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Now that I’ve been given a chance to do so some sleuthing on the new Cfnm Plus site, I can give you all a lowdown on what Cfnm Plus is all about. Cfnm Plus is a sister site to the “Tushy” site group, whose sites Girlfriend Handjobs and Guys Get Fucked may have crossed your path when surfing for Cfnm. Cfnm Plus has already got 29 Cfnm scenarios up in high-quality picture galleries and streaming video format. From their sister sites’ long history of regular updates, I would be shocked if this project wasn’t also. As far as Cfnm scenarios go, Cfnm Plus takes the general direction of pitting sexually aggressive women getting an upper hand on singled out men for their bad behavior. This includes a range of soft to harder edged femdom action including spanking, face sitting, light bondage, ruined orgasms, and humiliating verbal abuse mixed in with the handjobs and blowjobs. Also included are a few scenes of more casual Cfnm activity which are the most recent additions, as well as strap on and partially clothed female handjob / blowjob action buried deeper in the site. Along with the easily navigated site design, it looks to me like Cfnm Plus‘ content does a great service in catering to a variety of fantasy scenario Cfnm tastes for it’s $29.95 membership fee. If you’re not entirely sure of what Cfnm Plus is about, check out “Sentenced To Be Teased”, “Teacher Teased and Smothered”, and “Caught Watching Porn” below:
“Sentenced” scene on YFH:
“Sentenced” scene on P.H.:
Free Picture Gallery HERE

“Teacher Teased” scene on YFH:
“Teacher Teased” scene on P.H.:
Free Picture Gallery HERE

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“Caught Watching Porn” pic gallery HERE | “Caught Watching Porn” vid gallery HERE

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    Who is the brunette in the scene “Punished by his classmates”

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