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I’ve been so damned focused on digging up rare Cfnm videos and pictures recently that I COMPLETELY neglected to keep you all appraised of the newer Pure Cfnm scenarios! It’s been quite awhile since my last Pure Cfnm post, so hopefully today’s will try to make up for the lapse in my coverage. Overall, I’d say that Pure Cfnm has stepped up their site’s Cfnm scenario ideas and thought I’d give you all a taste of two ’em: “Massaging A Girl” and “Phone Sex”. In “Massaging A Girl”, we watch a Cfnm scene unfold in a massage therapy classroom where the lone male student gets aroused by the client’s body. He’s soon treated as an unruly client, is stripped down by the girls and jerked off!!
Pure Cfnm Videos On YFH:
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Pure Cfnm Videos On P.H.:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
See the full scene & more HERE!

In the Cfnm scenario “Phone Sex”, Jason and his girlfriend Tammie are having a bit of mutal masturbation during a bout of phone sex. However, Jason’s 5 female flatmates happen to come home early, hear him getting off and bust him! What’s even hotter about this Cfnm scene is that instead of stopping, the girls work him over while doing their best not to alarm his girlfriend to what’s happening!

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