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I reported awhile back here on the blog that Pure CFNM had revamped their site, adding some great new features for members. So be sure to read about this HERE if you haven’t yet. Anyhow, Pure CFNM continues to step up it’s game when it comes to inventive Cfnm scenarios, incorporating numerous hot girls in each. Pure CFNM‘s newest scene (released just last week) is titled “Condom Trials” and here’s a synopsis: “It’s been a bad few months for the condom company & Renee has called her sales team together for a crisis meeting to see where they are going wrong. Renee has heard about Keith taking advantage of the two new girls and calls him to her office. He is told he must strip naked & be their human mannequin to test the condoms or else he will lose his job. Reluctantly, Keith strips off but before long his punishment turns to pleasure as the girls take turns stroking & sucking his cock with the various condoms, judging them for feel, strength & taste!” Check out the video below!:
Condom Trials CFNM 1.jpg Condom Trials CFNM 2.jpg Condom Trials CFNM 3.jpg Condom Trials CFNM 4.jpg Condom Trials CFNM 5.jpg
Cfnm Video: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Video On P.H.: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Full HI-Def Scene HERE
Pure CFNM has had a couple other recent multiple girl on one guy scenes just like the one above. You’ll have to head to the Pure CFNM mainpage to see the storylines for both “Nerdy Girls’ Stripper” & “Nick’s Friend Gets Caught” scenarios, but here’s two sample galleries for them respectively below:
nerdy-girls-stripper-cfnm1.jpg nerdy-girls-stripper-cfnm2.jpg bathroomCFNM1.jpg bathroomCFNM2.jpg bathroomCFNM3.jpg
Download the “Nerdy Girls’ Stripper” set HERE and the “Nick’s Friend Gets Caught” set HERE.
Here’s links to galleries of 3 of my favorite early Pure CFNM scenes:
“Brother Caught In The Act” | “Uncle’s Dressing Gown” | “Tied To A Tree”

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