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Many guys into CFNM only fantasize about being completely exposed to a clothed woman, as the natural opportunity is either completely inappropriate or just plain doesn’t make itself available. Being watched by a clothed female while jacking off just adds to the excitement of the CFNM situation, as it puts that extra level of “naughtiness” into it. So to inspire some discussion on this & to get a nice overview on the male exhibition aspect of CFNM, here’s 5 videos – the 1st three from the Hot Sapien site (also ‘Miss X’s I Shoot Naked Men blog) and the last 2 from They’re all VERY real and amateur CFNM situations which are unstaged, mostly in front of BIG crowds! Just click each video’s pic to download:
vlcsnap-310735.jpgvlcsnap-319051.jpgvlcsnap-349112.jpgvlcsnap-304117.jpgvlcsnap-320960.jpg Cfnm Links For 1st HotSapien Vid: Part 1 | Part 2
Cfnm Links For 2nd HotSapien Vid: Part 1 | Part 2 | Cfnm Links For Kucho Vid 1: Part 1 | Part 2
My Dick Flash is another new amateur CFNM website that caters of a more controversial nature. The creator of the site includes hidden camera footage of girls’ reactions to his ‘accidental’ nudity, but also of nude modeling shoots he’s done. What’s hot is that the girls are obviously real-life friends of his & don’t appear to be offended whatsoever by the CFNM situations they find themselves in. Instead the CFNM situations are casual, natural, & include fantastic dialogue. I do plan on finding out MUCH more about the My Dick Flash website, so stay tuned & check out the 4 vids below by clicking their corresponding thumbnail pics:
To balance things out, here’s some picture galleries of in-public female & CFNM pics:
In-Public NFCM Gallery 1 | In-Public NFCM Gallery 2 | In-Public CFNM Gallery:
cfnm pictures cfnm pictures cfnm pictures cfnm pictures cfnm pictures cfnm pictures
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15 Responses to “Male Exhibitionism CFNM (9 Videos and 120+ Pics)”  

  1. 1 spiritus

    you’re the man! great stuff, you’re the lighthouse for all who are involved in cfnm =)

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    well hey spiritus – a great metaphor and a great compliment! Thanks! I’m actually pretty proud of this particular post… if I may say so myself.

  3. 3 James Moon

    I love the clips from the My dick flash site … those are novel and hot as hell!

  4. 4 LH

    I would love to see the pics on this but like many recent posts
    the gallaries on porn host don’t show and just say ‘no hotlinking’
    all the recent vids have been great I love the bachorlorette stuff
    and anything amatuer, the recent japanese stuff was very hot though!.

  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    That’s REALLY odd, because I just tried looking at all the galleries to check out the error you’re reporting, but don’t have ANY problems. I’m not sure what is happening or why it seems to only be occurring for you… noone else has mentioned this.

    Thanks though, I always love getting feedback – positive AND negative!

    And to James… The guy running My Dick Flash has much more on his site, but will probably hook me up w/more short clips in the future…

  6. 6 Lady D

    The best posts on here I have to say are the ones in public. I mean how bold do you have to be to bare everything in the middle of a street. I don’t know how you did it but you are fantastic. The last time I saw a naked guy in public he was gross and dirty…and had just escaped from a mental institution or something. Wasn’t erotic at all. But these posts are delicious. I luv the dark tanned guy and I like the daring girl who has both her hands full of penis. LOL and the penis contest was some funny stuff. I found your blog in a yahoo group. Normally I don’t click on links because they seem to be just spam junk, but your blog is a place I’m going to be a repeat visitor to.

  7. 7 Vincent K

    Unable to download both Kucho videos from YourFileHost.

  8. 8 allthingscfnm

    What do you mean exactly, Vincent? Like what happens when you try downloading the videos from that site? I may really be unable to help at this point without any more information.

  9. 9 allthingscfnm

    Ok well, I just went to the second clip, clicked on the “download the file” link below the streaming video on Your File Host and got a 30 second wait, then followed the directions they gave… I right clicked and did “save target as” and downloaded the file just fine. So I don’t know what problem you’re having and why you’re having it. It worked fine for me just now.

  10. 10 Bik

    Do you guys still have the second hotsapien clip elsewhere to download?

  11. 11 allthingscfnm

    To Bik: I do still have all these clips… are they not watchable on Your File Host? Just let me know and I’ll repost them on another video hosting site.

  12. 12 Bik

    Yeah, for some reason on yourfilehost, it shows file not found, I guess it was deleted or something?

  13. 13 allthingscfnm

    Bik: that’s really odd… but what I’ll do is plan to do a repost of these particular videos in the next week or so. How does that sound? Be sure to remind me here in comments and/or by email if you don’t see a post addressing guys getting photographed while naked by clothed female photographers. Ok?

  14. 14 Bik

    Thanks, that sounds great.

  15. 15 Bik

    Hi, just thought I’d remind you of that hotsapien video you said you were going to post.

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