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If you’re not familiar with the Cfnm exhibitionist shown in the pictures above, you’re about to learn how and why “Mr. Smiles” is considered a legendary fixture within the Cfnm community. Mr. Smiles and I exchanged e-mails over the past month or so, in which he relayed his early Cfnm experiences. (You can download and read his history in his own words RIGHT HERE.) I ultimately had the opportunity to interview him about his views on his frequent appearances at public Cfnm events like the Bare To Breakers and others. So here’s an interview with the legendary Cfnm exhibiitionist Mr. Smiles!:
ATCFNM: You explained in your autobiographical accounts via email that you consider yourself a shy person, yet you’ve been nude in public hundreds of times. How would you explain that?
Mr. Smiles: Yes, I am not an extrovert. That is, when I meet someone, I generally hold back and check out the boundaries before I feel comfortable and at ease.

ATCFNM: To what extent do you think that male exhibitionism is part of CFNM?
Mr. Smiles: I think that male exhibitionism is the fuel that gives CFNM life. Without a male willing to undress and expose himself in sometimes awkward situations, there would be no CFNM.

ATCFNM: Do you ever or have you ever engaged in or been in a CFNM situation that wasn’t in public?
Mr. Smiles: Yes, many times. I have made myself available for individuals, couples, and groups. I have entertained for birthdays and provided nude housekeeping for individuals and small groups, and for females from ages 21 to 85.


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ATCFNM: What are/were the small group and one-on-one encounters like for you and the women?
Mr. Smiles: Some of the one-on-one encounters were very exciting. We would meet knowing that I was going to get totally naked for them. We were both a little nervous, but also eager. I usually play a game of guessing which hand has a coin and they can win a kiss, hug, or tell me to remove a piece of clothing. I end up naked and let them explore my body anyway that they are comfortable. There usually is a lot of touching and kissing, etc. A few of the small groups have me pose for photos, lay spread eagle, or bend over while they giggle and stare.

ATCFNM: Do you enjoy the public CFNM situations more enjoyable or less so than the other types you’ve experienced?
Mr. Smiles: I enjoy public more, mainly because allows for hundreds or thousands of CFNM encounters in a short amount of time. I love to spend a few minutes getting comfortable, not being noticed, then get naked quickly. The women get excited and stare and I get aroused.

ATCFNM: From all the pictures I’ve seen of you on Sensations 4 Women, Flickr, and other websites, girls and guys alike seem very accepting of your exhibitionism. Are people really as easy going about it as it looks?
Mr. Smiles: I’m glad you asked that question. This surprised me too. 99% of the people of all ages and genders loved it!! From the 80 year old lady, to the teen and her mom, as well as the husband and wife… I have even noticed father and daughters eagerly smiling and staring. I have found it to be a positive experience and have been provided positive feedback from all.

ATCFNM: Do they ask you to pose with them for pictures or do you approach them?
Mr. Smiles: The women ask for the pictures. Plus they want to be in the photo too. They want a trophy to show their friends that weren’t there I suppose or something for their private moments.

ATCFNM: How do you get the pictures that are taken of you with these various women into your posession?
Mr. Smiles: I either have one of the spectators use my camera, or I have a friend come along to snap some shots.

ATCFNM: What are the usual negative reactions from women that you encounter and how do you handle it?
Mr. Smiles: Of the tens of thousands of reactions that I have encountered I must say that I have had maybe one or two negative reactions, neither of which was very negative. One told me to put my wiener away, and the other one turned and walked a different direction. I smiled.

ATCFNM: What are the usual positive reactions from women that you encounter and how do you handle it?
Mr. Smiles: Thousands have approached me, stopped me and wanted to converse. I have had them stare right at my cock, smile and say, ”Nice Penis”, I have had them grab it for a little feel. Many cheers, lots of photos and of course many, many SMILES.

ATCFNM: Have you ever had any sexual interaction with women as a result of your exhibitionism?
Mr. Smiles: Yes, the one-on-one encounters most often lead to a sexual encounter.

ATCFNM: How has your exhibitionism enriched your life? Has it helped or hindred it in any way?
Mr. Smiles: I feel that it has enriched my life. It has brought joy to others and made me feel complete. Some people want to judge others for things that they are not comfortable with. So, I feel it necessary to keep it a secret from business friends and others.

ATCFNM: All of the pictures of you that CFNM fans are familiar with were taken at west coast public events like Bay To Breakers, The Folsom Street Fair, and The Summer Soltice Parade. Are there any others that you frequent?
Mr. Smiles: There are many nude beaches available. I prefer ones where there are mostly clothed people. I love CFNM and enjoy the gawkers, I truly love the opportunity to provide some eye candy for women of all ages.

ATCFNM: Which of these events do you like the best and why?
Mr. Smiles: Good question… Bay to Breakers is becoming more and more fun… the females are in to it and it is wonderful. The Solstice Parade is just that…. walking naked in a parade in front of 100,000 people, it is wonderful and the females love it! The Folsom Street Festival is becoming more and more a fetish event and not just a gay event. I enjoy Folsom for its raw flavor… an erection is a rush for all.

ATCFNM: It’s obvious that you’ve been attending these events for awhile – how many have you been to over what kind of timespan?
Mr. Smiles: I have been to Bay to Breakers for 12 years, the other two just once.

