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The days of Extreme Cfnm being a small Cfnm sister-site of the well-reknowned Loverboys USA site are over. And that’s an understatement! The purely amateur male stripshow footage of Extreme Cfnm consists of 7 years-plus hot Cfnm footage collected from British strip troupe “The Loverboys”. Not only do the male strippers perform fully nude for their clothed female audience, the girls look, feel, jerk, suck, and sometimes even fuck the guys – right in front of their friends and family! This crazy Extreme Cfnm footage was previously split up into many parts and had music dubbed over the actual recorded audio. Extreme Cfnm‘s now providing fuller show length videos and re-edited their older videos so that all of the actual sound of the footage is discernable! No more having to read the lips of the women! Other improvements include new and previously unseen footage, search tag capabilities for finding specific action, and more. To prove it, here’s an awesome NEW compilation from the new Extreme Cfnm site:
Extreme Cfnm Video On YFH: HERE

Extreme Cfnm Video On P.H.: HERE

Full Extreme Cfnm shows: HERE

Another new aspect of the refurbished Extreme Cfnm site is the inclusion of footage from AXF Cfnm Parties. These are staged events, much like Party Hardcore‘s, but the AXF Cfnm parties have far fewer girls in attendance. The amateur girls are much easier to discern from the actresses in my opinion, especially when they’re given videocameras and asked to film the hard-core Cfnm action that’s going on in right in front of them. There’s even a bit of interaction with a couple of the amateur girls and the strippers in the 2nd and 3rd shows from what I can tell! There’s evidence of that in Party #3‘s screencap. So here’s correspondingly ordered clips from AXF Cfnm Party #1, Party #2, and Party #3:
AXF Cfnm Party Videos On YFH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3
AXF Cfnm Party Videos On P.H.:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3

See the full shows: CLICK HERE

Extreme Cfnm
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3 Responses to “New Footage Of Real Amateur Girls At Cfnm Stripshows”  

  1. 1 Nobusmindingi

    Awesome update, Super. Great content, great presentation. Looks like Extreme CFNM might actually make the big COME back (pardon the expression!)

    Thanks, as always,


  2. 2 Mike

    Thanks for a terrific update Super. I love the extreme cfnm stuff – it’s an incredible turn on to see how naughty these (often married/attached) women get.

    I wonder how they get round releasing this stuff. Surely there is a danger some potentially angry husband/partner will see the footage. Do you know how they do it, is it simply a ‘you may be filmed’ message on the entry ticket.

    Love to see some more previews from them. As it is their reputation has been that they didn’t update before, so it will take a little more persuading for me to sign up to them.

    The footage does look awesome though.

    Thanks again.

  3. 3 allthingscfnm

    Hey guys! Appreciate the comments, as always… The question of how they get this footage released is a good question though, one that I’m going to be asking along with many others. I am planning on finally doing an interview with at least one person that’s part of their outfit, so we’ll see when that’ll happen. When it does, the plan is to release some more footage from their new site. I really can’t wait, but they’re a small company of a few people that’re still fine-tuning the site. But hopefully it’ll happen soon.

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