Six 3-D Japanese Anime Vids!

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I know you’re saying to yourself, “Hey, this 3-D anime shit isn’t CFNM at all!” & yeah, you’re right. But hey, there’s elements of CFNM in them, were requested by fellow CFNM fan Laz, are freakin’ awesome to watch, & are all the ones I could get uploaded. These girls & guys are both insanely proportioned and the action is of VERY high video quality! What’s insane is how realistic some of the movement looks in some of these. Take a look:
vlcsnap-336507.jpgvlcsnap-337595.jpgvlcsnap-337766.jpg LINKS: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Clipboard05.jpgClipboard06.jpgClipboard07.jpg LINKS: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
vlcsnap-339029.jpgvlcsnap-340161.jpgvlcsnap-340945.jpg RS LINK: D/L VIDEO
LINKS: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Clipboard02.jpgClipboard03.jpgClipboard04.jpg LINKS: Part 1 | Part 2
This one starts off with some weird, but traditional-themed ‘tentacle’ action where the guy pictured below has the girl suspended & probed w/these cock-like tubes. The more normal action happens around clip 5 – you were warned.
LINKS: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10
Anime Movie Pass is honestly the best site for Japanese anime videos that I’d recommend. That’s because they’ve got hundreds of freaking GREAT anime DVDs. Although I haven’t seen any of this 3-D style stuff there, there’s stuff like the following:
cfnm pictures
Here’s more galleries from Anime Movie Pass:
Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 | Gallery 4 | Gallery 5
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7 Responses to “Six 3-D Japanese Anime Vids!”  

  1. 1 lazarus

    Thanks a bunch for these, man! There’s definitely something refreshing about this 3D stuff – weird, yes, but pretty wonderful too. What I can’t help to think, however, is who the hell makes this stuff? I don’t know a helluva lot about programming, but I know you must know a good deal to make something like this. Could it be a sideline of sorts for people who do graphics for computer games and the like? Anyways, thanks again for sharing!


  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Well thanks for the appreciation, Laz, b/c comparatively speaking, only a third of the regulars here dug these. So I’m glad ya liked ’em.

    But yes, I agree– it’s gotta be a huge friggin’ undertaking to make that stuff. Especially the 3rd, 4th, & last ones!

  3. 3 lazarus

    Got that right. As for the lack of interest – well, I guess it ain’t anybody’s cup of tea. But thanks again.

    PS I just realized something which made me crack up: Why in God’s name is it necessary to pixellate friggin’ CARTOONS? Those japs are something else, I tells ya. In certain countries they have laws against depicting (both still and moving images) “genitalia in action”, that is to say: You can’t show intercourse or fellatio/cunnilingus, nor can you show erect cocks. So, for example, Penthouse has to stick some kind of black circular patches over every cock “in action” in their hardcore pic series (I read a piece about it on some blog the other day – I think these laws apply in certain Eastern European countries, and also places in Asia, BUT: They obviously don’t concern anything but ACTUAL genitalia in action. Not artificial ones (cartoons, 3D, etc.). Except, that is, in dear old Japan. I wonder if you can get arrested in Japan for drawing a picture of yourself shoplifting, or mugging an old lady? I mean, in principle it’s pretty much the same thing, hehe. Strange nation – but damn fine producers of erotica of all sorts, pixellation or not.


  4. 4 Richie

    Great vids mate, i’d love to see more so keep ’em coming!

  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    well Ritchie, you sound like a big japanese cfnm fan – since ya commented on 2 other cfnm posts w/this stuff featured… anyhow, I ALWAYS do a post featuring nothin but japenese cfnm, chinpo, cosplay, & tekoki-fera videos about once a week.

  6. 6 Sensual Writer

    I like to fuck English black girls, but I have noticed that not many do porno.

  7. 7 Leigh Galley

    my laptop cant see this post with ok coding maybe the wordpress is wrong? I will change computer and see if it ok.

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