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Pure CFNM’s site has had a few “out in public” CFNM scenarios like “Biker’s Bulge” and “Tied To A Tree”. These are two more to add to Pure CFNM’s archive. In “Paying The Taxi Driver”, stewardesses Yazmin and Chelsea are offered a lift home by Kaz and Lena after getting sacked by the airline for allowing sexual activity go on while on their last flight. Unfortunately each of them thought the other was paying and halfway home they realize they don’t have any money. When the taxi driver overhears this he angrily pulls the car over and chucks them out on the street. Kaz has an idea though and gets Lena to saunter up to him & grab his groin. That ultimately leads to a deal they ALL can benefit from!:
“Paying The Taxi Driver” Video Links: Part 1 | Part 2 || Download The Full Video Here!
In “Jerking In The Pool”, Stacey and Amanda are sunbathing by their friend Dave’s pool. Amanda goes into the house to get them some drinks just as Dave’s friend Alan turns up to have a swim. Stacey says he can carry on and goes back to her sunbathing. The sight of Stacey’s shapely ass gets Alan aroused that he starts playing with himself underwater. Amanda returns and catches him in the act! She pulls him out of the water by his ear and both girls see his shorts are half down & that he has an erection. They are disgusted at this pervert, but as Stacey stares at his erection she becomes flattered that her body caused it! She decides to touch his cock & in no time both girls are inspecting it. The two girls even get Alan to fuck their hands as they get bolder:
“Jerking In The Pool” Video Links: Part 1 | Part 2 || Download The Full Video Here!
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