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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks to you devoted readers for supporting my efforts here at All Things CFNM this last year as I appreciate it incredibly & I hope you all the best in the upcoming one. I also want to especially & sincerely thank Jel, Ron, Tom, Pat, Brad, as well as ALL the GREAT folks at Sensations 4 Women forum for helping me get this blog started & keep it going for all of you. So thanks to you all & good wishes to you in ’08!
Now I present 4 NEW Cfnm movies from the new fully amateur Cfnm site My Dick Flash. I already posted My Dick Flash Cfnm videos in a previous post HERE, but these are new! Though many may think Mike’s site is staged; I assure you it’s not. He’s extremely charismatic & crafty, having hidden cameras throughout his home. Mike’s also a Cfnm exhibitionist & doesn’t hide it, ever, making his nudity casual to all the girls he knows & the girls they know. The cameras then catch the real Cfnm reactions! Here’s a great Cfnm reaction as Mike is introduced, naked as a jaybird, to Tina by her friend Veronica, whom is also Mike’s roommate. She’s shocked but still takes a look or two at his cock as they talk!
Cfnm Videos: D/L VIDEO Video On P.H.: D/L VIDEO
Tina is so impressed with what she has gotten to see with Mike being nude that she’s not shy to tell him what she thinks of his cock during a casual conversation:
Cfnm Videos: D/L VIDEO Video On P.H.: D/L VIDEO
Here we see Mike introducing himself to & having a conversation with his busty new next-door neighbor. Check out her reaction when she realizes he’s completely nude!:
Cfnm Videos: Part 1 | Part 2 Video On P.H.: Part 1 | Part 2
This last My Dick Flash clip is quick because Veronica catches Mike while jerking off!:
Cfnm Videos: D/L VIDEO Video On P.H.: D/L VIDEO
D/L all these videos in 1 zip file on R.S. HERE.
Thanks again to Mike & Kay for providing these Cfnm clips. If you want to see these & more full length Cfnm videos capturing all the crazy Cfnm drama that plays out at My Dick Flash be sure to CLICK HERE!
Even though there’s plenty at My Dick Flash to look at, I know there’s still a coalition of Cfnm fans who I aim to please w/pics. So here’s 100 Cfnm pictures in two galleries, the 1st of Cfnm handjobs & the 2nd is a collection of G_Man finds (of Sensations 4 Women Cfnm forum fame) which include varied Cfnm situations. Thanks again G_Man!

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