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I’ve been wanting to do another male exhibitionism CFNM post for awhile, much like these same themed posts I did here, here, here, and especially here. It’s a genre of CFNM that you rarely get a personal touch with as it frigging nuts for ANYONE to actually do, but today I’m sharing three individual’s contributions. These first 3 public amateur CFNM videos were donated anonymously by a CFNM fan that videotaped some CFNM action that occurred at the Folsom Street Fair a few years ago. There’s great moments captured here, guys showing off their cocks at the urging of random women, girls flashing their boobs for DVDs, and girls putting cock rings on guys for DVDs too. The third clip is quite amazing!
Public Cfnm movies on P.H.:
Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3
Public Cfnm movies on YFH:
Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3
Cfnm movies on R.S.: HERE!

Hot Sapien and the now defunct Kucho.net website has tons of footage from the Folsom Street Fair involving CFNM interactions. A major hero of most CFNM fans is the aforementioned Kucho, who is featured in all five clips below. The man is an CFNM magnet as his courageous exhibitionism garners some fantastic female attention and interaction. The fact strangers grab and stroke him is utterly crazy!

Public Cfnm Videos: Vid 1 | Vid 2 | Vid 3 | Vid 4 | Vid 5 | Videos On YFH: Vid 1 | Vid 2 | Vid 3 | Vid 4 | Vid 5
Download all five of these public Cfnm videos in one zipfile from Rapidshare HERE.
Bernie Z. Grate (also known as BERNIE) is another CFNM fan that often takes his predilection to extreme levels. This is pretty damn obvious with the insane footage he captured at the Bay To Breakers run last year that you can view all of at the Package Check website. You won’t believe the reactions that he’s gathered with his outrageous nude behavior, exclusively found here and on Package Check:

Package Check movie on P.H.:
Watch the video HERE.
Package Check movie on YFH:
Watch the video HERE.
See more at Package Check!

Package Check | Hot Sapien | Coccozella Public Nudes

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9 Responses to “9 Outrageously Brazen Male Exhibitionist Cfnm Videos”  

  1. 1 hue

    Amazing haha very good !
    Thx 🙂

  2. 2 Bernard Z. Grate

    i don’t understand why cfnm has not developed. everything else has come a long way.airplanes,cruise ships,plasma televisions,surround systems,you name it, it has stepped up, but cfnm seems to have stayed in the world of fantasy and make believe.
    personally i can’t see how fans buy that?

    where are the people with balls? for instance, why not film a male trying on clothes with a hidden camera, and he comes out of the dressing room in 100% sheer white ballerina bottoms, walking around the store claiming to look for his friend to see what they think, meanwhile the camera is capturing all the female on lookers and their precious reactions.
    there are hundreds of these “REAL” scenarios that can be legally played out, without set ups scripts, and tired looking women or worse yet women that over react to the site of a penis, when it’s clear these women are porn stars.

    i challenge males to get their asses moving into see thru pants,walk around, in public and capture ALL the female reactions.
    this will single handidly take cfnm to the highest level, making it exciting again.
    remember why we loved the concept of cfnm in the first place? because of the REAL reactions from the females, no other reason, just the plain and simple erotic reaction from the females.

    cfnm should be women re-acting not acting.

    Bernard Z. Grate

  3. 3 Don Juan

    I agree with you Bernard, 100% but why don’t you do it yourself if you are a director? You can use me as a performer anytime and film the reaction of the girls.

  4. 4 Vega

    Love the Kucho vids, he’s a legend alright!
    Thanks Super for the huge amount of great updates over the last few weeks.

  5. 5 Bernard Z. Grate

    it takes money, backing, i need a couple of high quality hidden cameras, i need the best footage of the day, meaning i could walk a long time until i find a flock of females, then it has to be set up just right, with cameras rolling. so there is a lot involved in it, for it to be a good sellable final product.
    however the bottom line is, real vs scripted there is no competition, real is HOTTER!
    i predict one day cfnm will be all real, and the posed stuff will fade out, i also predict in the not so distant future, sites are going to have tons of public facials. sites where women get creamed by cum, then walk outside, and wait in line at ehbank with hidden camera rolling! very very kinky!

  6. 6 hue

    I agree with the opinion of Bernard that we want real and hidden camera footage! that kind of stuff must exist … let’s find it and develop it!

  7. 7 Bernard Z. Grate

    hue feel free to e-mail me ilysfrie@aol.com title the thread CFNM LET’S GET REAL!!

  8. 8 billybeatoff

    i would like to be put on a website where i am strip and put myself in locked spreaderbar/stocks in various ladies restrooms. First up is ass whipping. I challenge women’s sports teams, law enforcement, sororities, etc. to an online asswhipping contest to see which group gets all the money i will earn during the weekend, as well as foot care and pedicures/free maidservice….Plus a tattoo of their choosing on my ass to tell the world they are the best bitches in the west.

  9. 9 nursing

    Wow dude, this is extremely nice information, much appreciated.

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