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I’m honored & excited to present to you a new addition to the amateur-produced Cfnm site community, appropriately titled Package Check. Package Check was all envisioned, carried out, & recorded by veteran Cfnm’er Bernard Z. Grate. With the help of CFNM USA, Bernie’s Package Check site is a mix of My Dick Flash & Raw CFNM but with an awesome twist. Package Check could be better described as a Japanese-type of social experiment meets Cfnm. Much like the infamous “Penis Inspection By Amateur Girls” series, Package Check is subtitled “Women’s Reaction To Penis”. You see, Bernie poses as a pants product tester with a business executive-looking woman at his side, stopping girls on the street for their opinion on the pants. Here’s the kicker: the pants are practically transparent, allowing each girl to have a relatively unobscured view of Bernie’s cock! The girls are then asked about what they think about the pants, & you can see that they’re only reacting to the cock sighting, not the pants theselves! It’s truly 100% REAL CFNM, 100% of the time with NO fake setups. Just check out the trailer!:
Cfnm Video On P.H.: D/L VIDEO | See these and MUCH more @ PackageCheck.com!
Now here’s 15 pic captures from Package Check’s video series “Women’s Reaction To Penis”:
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Here’s direct links to each gallery from Bernie’s Package Check site: Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3

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17 Responses to “Women’s Reaction To Penis – Real Cfnm!”  

  1. 1 Mike

    This is great!! I’d like to see more.

  2. 2 Dave

    it’s about time cfnm got real reactions!!!!!
    i hope to god they update often, cause this is right up my alley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3 AIEM

    Yeah, Dave, u told my words.

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    Well sweet, I’m really glad you guys are digging this stuff, because the man behind the pants has promised more to come!

  5. 5 cfnm

    Thanks for the kind words and the awesome write up. There’s more on the way. A lot more. Long live Bernard Z. Grate!

  6. 6 PervertedRogerEbert

    Packagecheck contains the key contents of excellent cfnm:
    Non-porn actresses, younger women, non-scripted reactions,
    camera focused on the lovely female faces, no over-the-top shooting style,
    ah yes very similar to Italian neorealism, perhaps Neo-CFNM is the way to go!
    Bravo bravo send us more cookies

  7. 7 Bernard Z. Grate

    this is Bernard Z. Grate director of real cfnm. i’m glad the feedback is positve. like fries need ketchup. like peanut butter needs jelly,the ocean needs clothed females and naked men,cfnm fans around the world need real women with real reactions. i believe in the work i am putting out there. i believe it has offically raised the bar on what cfnm SHOULD be. this is 100% real 100% of the time. if you ask me,women do not have to see a man 100% naked, as long as she see’s his penis, that’s the best part, the reaction,her reaction. one that is not forced. therefore i call my work “WOMEN’S REACTION TO PENIS” for that is~~what it is,exactly. that is the reason we all were driven into this wonderful world of cfnm,not the penis itself, but the women’s reaction to the penis.

    so i say to you,thank you for your support,check out a clip or two or three,and see,what women are looking at,they are looking at my well hung cock,exciting,real,and quite simply the only 100% real cfnm content on the internet.
    updates galore coming! STAY TUNED~~

    Bernard Z. Grate

  8. 8 jack hammer

    this does look like fun .i wonder does he actually whip iy out at any point to show the girls the uncovered package ? .thanks for all the great stuff here supe .because of you my sights have grown immensely.and without your blog a lot of people like me would have no clue as to how much real cfnm is actually out there everyday in every way .so thanks for being the light house that your blog truely is a beacon for us all .

  9. 9 Dave

    the answer is NO i never whip it out,i keep everything legal and on the up and up,now, recently i purchased new pants, wait until you get a load of these!!!!! it’s as good as nude! real cool!!,it is very difficult to shoot this stuff because of weather,you know? location,scouting,and all that goes into making REAL cfnm. but it is worth it in the end, for the quality of turn on is immense,this is the stuff,that cfnm dreams are made of, and yes, there will be tons more! with new pants,we will rock and roll,all i ask is that you support this type of cfnm,in any way you can,both finacially,and industry wise,demand your cfnm be real!!

    it’s much hotter!!

    Bernard Z. Grate

  10. 10 BossMan

    I thought CFNM stripper vids were the hottest thing out there but now that i’ve seen this damn!!! This is what cfnm is all about. The best part about the stripper vids were the chicks reactions:)

    Gotta get more of this

  11. 11 Dave

    absoloutly reactions reactions reactions,and what’s nice about these reactions is they are not only 1005 real, but 1005 UNforced,like stripper videos, if they look at cock THEY look at cock!!

  12. 12 Dave

    the only 100% true real non bullshit reactions ever in the world of cfnm were

    by the way stay tuned, because not only will there be many many many new updates with packagecheck, but there will be the only DVD ever coming by myself Benrard Z. Grate the bay to breakers designed exclusivley with the cfnm aspect of it, not the gay aspect, not the funny aspect, NO! the cfnm aspect of it!!! it will be hot. so get your ONLY source of 100% real cfnm at packagecheck.com

  13. 13 allthingscfnm

    Awesome, Bernie… I wish there was a way for me to bump this blog post up, like in a forum, but it just doesn’t work that way. I hope to be able to get ahold of more samples to share with everyone in order to continue to expose the crazy genius of this CFNM project!

  14. 14 Dave

    the new stuff is going to be so hot,your dvd player will burn up! the new pants, are gray danskin pants,that women from way across the street notice my cock and balls. the questions are going to get very very racy,and the looks will be magnificent! also i am proud to anounce that for the first time ever, in conjunction with luscious media, i will be shooting bare to breakers exclusive for the cfnm fan! no gay stuff no wrong cuts angles frame ups, just the very best stuff from my huge cock,and women’s eyes all in one frame!
    stay tuned to http://www.packagecheck.com for updates galore.

  15. 15 Bernard

    for the people who say it’s not cfnm because my cock isn’t showing. i say to them isn’t showing? if you saw these pants in person YOU would arrest me! i have had no less than 50 women of all ages sneek cameras out of their purse to snap photos of my cock thinking i was unaware to it! i had women line up outside of stores to “hang around” and check out my cock, so for those who think this is not risky,or not real cfnm,go back to your porno stores and rent regular porno, and while your at it, tell mickey mouse he is behind in his insurance payments.

  16. 16 darren

    Is anyone having problems with no sound on clips or could tell me how to fix it??

  17. 17 allthingscfnm

    HMMM,that’s probably a problem with your system’s video codecs. Try updating your Windows Media player.

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