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CFNM Dogging for Kostik: Kostik thought that he was slick because no one else was around, and Sarah was laying down and catching some rays. So he grabbed his camera and started taking pictures. He’s laughing to himself, lining up the perfect shot… BUSTED! Jen catches him in the act, which wakes up Sarah. Now he’s in for it! He gets tossed to the ground as Sarah grabs his camera. “Now we get to take our own pictures!” As Jen starts to forcibly remove his clothes to shame him, Sarah starts to snap pictures of him. He tries to hide his naked body, but they’re having none of that. They make him lay out, snapping pictures all the while, as they think of ways to punish him. They then stroke his cock and get him nice and hard. He begs for them to stop, but they’re just getting warmed up.

They make him get on his knees as they ride around on his back before he lays down worried about what’s next. They take turns running their hands up and down his cock while snapping more pictures, as he blushes and worries about people seeing him naked. They egg him on to shoot his load all over himself for the world to see, as they touch his body and even show a little skin to get him going. He finally explodes all over himself as they cheer for him, and then leave him nude and alone!
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