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First off, I wanted to inquire as to what the hell happened to the great Cfnm site Raw Cfnm. The site has unfortunately up and disappeared without any explanation, so please fill me in if you’ve got any information. Secondly, I’m happy to inform you that a site review of the newest addition to the Cfnm family, Only Cfnm will be done soon. So stay tuned. Also, it looks like Cfnm Exposed is updating again, but I’m still researching that. Now, today’s post of amateur Cfnm is quite like many of my earlier amateur Cfnm posts. As my recent collections of amateur Cfnm videos have been made by the couples themselves. So here’s ten truly amateur Cfnm movies with mixed Cfnm handjob and blowjob action!:

Amateur Cfnm Videos On YFH: Vid 1 | Vid 2 | Vid 3 | Vid 4 | Vid 5 | Vid 6 | Vid 7 | Vid 8 | Vid 9 | Vid 10
Amateur Cfnm Videos On P.H.: Vid 1 | Vid 2 | Vid 3 | Vid 4 | Vid 5 | Vid 6 | Vid 7 | Vid 8 | Vid 9 | Vid 10
Download the first five amateur Cfnm videos on Rapidshare HERE and the second five HERE.
Here’s an interesting example of the creative Cfnm scenarios that the couple behind Wife Crazy comes up with. It’s an odd take on the ‘milking’ handjob, done almost exclusively on the Wife Crazy site.
Wife Crazy Scene On YFH:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Wife Crazy Scene On P.H.:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
See MORE Wife Crazy HERE!

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8 Responses to “Eleven Fantastic Truly Amateur Cfnm Videos”  

  1. 1 B

    Holy shit the girl in video #6 is smokin hot. Who is she? Can someone point me to more stuff with her? Thanks!

  2. 2 Joe

    As always the amatuer stuff is the best, although that milking thing is interesting lol

  3. 3 Travess

    Please tell me your review of “OnlyCFNM” is a Positive one…!

    I tried joining them at the Weekend, and when the transaction was complete, it had signed me up to a Completely different Site (Big Object Sluts), a site I had never even visited before…!

    I am still awaiting a response from the site owner, but until hear anything positive, I am assuming I have been ripped off.

    Kind Regards,


    P.s. Thanks for the Amateur stuff Supes, you can’t beat it…!

  4. 4 xx

    I noticed some pictures in one of your archived posts from the
    old site DrunkSpringBreakGirls.com. They had some good public
    blowjob videos by amateur girls at the lake, in the boats, etc.
    Do you have any of these you could post?

  5. 5 Jase

    Hey Superflous!

    Thanks for the link request…. I have added both your CFNM YouTube blog and this site to my blog. 🙂

    Take care.

  6. 6 Mikey

    Great update as ever super. Many thanks for another year of hard work bringing us the best in clips. Thank you!

    I love the second clip of the latest set of clips – the girl on the left is the double of an ex-girlfriends best mate……. yes, you guessed it, I fancied her and still to this fantasise about her.

    Thanks again, best wishes for 2009 and Merry Christmas.

  7. 7 j69

    wow the girl in video #6 is sooo hot… WHO IS SHE??!! btw, i love this site dude! greetings from dominican republic! 😀

  8. 8 allthingscfnm

    As always I LOVE seeing so much feedback, so many questions, and of course the input.

    First off, to Travess – the way OnlyCFNM works is that when you join one site, you’re automatically a member of all of them. At least that’s what happened when I joined. They aren’t real communicative when it comes to emails, but my membership works okay. There’s some site-load problems, but otherwise I was able to download all their videos and pictures.

    The #6 girl is one half of a swinger German couple that I CANNOT get any concrete info on! She’s made a ton of videos with the boyfriend in this post’s video, as well with another larger-dicked guy. The videos circulate through the various amateur-only forums and tube-sites that’re so popular nowadays. I seriously hope SOMEBODY tells me more soon!

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