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“A Twist on the Glory Hole” is Brandi Belle’s newest CFNM scenario which utilizes what’s called a ‘milking table’. I’ve seen these used by The English Mansion, LL&L CFNM Vids, Milked Males, Oceans East, Forced Men, & Work My Cock before, but here’s what Brandi Belle had to say about it: “I’m sure most of you have seen my glory hole shoot. Well I know for a fact alot of you have because so many of you have written me emails requesting a do another one. While I didn’t have any problems with that, I couldn’t help but feel I needed to do something different with it. Think of this one as an experiment since the guy on the other end of the dick in both my & Sarah’s mouths obviously is aware of who is on the other side. It was really neat! Its really cool the way gravity can play a role in altering the way sex feels & performs. You may also notice the amazing & beautiful Sarah whose blowjob skills I dare say rival mine, but I’ll take that Pepsi challenge any day of the week!”
gloryhole-table1.jpg gloryhole-table2.jpg gloryhole-table3.jpg gloryhole-table5.jpg gloryhole-table4.jpg
If you want to see the long sample movie & get to the FULL SCENE just CLICK HERE
“An Extended Lunch Hour” is Brandi’s last Cfnm scenario where Brandi catches her male co-worker jerking off while checking her out in the office breakroom. Well, Brandi first she gets a feel for herself, then takes him to a utility closet, gets him to strip naked & tells him to wait. When she returns, Brandi’s brought 2 hot office girls w/her that all trade off treating him as their own naked plaything!:
vlcsnap-136824.jpg vlcsnap-137503.jpg vlcsnap-137658.jpg vlcsnap-137902.jpg vlcsnap-138703.jpg
vlcsnap-138968.jpg vlcsnap-139277.jpg
vlcsnap-139528.jpg vlcsnap-139747.jpg vlcsnap-140397.jpg
Cfnm Videos: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 1 | Vids On P.H.: Part 2 | Part 3 Full Scene HERE
Here’s some galleries to give you even more of the Cfnm scenario “An Extended Lunch Hour”:
Pic Gallery 1 | Pic Gallery 2 | Movie Gallery 1 | Movie Gallery 2
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  1. 1 Joe

    I love Brandi as always….thanks 🙂 keep up the brandi belle

  2. 2 Joe

    Was also wondering if u could do a strip poker one…I think its a cfnm zone one thanks

  3. 3 houdini

    Good stuff, sadly i had a bad experience with the Brandi Belle web site and vowed never to join again so really appreciate these latest posts.Thanks.

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