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As usual, stripper Cfnm and Cfnm parties are the most requested kinds of CFNM that come through my email, so hopefully you’ll enjoy this batch. I’m presenting first an Columbian (I think) soap opera “Tiempofinal” in 4 parts at a running time of over 30 minutes total. The storyline surrounds 3 women whom hire a male stripper for their small “girls night in” bachelorette party. After things heat up between the bachelorette and the stripper, they end up having sex while the other two watch behind the thin room-dividing screen. Things REALLY get interesting when the bachelorette’s fiancee shows up naked from a bachelor party prank and catches the stripper with them! It’s full of softcore Cfnm, easy to follow, well acted, funny, and these hot girls end up watching one another having sex at some point.
Cfnm party scenes on P.H.:
Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4
Cfnm party scenes on YFH:
Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4
Scenes on R.S.: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I’m anticipating that not everybody is going to be into the Argentinian CFNM TV series video above, so I’m including some extremely hot (and rare) stripper Cfnm and Cfnm party footage today, too. These 5 Cfnm clips are ones that I’d collected from YouTube, Dailymotion, MySpace, & other similar sites where real people upload their real life videos, nudity and bad behavior included. It just goes to show how much real Cfnm is occurring in the world, especially at Cfnm stripshow parties. The guys go fully naked!

Stripper Cfnm videos: Vid 1 | Vid 2 | Vid 3 | Vid 4 | Vid 5 | Vids on YFH: Vid 1 | Vid 2 | Vid 3 | Vid 4 | Vid 5
Download all five of these male stripper Cfnm videos in one zipfile from Rapidshare HERE
I’m planning on doing an extensive review of Loverboys USA once I’m able to get an interview done with them, but it’s tough to condense all my questions as I’ve got so many! So in the meantime, here’s a hot batch of Cfnm stripshow pics directly from the Loverboys USA member’s area.

See this full Cfnm picture gallery HERE.

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5 Responses to “Hot Cfnm Stripper Movies and Pics From TV and Clubs”  

  1. 1 Mike

    Thanks for a terrific update Super – I LOVE the loverboys stuff, it’s amazing and I can’t wait for your interview with them. I think the hottest thing is when you see a gal sucking on one of the strippers that has a wedding ring or engagement ring on. that is HOT.

    As regards an interview, I think it would be amazing to get hold of some of the women who have been to these shows (largely in Wales, UK?) and see what they have to say about how horny they felt, how they got carried away etc. I suppose that is wishful thinking though.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. 2 Alinocapone

    Great find Super!

    As always, I’m in total admiration of what you find in the stripper genre!

    The Argentine, or is it Columbian, soap is a real hoot…at least the first install anyway!

    Finally, some cfnm with a story behind it!

    Thanks again and do post more of the Loverboys stuff, when you find it, as IMHO its still the only real footage around!



  3. 3 cfnmlover

    When you interview loverboysusa, try asking them why you can’t download any of their videos anymore? I subscribed to the site a couple of months ago with great disapointment to find that it’s streaming only.

  4. 4 Lorriane Sibrian

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  5. 5 Mariel Lanton

    I greatly loved reading your post! I adore all things CFNM.

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