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So, as most of you probably guessed from my previous Reality Kings Cfnm posts here, I’m a paying member of the site network. I joined up right before I did a post of Cfnm scenes from the network’s Money Talks and Pure 18 sites. (You can revisit that post by clicking HERE.) Before that, I’d been thinking, “Awesome… Now if only they would do an exclusively Cfnm site.” So, imagine my delight when I noticed that they’d newly added this site called CFNM Secret today! I was pretty damn excited, let me tell ya – especially as checking it out wouldn’t cost any more than my already active $24.95 Reality Kings membership (or a $4.95, 3-day trial) is. So yeah, honestly people, there’s about 10 Cfnm scenes thus far with HOT girls, high-quality photography and videography, and my favorite aspect – LONG videos! Another thing I noticed right away about CFNM Secret is that their female talent can and do carry the script of a scene much better than even your favorite Cfnm site. It’s quite obvious as to why when you realize that yes, Reality Kings uses highly-paid porn actresses in the CFNM Secret shoots (like in ALL the network’s sites). They’re investing a lot into their network to bring about great quality AND quantity with all of their various sites. CFNM Secret is just another outlet for it, lucky for us Cfnm fans!
Since I mentioned that the videos were of such high quality, here’s a couple of free galleries I was able to scrounge up: 3-Cock Gloryhole Appeasement Game and A Cfnm Workout At The Gym
Since it’s Halloween, here’s a super-hot costume party CFNM Secret scene’s picture gallery!

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Downloadable Gallery HERE | Thumbnail Gallery HERE | See This Cfnm Scene’s Video HERE

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2 Responses to “Fantastic New Cfnm Done “Reality Site” Style”  

  1. 1 Patrick

    Unfortunatly, they show way to much female skin!

  2. 2 Edward James

    These are great scenes. The women are really treating the guys like their toys. And the men have HUGE cocks for the horny ladies to play with.

    PLEASE put more stuff up from this site.

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