4 New Japanese CFNM Vids & Pics!

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Here we go again with some fantastic Japanese CFNM videos AND pictures! As you look through all of the content below, remember that there’s already a TON of Japanese CFNM content on this blog alone – just click on the “Japanese” link above or scroll down to the category list on the lower left hand side of the blog. That way you can check out the archive of the already posted stuff you can see here a bit more easily. This first video from 99B Uncensored Japanese CFNM is of one clothed female’s attempt to handle 3 guys, all in sexy business attire – uncensored!:
vlcsnap-75226.jpgvlcsnap-75370.jpgvlcsnap-76282.jpg LINK: D/L VIDEO
Unseen Japan is another completely uncensored Japanese site which has quite a bit of CFNM content for you to peruse. In this scene, you’ll see a favorite scenario of the Japanese – many guys versus one woman in business attire:
vlcsnap-76886.jpgvlcsnap-77426.jpgvlcsnap-77838.jpg LINK: D/L VIDEO
The Zenra Movie Annex is probably the most expansive Japanese CFNM site, as they have scores of full DVD length videos, all at a high level of quality. In this AWESOME video, a group of amateur girls are brought together to grope, inspect, and discuss the naked guy presented to them. What’s great is that parts 1 through 4 are of the girls grabbing at their subject w/his briefs on. The girls’ curiosity and bravery grow as things progress in parts 5 & 6, which pushes the girls to expose him & take turns jacking him off!:
LINKS: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6
In this next clip, it looks like a guy has taken a video camera into a legitimate massage parlor & receives a massage. However, he gets hard & ends up persuading her into a very amateur looking handjob! Definitely a must see!
vlcsnap-74161.jpgvlcsnap-74579.jpgvlcsnap-74999.jpg LINKS: Part 1 | Part 2
As you’d probably guess, here’s a few video galleries of even more Japanese action that I’m sure you’ll dig from Asian Movie Pass:
Vid Gallery 1 | Vid Gallery 2 | Vid Gallery 3 | Vid Gallery 4
And here’s some galleries from the Teens From Tokyo website:
cfnm pictures cfnm pictures cfnm pictures cfnm pictures

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    Love the japanese stuff, always very sexy.

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    yup, japanese cfnm, as I always say is some of my favorite stuff along with retro cfnm scenes, and stripper cfnm / party sex videos with amateur clothed females in attendance.

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