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I lean on amateur Cfnm as my favorite source of visual Cfnm, and I wanted to re-direct your attention to the amateur Cfnm that the guy behind Raw CFNM puts together. He’s really just like any other Cfnm fan, except he’s taken that next step, creating an environment for Cfnm fun right in his own home! This motivated Brit hires average to extremely hot-looking local amateur girls to come in and engage in the best kind of amateur Cfnm there is – casually fun and playfully hot, all on mutually agreed-upon terms. There’s no constructed storylines, plots, or fantasy roleplay, just Raw CFNM – where the girls sometimes just tease and watch him get himself off, play little games, and like in the samples below, get VERY hands-on. The things that I especially love about Raw CFNM‘s stuff is that he has extensive photo sets, he works HARD to focus on capturing the girls’ reactions, and there’s slo-mo video of most cumshots! Just take a look at the video and pic gallery I’ve provided below from Raw CFNM:

Raw CFNM Video On P.H.:HERE

See the full Cfnm video?: HERE

Full Raw CFNM gallery: HERE

D/L this Cfnm gallery: CLICK HERE

See more Raw CFNM pics: HERE

Since I added the new Cfnm picture archive page, I’ve been perusing and resorting thousands of Cfnm pictures that I’ve collected. So I put together 50 varied-theme Cfnm pictures my friend-in-Cfnm-collecting Guide Dogg donated, 50 awesome Cfnm male stripper pics from Russia, and 50 straight-up Cfnm pics too:

Download the 1st set of pics above in zipfile from YFH: HERE, the 2nd set HERE, and the 3rd HERE.

The Raw CFNM Website
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    There are some really lovely pictures in those sets, thank you 🙂

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