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I’m hoping that there’s not going to be a big uproar over today’s post of traditional Cfnm videos and pictures. The reason I say this is because of they all come from various Playgirl productions spanning over the last 10 years. The straight-up, traditional Cfnm scenarios range from a bachelorette party (video 3), to girls lustily watching guys jerk off (videos 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10), and women photographing nude men (videos 7, 8, and 10). I also went through a TON of work to edit these videos FOR CFNM FANS, much like what My Dick Flash, Candi’s Big Dick Search, and Dare Ring offers on their sites. So please, enjoy!

Traditional Cfnm Videos On P.H.: Vid 1 | Vid 2 | Vid 3 | Vid 4 | Vid 5 | Vid 6 | Vid 7 | Vid 8 | Vid 9 | Vid 10

D/l the 1st set of 10 Cfnm videos on R.S.: HERE and the 2nd set of 10 videos HERE
Thanks to the Cfnm’er Loki, I’m able to present to you some traditional Cfnm pictures from Playgirl Magazine’s now defunct run in print. Thanks again, man, you were the inspiration for this post of Cfnm!:

Downloadable Gallery HERE | Thumbnail Gallery HERE

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15 Responses to “Ten Rare Straight Up Cfnm Videos and Pictures”  

  1. 1 dave

    great stuff… playgirl knows what CFNM is all about !!!

  2. 2 jim

    thanks buddy

  3. 3 Al

    I really enjoyed the first video and it looks like the young lady did too! She looks familiar. Was she ever a porn starlet, Lauren or Lori or something like that?

  4. 4 buddy

    Why would there be an uproar?? Your do excellent work and it’s much appreciated. You have a silent but loyal following, don’t worry about anything except what you like to do.

  5. 5 dave

    love the videos of women taking pics!

  6. 6 Rod

    I like this stuff! The videos are great, and Playgirl pics are something I’ve always looked for, but never had much luck finding. Way back in 1973, as a college freshman, I would go into various stores to buy Playgirl, purely for the CFNM content. It was pure agony to purchase, because I always thought people would assume I was gay, which I definitely am not. For this reason, I stopped buying Playgirl shortly after. Ever since, I wondered how it had progressed over the years. Thanks for putting the pics up for us!

  7. 7 Joe

    Don’t worry about an uproar

  8. 8 fake name

    Yes there is an uproar……in my pants

  9. 9 Falko Commisar

    Any chance of posting more of the first video if there is any? That lady is smoken hot.

  10. 10 ChilledJill

    I love the shower one because it’s so nicely done, and the photography ones because you get a proper look at the guys

  11. 11 Nobusmindingi

    Hey, great job, Super. Thanks for digging this up and reminding us of the link. Thanks!


  12. 12 allthingscfnm

    To Nobus: no problem man! I’d had some problems finding their website address myself, as their original site got taken down for some reason. The guys or guy running their operation is definitely not very intense with their online presence. They have a Yahoo group which is set up for people to place orders. I’d be extremely wary of ordering from them, however. I hate saying this, to be honest, but I’ve read from tons of different people that they take FOREVER to ship, don’t always get you what you ordered, and other problems. I mean, all I’ve heard is bad feedback. That’s what I have to base my experience on.

  13. 13 maikalovesyou

    the picturegallerie isnt downloadable tryed since days but got nothing

  14. 14 allthingscfnm

    Maika: I think it’s all because of where you live. I always see you saying that you can’t download things from your country, when the host works for everybody else. So it’s either that or your computer. But I’ll upload that up on to another host, ok? I just don’t know how to accommodate every single person, especially when your file host works for so many people all the time.

  15. 15 allthingscfnm

    I’ve re-uploaded the gallery link… so you can download all the pictures from Rapidshare in one file.

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