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You probably haven’t heard much about the newest CFNM site called “Raw CFNM” but it delivers it’s title… raw CFNM content! Some CFNM fans downplay the more amateur-produced CFNM paysites like Raw CFNM opting for flashy sites without much heart. But I appreciate sites like Raw CFNM because it’s all done by people who honestly love CFNM on a personal level, not just as a way to make money. I was so impressed w/what I figured was independently produced, amateur CFNM site that I interviewed him! This part of what he had to say: “Basically I’ve been interested in CFNM for a while and decided to set up my own site. I’ve been making amateur content over the past year or so and finally got around to releasing it! Each shoot usually involves a shoot of a clothed model, followed by some CFNM action. I think some of them find it a little different but like the idea of CFNM, not having to take their clothes off. I usually make things up as I go along just to give it a more natural feel, as you can probably tell. I try to do something different each time, like having the model hang a bucket off me or take pics of me! There’ll be some 2 girl shoots coming too.” I think that’s incentive enough to give Raw CFNM a look, as are these sample vids *LINKS NOW FIXED!*:
vlcsnap-406871.jpgvlcsnap-407338.jpgvlcsnap-407431.jpg Cfnm Vid: D/L VIDEO | RS Vid Link
vlcsnap-408256.jpgvlcsnap-408861.jpgvlcsnap-409149.jpg Cfnm Vids: Part 1 Part 2 | RS Vid Link
vlcsnap-410019.jpgvlcsnap-410312.jpgvlcsnap-410555.jpg Cfnm Vid: D/L VIDEO | RS Vid Link
vlcsnap-404212.jpgvlcsnap-405817.jpgvlcsnap-406048.jpg Cfnm Vids: Part 1 Part 2 | RS Vid Link
The proprietor of Raw CFNM has also graciously fronted me a small selection of pics taken directly from Raw CFNM’s member area so that you all can get a decent feel for the amateur CFNM content beyond the video clips provided above:
cfnm pictures cfnm pictures

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