitely be sharing more from these guys as they’ve got a great knack for CFNM scenarios.

    By the way, there’s ALOT of their stuff here:


  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    I also found a nice surprise at Forced Men. When you join this site pick Gold Membership option instead of Silver one and you will have access to another cfnm site as a bonus – Work My Cock. It’s about handjobs performed by hot clothed chicks, & that busty blonde makes me come back for new episodes each week, but horny milfs stroking young cocks also presented there. Like with Forced Men site, Work My Cock boasts a huge collection of role play scenarios such as wife tired of jerking her husband everyday – so she visits a doctor for help. Another scene is of a member of the ‘Jerky Girls Of America’ organization who jerks off guys to receive their ‘Jerking-Off Strangers Merit Badge’ and so on. Plain and simple some fantastic CFNM content.

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