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Here’s simply a freaking awesome collection of both staged & amateur in-public CFNM videos. CFNM fans visiting the blog have always shown me that the daring CFNM blowjobs, CFNM handjobs, & fully clothed sex affiliated w/public CFNM is worth posting, so I’m hoping these don’t disappoint! The Festival Internacional de Cine erótico de Barcelona, or FICEB, is an annual porno convention that often brings out some crazy-ass public sex acts like in this CFNM video of a girl blowing 2 separate guys in a BIG crowd. Actually these same 3 people are featured in a previously posted clip in the ‘Public CFNM’ category here on the blog!
vlcsnap-40475.jpgvlcsnap-41190.jpgvlcsnap-42828.jpg Cfnm Vids: Part 1 | Part 2
This video of a guy & 2 girls on a boat is a new fave CFNM clip of mine now. He films his wife blowing him while the blonde watches & masturbates. Then the blonde girl stroking him while his wife watches. His wife even takes photos of him getting jerked off by the blonde woman!
Cfnm Vids: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
This video of an older amateur couple filming their CFNM blowjob action in a parking lot is great. Watch as she has to stop because someone is watching them, but after a short break decides to go back to sucking her hubby anyway! She even swallows his cum – all while fully clothed:
Cfnm Vids: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
In this video from an All Things CFNM blog favorite Candi’s Big Dick Search, Candi does her usual thing w/her camera man – picking up guys, getting them to jerk off for her, teasing them a bit, as well as measuring them. This time it takes place in a grotto!:
vlcsnap-50442.jpgvlcsnap-50650.jpgvlcsnap-52161.jpg Cfnm: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Dirty Daisy‘s site rarely has in-public videos of their mostly CFNM content, but since I’d screwed up by mislabeling a clip of Daisy a couple days ago, I decided to share it. Dirty Daisy REALLY looks hot w/her husband in this in-public CFNM blowjob & sex clip!:
vlcsnap-52590.jpgvlcsnap-53490.jpgvlcsnap-53784.jpg Cfnm Vid: D/L VIDEO
Dogging Uncovered is a tremendously popular CFNM & blog fave because of it’s high quality, LONG, rare subject matter: REAL amateur girls hooking up w/strangers in public car parks. Watch this hot MILF in some public CFNM fun:
Cfnm Videos: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
This 4-part video from the fantastic Bang Bros. site network’s Public Invasion, this much more innocent-looking girl gets on her knees for a clothed blowjob & doggy style quickie – out behind a building. The cumshot in this is HOT!:
Cfnm Videos: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
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