ATCFNM: Have you run into any other male exhibitionist ‘regulars’ like yourself at these events? What’s that like? Do you then go out into the crowds together?
Mr. Smiles: There are some regulars. They are friendly and supportive. They know my name and stop to take some photos. We have posed together for a couple of shots, but I prefer to be the only one naked among clothed people if possible.

ATCFNM: Do you have many people that recognize you from previous events? What’s that like for you?
Mr. Smiles: Many people come up and tell me they saw me last year or at another event. They are excited and say nice things, …”you were the highlight of the event last year…”, “… she talked about you for months last year…” , “.. I have got to have a photo of you again…”

ATCFNM: How long do you think you’ll continue attending them?
Mr. Smiles: Hard to say, but as long as people enjoy my nudity I guess…. I get such a huge rush getting naked and feeling all those eyes wander all over my body… for me it is as arousing as if they were actually touching my private parts….

ATCFNM: Generally speaking, what are your feelings about the apparent growth in CFNM’s online popularity?
Mr. Smiles: It is wonderful! But it is a result of women coming out of the binds that society had them in for so many years. Women love seeing naked men, especially erect ones.. and the online interest is a result of women being empowered.

ATCFNM: Do you feel that CFNM has grown at all in ‘the real world’?
Mr. Smiles: For sure. I started taking my clothes off many years ago. And while women wanted to look and enjoy male nudity, they seldom did. Not so any more… even the older women are exploring their sensual side… and it will continue to get better.

ATCFNM: Where would YOU like to see the CFNM community headed for in the future?
Mr. Smiles: There are many women that would love the opportunity to encounter CFNM. We must continue to support them in their quest and look for ways that they can fulfill their desires without feeling threatened. A Craigs list of CFNM activities or available men and women could help. CFNM open parties could give people an opportunity to experience CFNM.

ATCFNM: By now I’m sure you’ve realized that you’ve become quite a cult figure for CFNM fans and those in the CFNM community. How do you feel about that?
Mr. Smiles: I feel humble. I truly enjoy, not enjoy… love CFNM. I am so happy others do also. I feel privileged to share my nudity, my ideas and my feelings with others.

ATCFNM: To me, you’re one of the most seasoned CFNM’ers out there. Do you have any advice for male CFNM’ers that wish to emulate your example?
Mr. Smiles: The most difficult part is giving it a try. Whether it is one-on-one, or in front of thousands, to take that last piece of clothing off is scary… it continues to be scary for me to this day. But it is also euphoric… and those first few moments being nude in front of all the clothed people is unbelievable… after the first five minutes it is all pleasure… and the people LOVE IT.

ATCFNM: Feel free to add anything else you might want to say!
Mr. Smiles: A word about erections. The nudist community frowns on erections. But the CFNM community is quite the opposite. An erection is natural. For a women it is very entertaining as well. So, don’t hide it if it happens… let them explore it…

ATCFNM: Thanks so much for agreeing to answer all my questions. I just hope they’re good for all the other readers out there. Perhaps we could ask readers of the blog to submit any questions to you I didn’t cover and do a part two. What do you think of that? Just let me know. Oh, by the way, I’m planning on putting up a bunch of your pics from Flickr along with the interview, so people have a visual aide for everything. If you’ve got any suggestions too, be sure to let me know. Thanks again!
Mr. Smiles: I think answering questions would be fun…. I encourage them. You may use any and all of my photos… I will also be posting some additional ones from time to time. I’ll try to keep you posted.

O.K., kids, you’ve heard the man and myself – PLEASE submit any and all questions you may have for this veteran of public Cfnm and exhibitionism. I highly encourage you all to do so as this kind of interaction isn’t an opportunity that comes along very often! Feel free to leave your questions in the comments section of this post or email them to all things cfnm (at sign) gmail dot com – remove the spaces and insert the proper punctuation marks of course! I look forward to getting your questions to Mr. Smiles! By the way, I’m planning on doing another interview and showcase of another Cfnm enthusiast / male exhibitionist, Kucho. I’ll keep you all posted on that!

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  1. 1 allthingscfnm

    Here’s what Brad (the creator of the birthplace of CFNM: the Visual Sensations For Women Forum) has asked of Mr. Smiles:

    Great interview – thanks!

    You request for folks to submit questions, so here’s a few I’d like to see answered.

    1. During the CFNM experience, have you ever engaged these women in discussions, or, heard them make comments about the erections? What were those discussions/comments?

    2. You mention CFNM experiences where you did nude housekeeping and entertained at birthday parties. Was this something you’ve done a lot of or just a time or two? How did you get those gigs, and how did you meet the ladies interested? Did any of them result from meeting ladies nude in public?

    3. Have any of the clothed ladies in your CFNM escapades ask to watch you masturbate and cum, and if so, have you and were they public or private encounters? We’d love details!

    5. During any of your public CFNM experience, has a girl ever proceeded past just the quick grope and began to fondle you, maybe even started to stroke you off?

    6. Aside from nude beaches, open public nudity is generally risky from a legal standpoint. For instance, despite all the flashing you see on the Internet on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras, cops are in full force and will arrest any girl flashing her tits on the spot. Has this ever been an issue for you? What do cops do when they see you nude at events and are you ever worried?

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