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Like I mentioned in the previous post in this series I’m currently running, Pure Cfnm was the very first Cfnm fantasy site that included included sex into a Cfnm scenario. The scene “Sex For The Nerd” actually set off quite a bit of commotion in the Pure Cfnm member forum. Tons of people loved the fact that fully clothed sex was included, so the storyline of the hapless nerd character getting schooled Cfnm style in “Forced To Fuck Her” also included sex. Pure Cfnm‘s very recent scene “The Sex Lesson”, also showcases full-on pentrative sex in a Cfnm context. So watch each of these clips including Cfnm themed sex to make your own judgement on whether the sex fits in, & leave a comment with your opinion!
Pure Cfnm on YFH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3
Pure Cfnm on P.H.:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3
See more at Pure Cfnm!

Here’s two other Pure Cfnm scenes that don’t have sex included, but are great in their own right!
Check out the scene “Condom Trials” pictured first:
Click HERE for pictures and video.
Check out the scene “Broken Arm” pictured second:
Click HERE for pictures and video.
See these and tons more at Pure Cfnm!

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3 Responses to “New School Cfnm Scenario Series #2 – Men Used As Props”  

  1. 1 Joe

    I love the lesson stuff thanks!

  2. 2 Joe

    The 3rd vid is the best to bad u don’t have the full vid

  3. 3 thanks!

    This ‘new school’ certainly is my taste! Think it goes well with the CFNM theme, i personally prefer to fuck over getting a blowjob or handjob, so it’s nice to see that in the ‘new’ scenario’s!! On brazzers you can find stuff like this as well!

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