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As I’ve mentioned here many times before, CFNM ZONE regularly has up to 3 Cfnm storylined series going at once, each one updated daily with more pictures and video clips. There’s two really hot ones going now at CFNM ZONE that I think are definitely worth checking out. “Stud Finders” depicts Trish, Chavon, and Billie, who are sick of porn only being shot from the male point of view. Together they form Stud Finders, a studio devoted to the visual female. Their first shoot is with a hunk named Brian, who is told he is going to pose nude today. The ladies find Brian a willing participant but soon let their lustful thoughts take control. Brian soon becomes the benefactor of girls gone wild, taking pictures and videotaping the action. This behavior then raises the question of who’s exploiting who?
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In “My Nutty Boyfriend”, Frankie, Rikki and Chavon are sitting on Frankie’s couch shooting the breeze when the talk turns to sex. Frankie tells the girls that her new boyfriend Chris likes having his balls squeezed during any early morning action. To prove to her girlfriends that she’s telling the truth she decides to surprise Chris by having her two girlfriends on the bed when he wakes up. When Frankie wakes Chris he is surprised to see two hot young ladies laying on the edge of the bed. Frankie explains that she was telling the girls about his little ball squeezing fetish and decided to show her friends what she gladly does for her man. Chris is quite surprised but hey he’s no dummy and readily agrees to whatever Frankie wants. Soon all three ladies are squeezing his balls and sucking his cock!
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